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I'm On Mama Patrol

December 21st 2007 1:31 am
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Hey Doggie Diary,

I guess I've been on what you could call Mama Patrol lately. Papa keeps telling me to get a job and I guess this job just kinda fell right into my lap! I didn't even have to go job hunting for this one. It's a tuff job though! You gotta be very quiet and pay real close attention with this job. Only the youngest and smartest of us can handle this job. You have to be very focused and have excellent hearing.

You see lately when Mama has been on the computer she's been reading all these sad sad stories of different Dogsters or maybe even a story. She doesn't want to do this but she sometimes will start to cry. She tries to hide it from me so I won't know she's crying but I am a young smart boy and you can't get anything past me. As soon as I hear even the slightest little sniffle I jump to my feet and run over to Mama. I right away give her a small hi-five until she turns toward me so I can climb on her lap and give her a hug and then kiss her tears away. I let her know that it's okay and that I love her lots! I think it works cuz she always smiles when I do it. I'm really good at my job!

I know it's cuz of my brother Indy. This is gonna be his first Christmas that he won't be here with us. He crossed over The Rainbow Bridge in June of this year. I miss him lots! He was the best big brother EVER! He let me know that he will be watching over us as we open our presents. I know it will make him smile to watch us. I'm not worried. But, Mama is so sad without Indy. She really misses him and whenever she reads about another dog who's at the Bridge it makes her sad too. She just went to our pal Cracker's page and read his last diary entry and started to cry again. It's not even the first time she read it! That was my most recent job task. Mama knows that Cracker and Indy our having great fun at The Bridge together now though. But she still cries! Mama also watched a Tribute video for a Dogster named Sharna and that made her cry. Mama also has been looking at lots of doggies on petfinder and some of their stories make her sad too. I guess maybe it's just that time of year. We wish all doggies could have a family for the Holidays to love them. That would be our best Christmas wish EVER!

Until that wish comes true I guess I have a lot of work ahead of me. I don't think Mama is gonna stop crying any time soon. I'll still be there to take care of her every time. Wish I could get paid in cash instead of treats and lovins though cuz then maybe Mama and Papa wouldn't have to work at all! If you would like to apply for a job like this you can fill out an application on-line and send it to me if you want but I just wanna let you know that I am really good at what I do! It's hard to beat the best!

Bark At Ya Later -- Boscoe


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