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Days in the Life of Duchess

Home Alone

November 9th 2006 6:28 pm
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Looks like tomorrow I will be home alone. Not just tomorrow. Saturday and half of Sunday too! This is very distressing. Mom is away at college; I might have to ask her to come home and take care of me while Grandmaw and Grandpaw are out of town! I like attention. The neighbor is supposed to come over once a day to check up on me, but I want Mom to come home and watch over me! Then I will get to sleep in her bedroom instead of outside in the garage. *sigh* What's a dog to do? I wish I could call her and ask her to come home. I heard her talking on the phone with Grandmaw earlier and I heard Grandmaw say that she could come home if she wants to. Maybe she will!

Even though I don't live with Mom right now, she still considers me her dog. That's why she is going to look for a more nutritious food for me. Maybe it will help me to stop shedding and itching/scratching so much if I eat a better food. I know that's what happened when my cat-siblings got switched over to a high quality food! I hope the same will be true for me! I can't wait until Mom picks out my new food and then I get to taste-test it! Some pups have given us some great advice on the Forums. I love the Forums. There are some very smart doggies/owners out there in the world of Dogster (same is true for the world of Catster)! I have learned so much.

I love Dogster! I'm glad Mom is finally letting me spend some time here instead of devoting all the 'puter time to Catster! I've even made some new friends!

I'm one happy pup!


I have a Confession to make........

July 23rd 2006 1:38 pm
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I have a secret. I just have to share it with you!

I like cats. Even Sir Thomas. I have Mommy fooled--if you look at my Pet Peeves, it says that Sir Thomas is one of them!! Well, friends, he isn't. But that's just between me and you. Mommy can't know because I don't want her to know what a cat-lover I am!!

Sir Thomas, Mom thinks, is my least favorite of all the felines. He thinks I am his personal plaything, and he always tries to lay down next to me on my bed in the house. He constantly licks me and head-butts me. I pretend to hate this behavior...I move away from him and give Mom my "puppy-dog face." But then, when no one is looking, I move right next to Sir Thomas and take a nap with him!! He is really my bestest friend in the world!

Shhhh....don't tell Mom.



Being Groomed by a Cat

July 13th 2006 7:31 pm
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Hi Furfriends,
Well it's been a while since I updated my diary, so I thought I'd bark an entry tonight! Today, I was minding my own business on my blanket in the house, when out of nowhere, I felt a sandpaper lick on my ear!! It was Dutch! He was trying to clean my ears out! Although it felt kind of nice, I had to tell him to leave me alone because I am a dog, and I do not like to have the insides of my ears licked!!
Mommy is coming home tomorrow--Grandpaw told me earlier. I am so excited!! I haven't seen her since Sunday, and I have missed sleeping in bed with her all week!


A lazy day

June 25th 2006 2:32 pm
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Hi, hi everybody. Today everyone here has been so lazy, myself included. I have only been outside for ten minutes all day. I guess the squirrels are lazy today too, I haven't seen a single one! Mom has to go back to school today, so I won't see her for another week :( I spent a while laying in the recliner with her. It was nice. She brushed me some too. I'm always shedding for some reason. Last week, she brushed so much hair off me that it filled up a Walmart plastic bag! Today I didn't shed as much, but it was close! I've been snoozing most of the day on my bed in the living room. I accidentally looked up at the deer head and then I freaked out because I thought it was going to eat me!! It's so scary, I wish grandpa would take it (and the other 2) down! But he's proud of them so they're staying up, I guess. The cats and me and the humans watched movies all day. We just finished watching Signs, that's one scary movie for a dog to watch! Well, it's almost supper time, I want to get in a quick nap before I have to eat.


Mom's coming home today!

June 23rd 2006 12:50 pm
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I just found out that Mom's coming back from college today! I'm sure she's just coming back to see me! Grandpa told me she'll be coming back every weekend. I can't wait til she gets here, I'll finally get to sleep in the same bed with her again! I love cuddling up next to her. I still get to sleep in her room when she's not here, but it's just not the same. I'm going to try to catch a squirrel for her.


Sneaky Squirrels and Other Playthings

June 22nd 2006 9:09 am
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Oh how I love to chase squirrels!! I've watched the cats hunt them successfully, so I've gained a few pointers on how to catch them. But those darn squirrels must know dogs can't climb trees! If my target makes it to a tree before I catch it, I sit patiently under the tree looking up and barking to let my grandpa know that I've treed a squirrel. If he has to listen to me bark long enough, he'll get the BB gun and shoot in the general direction of the squirrel, causing it to (sometimes) get away, and (other times) fall...I still haven't caught one of the ones who've fallen because those darn things are like cats! They always seem to land on their feet! If only I didn't have this underground fence thing, then I'd be able to catch some squirrels.

Oh, I love also to play with Army, the Armadillo who comes into my yard some nights. He always lets me know he's here, I can hear him plowing through leaves with his claws, so I go play with him! I think he's scared of me, but I'm not sure because he doesn't run away, just tries to burrow himself under the leaves. Maybe he's playing hide and seek!

Sometimes, when there are no squirrels and armadillos in my domain, I chase the cats. I know I shouldn't, but they're just begging for it! Especially that crazy Luna Cat--she'll walk right up to me and SLAP me in the face! For no reason! I'm sort of scared of her, so sometimes I can't work up enough courage to chase her (after all, she did bite Grandpa's hand so hard that he had to go to the hospital because her fang went into his bone)... but other times I do chase her. It's not fair that I have this electric collar on and she doesn't!! She can always get away so easily! I hear these wretched beeps from my collar and know I must retreat.

My favorite thing to do is stay in the house. Sometimes I find a bug to chase in there, and I can catch those! And eat them!

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