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Chicken Nuggets

October 10th 2006 4:41 am
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I got the kid in trouble last night. I didn't mean to but its my darn nose and my tummy.

It seems that he had taken too many chicken nuggets on his plate for supper that mom had made and he didn't want to waste them or get caught throwing them out or something. He put them at the top of the basement steps for Smudgey. I'm not sure why Smudgey was so special as to get them as I WANTED THEM.

Well, Mom had to come see what all the racket was about as I was having a royal FIT at the basement door trying to slither under it and barking and trying to jam my nose under it. Mom just thought one of the cats must be on the steps (they come through the cat access into the basement and up the stairs.......very cool they have their own entrance like that). She opened the door to let the cat up or me down to get it or whatever the problem was. Right there on the steps was the plate with those chicken pieces.......

Can you believe it, mom shut the door before I could run to them and inhale? Well the end result was that none of us got the chicken and the kid got in trouble for putting food on the steps like that.

Next time I hope he just gives me the leftovers. I promise not to tell and the cats obviously don't want that stuff so I definetely think we can work something out.


Hee Hee - Houdini

October 3rd 2006 5:56 am
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I did it again. This time I waited until everybody went out to dinner (without me - can you believe it?).

When the family came home last night they walked into the living room and the first thing they noticed was my open kennel door.

The search was on, first they had to find me (I had been asleep on a bed but came out to see what the noise was about ), Then the damage had to be determined. The casualties found were a roll of toilet paper (it is SO MUCH FUN making bits out of that stuff). And a pile of poop. I didn't mean to but a boy has to go you know. It isn't like I tried to hide it or anything, I left it right there in the middle of the floor so it could be cleand up. Geez, you'd have thought I ruined the carpet or something the way mom scrubbed at the spot.

Today is a fun day for my me. Mom got a new job being a travelling nurse, which means lots of camping time next summer for me and Savannah. Appearantly, before I get to camp full time though I have to learn to shush on command. Mom loves my howl but says other campers might not be impressed.

The other new trick I've learned is being an alarm clock. Every day about 6 oclock (give or take 15 minutes), I wake up yowling as loud as I can (come's been all night, I HAVE TO PEE and I'm being STARVED TO DEATH). I learned that pretty quick since school just started and I've been doing it for a couple of weeks now. I guess there's something about weekends that I'm not supposed to be an alarm......I don't understand, but I'm trying. So many rules for a new puppy. Who knew the people didnt' want up on certain days? I thought I was doing a great job.

And I've found a new favorite food. I go absolutely NUTSO when baked potatoes are served for dinner. Mom says she doesnt' know if I like the smell of the potatoes or the butter but I certainly go bonkers. This is of course means, more bonkers than I do over the smell of any other food. All food is great of course, just I seem to particularly favor the smell of baked potatoes. I haven't actually been GIVEN any potato, but I did lick a plate clean once when it was left within my reach......YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY.

And, I've learned to bark at the stove. Now, there's nothing wrong with our stove, but often there is something left up on top that I can smell. It doesn't even have to be people food. For some reason last week, they left my treat sitting up there. I couldn't see it, but I could smell it. BARK BARK BARK until they came to see what was wrong. What was WRONG was leaving that treat out where I'm too short to reach it with its smell driving me over the edge.

At least we have a magic stove (you bark at it, it gives you something), just like the magic water bowl. If you bark at it, it gets filled up too. Don't get the idea I'm a yappy little guy, I'm not, I just have certain needs that need to be met when I say and barking is how I say it. Mom says she wishes the door was magic like that, so I'm going to have to work on barking at it to see if it will open for me.


Dog Diary of the Day

September 24th 2006 9:18 am
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What a WONDERFUL HONOR but wouldn't ya know, I missed it on THE day. Mom wasn't on the computer and so nobody went to Dogster on Friday.

It was great fun today though, Mom picked me up and spun me around and acted all silly with me. I don't really know why she acts that way but its fun so I am not complaining.

We knew something was up when she opened her email and there was an unusually high nubmer of pup pal reqests in there. I have lots of new friends starting today. Even Tucker and Savannah made some new friends too.

I haven't figured out how to undo the latch on my kennel again but I'm trying, mom hears me rattling the door all of the time. I'll get it. Just give me time.

Everybody have super duper day, and thanks for all the emails, bones, rosettes etc etc.



September 19th 2006 7:07 am
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Mom says maybe I'm a Houdini. Can anybody tell me what that means?

Mom woke to the feeling that somebody was watching her. She looked towards the foot of her bed and what did she see? Two paws, one cute muzzle and two huge brown eyes framed by two blanket ears peeking up over the comforter.(Could I look any cuter to stay out of trouble?)

She got up and let me outside and I did my business, then she and I looked around the house, she mumbled something about not seeing any trouble I had gotten myself into. She looked on the latch of my kennel but she can't figure out how I got out (I'll never tell).

That was great fun, now if I can remember how I did that for tomorrow morning!


Hi everybody

September 16th 2006 6:56 pm
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Just checking in.

