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Please please just when you think you dont.

July 14th 2008 2:15 pm
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Well....lets start from the beginning~
Mom was going out of state to visit family and really reallllllly checked in to kennels for my sis(Mabelline) and me. She didnt want the run of the mill kennel she wanted like doggie daycare when we could be with other dogs and play and have fun! Hey it sounded great to me!
After looking at 7 different places she decided on one Wags of Belltown. It was perfect dogs seemed happy smelled good, friendly people and and the had lots of sofas and big chairs and people were there 24/7.
I was going to have my "dog whisper" moment yeah me run with the pack.
Problem.....something happen....I got bit. I got bit 5 times on my back.
No one there saw it, wants to claim it, or take Responsibility for it....dang when I do something wrong I get told no no no!
The vet said the bites had been there for atleast 3 to 4 days beore mom came to pick me up.
On the way home the noticed bumps on my back....I wouldnt let the check them out nooooooo so off to the vet I go!
I get surgery and wounds cleaned and I feel awful to say the least.
I am on the mend now....I have the scabs on the wounds now~ hoping my mom doesnt have to go any where soon!
***************************************************** ******
Moms note:
The reason I display these pictures and words is because I thought nothing can get by me I have the sharpest eye I know know dog lovers.
I was wrong and my Rocky paid for my mistake. He was in their care their custody and control. Complete Negligent ~ They would not even admit to it. We were offered 2 days stay wow free.....but the vet bill was over the $40 a day. When we tried to get compensation but were told because of the "Risk" form we signed.....there is no compensation.
Please please be aware of where you are keeping your furbabies....and if you are satisfied where you are ASK about that form you might be surprized.


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