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Somethin's Not Right!

March 27th 2008 5:53 pm
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Dear Diary,

Somethin' was just not right I knew it! I just didn't know what! Mama NEVER gets up before Papa! NEVER! Mama is always the one that lets us boyz sleep in until at least 11:00am every morning. When Mama's alarm started honkin' off at 4:30am I just knew somethin' was not right! But what was it?!

So, Mama comes home from work last night at around 1:30am and goes right to bed. No computer time ... no stayin' up late ... no nothin'! Mama lets us outside and straight to bed for all of us! Papa was already in bed. Next thing ya know Mama's alarm starts honkin' off three hours later. Mama was not gettin' up for nothin'! Papa thought it was his alarm and got up. As soon as he realized it wasn't his right back to bed he went. Mama just kept hittin' snooze every time her's honked off. I could NOT go back to sleep at all! Somethin' was just not right.

Finally Mama gets out of bed and takes a shower. What is goin' on?! I just laid in the bed with my head up and my ears down. I put on the best sad face I could find so Mama would know that I am not a happy boy. Mama comes over to me and starts babying me of course wondering what's wrong with me. I think she knows very well what's wrong! This is not part of our regular schedule whatever it is! I want to sleep in Mama! Papa always gets up first then us boyz sleep in with Mama til we're all good and ready to start the day. That's the way it's always been and that's the way it should stay!

Well, while Mama keeps babying me she tells me I have to stay home and celebrate Indy's Birthday with Kozmo. She said I have to be a big boy and keep Kozmo company while she's gone. Where the heck is she goin'?! I gotta keep the sad face on and find out.

Finally figured it out! Apparently Hobie has to go to the far away "special" doctor that Indy went to last year. It's in Indianapolis. So my options were to either go to our regular doctor and get boarded up whatever that means. I know I wouldn't like that at all. It sounds painful! Or....stay home and hope we can hold "it" and keep our legs crossed for about ten - eleven hours or so. I've done it before but I know Mama does not like having me do it if not absolutely necessary. But Kozmo is in a cage right now and she really hated leaving him for that long in a cage. The most he's ever done in a cage is prolly like five hours. Who knows what he might do?! I guess that's why Mama was puttin' me in charge. I was supposed to keep Kozmo company so he forgets he's in a cage.

Well, Papa finally came home to rescue us. And guess what........?! We were both good boyz! Yea for us! I was actually pretty proud of my new little brother. This cage sure is helpin' him grow up to be a respectful little man. What a change we've had with him in the last few weeks. I'm now officially proud to call him my brother!

Bad news though! Mama has to stay in Indianapolis with Hobie and Gramma too for an extra day. That means we get to do it all over again tomorrow. Except for the "Mama - early - alarm - clock - honkin' thing". I hope my little brother can pull through for me again. But most of all I hope my big brother Hobie is gonna be alright. I know Angel Indy is watching out for him. He's the best Guardian Angel EVER! Plus it's his Birthday! That makes him even more special. Happy Birthday Indy! We luv ya big brother!

Well Dogsters, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! Next time you get woken up in the middle of the night by an unexpected alarm I think you should be suspicous too! You never know what kind of crazy things you got goin' on.

Bark Out -- Boscoe


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