Mom says I'm too darned cute for my own skin. How is somebody too cute for their own skin? That doesn't make any sense does it?

I am having so much fun, I just love every single day.

Mom was reading some of our older stuff and she wanted to straighten out some things.

I am NOT a mellower version of my big brother, but I certainly am different. First of all, he only ever put his teeth on a person one single time and then immediately went to mom with his tail tween his legs cause he knew he wasn't supposed to. I on the other hand......well, I don't think people should have their hands near my bowls so we gotta play a dumb game nearly every meal time where somebody makes me sit and takes my bowl away until I learn its ok. Mom says it's something about food guarding I guess. Isn't a guy SUPPOSED to guard his food? Mom doesn't think so. I'm still pretty little so I don't do much damage when I do try to nip, but the people aren't too happy when I get like that.

I am like big brother Newton with my zest for life. Life is just SUPER DUPER GREAT. I can't believe I waited til this year to be born, I should have done this years and years ago.

One thing I'm better at though, is I actually come when I'm called. The people have food ya know, and if not....they scratch my ears real good........almost better than I can do myself. Heck, why would a guy not come to them? Lots of times they pick me up and from way up there I can see lots of stuff to get into when they put me down. Things smell different at high altitudes.

I have mostly learned to stay clean except for one thing. I can't seem to figure out how not to step in my water bowl. It seems I always have one paw or another in it. Water is invisible to me. Ya can't tell if its there unless you feel for it.

And my favorite trick of all is mom's bed. I've been such a good boy, I've been able to spend more and more time (even whole naps) on mom's bed with her. The other morning, school was delayed and I even got to sleep in with the kids on their bed after mom got up. I told you life was great.


What a Life!

August 15th 2006 4:00 pm
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Life is good.

I've done great with potty training as long as nobody fills the free waterer (I'm not ready for that yet but sometimes the kid-people try to sneak filling it to be lazy and get busted when I pee on the floor).

Mom learned a little about flyball and knew my big brother would have just LOVED it so she wondered if I might like to try. She found some old junk in the house and made some really cheesey little hurdles just so I could play over them for some treats and I learned in like a second. I can do a 2 hurdle - 2 person recall on my first day. I only went around them when I was tired and then mom called it quits for the day.........darn, no more treats today.

She had her phone on her and took a picture that will have to do until I get to play that fun game again.

There aren't any flyball teams around here so it's just fun for me anyway.

I've learned lots of new things and lots of words. I know what 'walk' means and I know what 'bye bye' means, and of course I learned 'out' very quickly.
I can sit when I really really want the reward but its so hard for a puppy to sit, we gotta bounce you know. I have no idea what 'stay' is supposed to mean. If somebody walks away from me I just have to follow them to see what mischief they are going to find for me. I had to learn 'leave it' which I really don't like. And my least favorite phrase that I learned (and I think it's my name sometimes) is "No-No Albert".

I am a very energetic puppy and I make my mom laugh continuously. She says God made me so cute so she wouldn't clobber me. I don't know what a clobber is , but it doesn't sound like I want to find out.



June 13th 2006 6:02 am
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My mom was really MEAN to me this morning.

She set me in the yard to do my business which I did right away and when I turned around she was gone.

She was back up on top of the three front porch steps. Usually she carries me back up the steps just like she carries me down.

Well I bounced right up to those steps and tried to go up. I got my front end up.........then my belly.......well then the problem began. I was stuck. Belly stuck balancing on the edge of the concrete with my back legs not reaching the one below anymore. I started crying and my mom didn't even help. She just bent down and started talking really soft to me telling me how much I could do it if I really wanted up.

Well I tried and I tried and I tried. Finally I got up that one step. Whew.

I ran back and forth on that step looking for a low place to get up the second one but the darn thing was the same height all the way across.

The second one was a little easier but I still got stuck halfway up.

Mom gave in and gave my rear end a little boost up the third one and and on into the house. I guess she's not so mean after all. I guess a little guy like me has to learn how to get gack in sometime.

I sure love my mom.


Big First Weekend

June 12th 2006 10:21 am
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I came home on Saturday.

Mom let me snuggle and sleep that first day mostly.

On Sunday there was a graduation party and I got to meet some people but mostly I got to sleep Sunday away also.

Here and there I got to play with the other pets and I got to snuggle with my people. I got to explore the front yard (I hear we have a back yard too thats even bigger with a fence).

I accidently got in some poo and got sprayed off in the tub - oops. Remind me not to do that again.

Today is Monday. Monday has been a VERY big day.

My big brother Newton (in loving memory) is Dog of the Day which has mom excited.

I got to meet the mailman. He likes dogs and he unfortunately saw Newton get hit that day. He gives the dogs on his route treats too but I'm too little but I got a little pat on the head.

I ran around the whole front yard and pounced on some weeds. Mom ate her lunch outside while I was playing and she dropped a piece of macaroni salad and I was right there to try to get it, but she took it away. Darn.

The vet gave her some medicine for me. Something about worms. I dont' know what a worm is but I suppose it isn't something I'm supposed to have, just like the macaroni. So many new things to learn.

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