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The life of a dog

A good day

May 28th 2005 3:59 pm
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Ever get the feeling that life is just really great? Well thats how I was feeling today. My mommy says my cousin (NOt genetically related) is comming to visit tomorrow! Her name is Lacey, and she's totally the opposite of me...a bichon frise. I hope she's nice, and not stuck up, like the stupid purebred poodles down the street are. They almost tried to steal my boyfriend, Duce the most handsomest beagle in the world, once. Luckily Duce loves me so much, that that could never happen!...eerr...ok, back on topic...

Anyways, my mommy left me for FIVE WHOLE HOURS while she went to a funeral. When she came back, she played with me all day! She took my to my friend, Abby's house. Abby is a hyper English sheepdog, but we still had fun! I met two beagles that live nextdoor to Abby, and we got to play in the water...YAY!

Then mommy gave me a bath...yuck. BEcause I got all messy, and she wants me too look and...SMELL nice for tomorrow. What could possibly be better then the smell of dog? Better yet wet dog? I'll tell ya, humans are really crazy sometimes...thinking that junk smells nicer. But I have to say, raspberry oatmeal scented smells pretty nice. Better then that summer peach crud at least.

I got my first BUBBLE BATH. And when I say that the bubbles were over my head, I'm not overracting. The bubbles were so fun, and mommy took pictures, which will NOT be up here in a few least I hope not.

Ok, I was all clean, and shiny, and ready to be pampered. I ran around outside after a short two-minute storm stopped, and then mommy had a surprise for me! She said it had to be cooked...I loved the sound of that. That ment FOOD!!! But not just any food. This food is the best possible food in the world. This food is.....a hot dog!

Nice, sizzling, just broiled and fresh, mommy cut it, cooled it, and let me eat it in the garage outside with her. YUM! That had to be one of the best hot dogs I have ever eaten before!

I will remember to write about Lacey tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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