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A tribut to Charley

February 26th 2008 1:43 pm
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This morning when mum was taking Cassie to school she and some other mums found a very sick duck in the drain. We have a lot of ducks around here due to the river and the reserve. Christine got Charley( the name we gave him because he was found in Charlene Place) out of the big drain and put him in a box . Trish brought him to mum for us to take to the Bird lady who nurses them back to health.
Charley had been attacked by a cat and the ducklings with him had been taken and he was left there wounded and sick.
Mum cried a lot. ( as she does since she has been over 50, funny that) So she put Charley in a warm box with a warm towel put him in the car and took him to the bird lady. Sadly on arrival at the bird ladies house he had passed away. the Bird lady said he was very old and blind and sick and that he would have passed away anyway but that it was good we rescued him.
mum was sooooooo sad but was also glad that he had passed away in the warmth of
the back of the station wagon.
so this is my Tribute to Charley who came into mums life for just a short time but left an impact on us all. I will see Charley at the bridge


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