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Birthdays Come And Go And Come And Go Again

August 30th 2007 11:42 pm
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Dear Diary,

Well, I am officially four years old now! Wait, I guess I can't really say officially cuz no dog really knows when my Birthday is. Well, maybe my real dog Mother knows but I don't remember who or where she is! That's been a long time ago. The Birthday I was given was August 24th. My doctor told me when I was adopted that I was seven months old whatever that means. I was adopted on the 24th of March so that would make my official Birthday August 24th!

Well, Mama practically forgot my Birthday! She said the month is just flying by so fast! I think she just didn't want hers to come! Gramma had to mention something about my Birthday to her. Lucky I have a Gramma huh?! So Mama said she was gonna take me some place nice to go for a walk but it wouldn't stop raining so that was a no go. Hobie and me did end up going for a walk around the neighborhood on my Birthday earlier before Mama realized what day it was but nothin' real special. Then at night Mama took me for a double cheeseburger so I guess that's a good thing. The next day Gramma gave me her present and I got to open it outside in the yard but Mama made me wear this crazy Birthday hat! And she took pictures too! All while the neighbor guy was outside mowing his yard! And of course that's where I go to eat my treats...his yard! How embarrassing! No fair! First you forget about me then you make me wear crazy hats and pose for pictures in public! That just doesn't seem right! Is there no justice?! Well, I did get lots of treats from Gramma so I guess I better just be a tough guy and deal with it huh?! Wouldn't want any dog taking them away or anything crazy like that!

Today was a fun day though! Today was Mama's Birthday and she wanted to take us to the Dog Park since it was so nice out and of course cuz she likes to spend time with us good boys. She said it was partly for my Birthday too since I didn't get to go anywhere fun. I think she felt guilty. That's always nice to have in my favor. Gramma went with us. We were in search of this tree that Mama and Papa carved all our names into. Last time we went I got my name carved in it. We don't go out there very often. We usually go to the trails by the lake. There was lots of new smells from last time that's for sure! Took a long time to read all those messages. When we got to the actual trail part we got to run loose cuz no dog was around. It was fun! We were kinda goin' real fast through the trails though. We kept getting bit by mosquitoes! Ouch! Plus there was some mud puddles back there and lots of dirty smelly standing water. We had to stay on the leash at that point. Mama knows us all too well. We were thirsty and we would've loved to run down the hill to the smelly, yucky, dirty, muddy but oh so refreshing water. Wouldn't be a pretty picture for the dogmobile. Or Mama's face if we did that either! I don't think Gramma would come near us for days! Good thing for the leashes after all!

We finally found the carved tree. We were going so fast through the trails that we almost missed it. Mama was the last in line on the trail and she turned around for some reason and the tree was right there in her face. If she would've been a foot closer it would've hit her in the head! If she didn't turn around we would've missed it completely! She thinks my Angel brother Indy made her turn around at that moment. She told him we were going out there and to watch for us. I think he helped her to slow down and notice it. He always was a smart boy. Mama had to carve Hobie's name again cuz it was starting to peel away. I told her she should've carved Gramma's name in it too. But there were too many mosquitoes to stand in one spot too long. Gramma was ready to go too. Despite all bug bites, mud puddles, and stinky water, we had a good time. Oh yeah, and the Hobie bleeding thingy. Forgot about that one! Sticker bushes can be real mean sometimes. Watch out!! Their messages really aren't that important.

So, I guess that's about it for Birthdays for now. Happy Birthday to Mama and especially Happy Belated Birthday to ME! Thank you! And Many MoOOOooooooOOOOOooooorrrRRRRRRrrrreeeeeEEEE!!

Birthday Barks & Treats To Me (and you) -- Boscoe


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