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American Staffordshire Terrier/Boxer
Picture of Meeka, a female American Staffordshire Terrier/Boxer

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Home:Creston, BC, Canada  [I have a diary!]  
Age: 11 Years   Sex: Female   Weight: 51-100 lbs

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Meekers, Baby Girl

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

Quick Bio:
-dog rescue

Playing with Kodos! He's bigger, but she's much faster!

When Kodos won't play with her. When she tries to steal food that I'm handing to Kodos, and finds out that it's drenched in hot sauce!

Favorite Toy:
Kodos and Thor, of course!

Favorite Food:
Anything that mom, dad, or Kodos have! Except for hot sauce, uggghh.

Favorite Walk:
Anywhere!! She was kept chained up in the back of a fenced yard before we got her, so she's still being leash trained.

Best Tricks:
She doesn't know any yet, but we're working on "sit" and she's slowly catching on.

Arrival Story:
She was sold to her first owners for $600 as a purebred bullmastiff puppy. Needless to say, it's obvious that she's no part bullmastiff, or any kind of mastiff. We aren't entirely sure what she is, but she's definitely part (or mostly) pit bull, and our best guess is 3/4 pit bull and 1/4 boxer (we think she's too small to be half boxer, but she definitely has the look). Our friend Jason (Thor's daddy) got her because his girlfriend knew the owners and they just didn't want her any more. That lasted about a month before he gave up and brought her to us.

She was badly starved, abused and neglected before Jason got her. She wasn't trained at all, and that's why Jason brought her to us - they lied and said she was trained, but he realized she wasn't and didn't have the time or patience for a dog like her. She's very skittish around people that she doesn't know, and especially around men (her first owner was a guy in his mid-to-late 20's). Now that she knows me (her mommy) really well, she runs to me for protection when somebody she doesn't know comes into our house, but it doesn't take her very long to warm up to them. She's still learning to trust her daddy, but we're very happy that we brought her into a mom/dad/dog-brother home, because she sees that Kodos and I trust him, so he isn't a bad man. She isn't nervous about eating any more, and we know she'll be gaining weight and getting stronger and healthier in no time. We think the main thing she needs is love, and between us and Kodos, there's an endless supply. She was treated badly and given up on, then given up on again when Jason couldn't handle her (Thor is already a hyper dog, and Jason is a new daddy now, so it isn't his fault and he knew before he got her that, if he had problems, she already had another home). We live about a block away from her first owners, and used to admire her from afar (since she was chained at the back of the fence) and wished that we could take her because we knew she deserved something better. So, we're the ones that are determined, no matter what, she will be well-trained, strong and healthy, very loved and very happy with her new permanent family, and we're VERY happy that we ended up with her. We know that, with Kodos around to help train her and as patient as we are, she'll be an incredible dog in no time at all. She's already proving us right.

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I love my new family!

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"Family" Dogs, Kootenay K9

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Was breed ever a consideration when you got your dog?

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May 25th 2006 More than 9 years!

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Have I got a story for you!

June 14th 2006 12:36 pm
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Oh my, we sure are getting excited about lots of stuff!
Summer's here! Well, maybe not REALLY here, but mom says it doesn't matter because it's hot one day and rainy the next, and she loves it. She says it's good for that "garden" thing, and that's just plain good! Mom and dad are getting married REALLY soon, on July 8. I can't wait! Kodos says that means that mom and dad will be together forever and ever and we'll never ever be left alone (which, for me, is a REALLY big deal!) and some day, we'll have teeny tiny little humans to look after and play with! Daddy makes jokes about it, telling us that we're going to have another little brother or sister, but mommy says that won't be for at least a couple more years! BOL! I don't care, I just want a family forever, and now I'm sure I've finally found one! I heard mom telling dad yesterday that I've been following Kodos around a lot, and copying him, and that's a good thing. I was just trying to bug him 'cause he's my big brother! Hehe. I follow him and copy what he does whenever mommy or daddy says "sit" or "go lay down" now, every time! Mom's trying to teach me "shake a paw" but as soon as I start to lift my paw up, I get all excited and jump and lick and run around in little circles, and mommy just says "Nevermind, you're a good girl anyway" and tells Kodos to do it, so I think maybe if I watch him enough, I'll figure out how to hold in all the excitement until AFTER I do the trick and get the treats! That crazy boy can CATCH food! Can you believe it?! I can't! Mom throws him food, and I run behind him looking for it because I think it went over his head, and then I turn around and he's eating it! I don't know how he does it! Mom says he does it because he's just a little piglet - but I am, too! At least I still get just as much, I just don't have to catch it to get it. Mom and dad say it's good that he learned that before I came along, because if not, I'd get all of his treats before he had a chance!

So, mom and dad think I'm starting to realize that, this time, I'm here to stay. Finally, a forever home! I'm certainly happy about it, because I sure was getting attached to mom and dad and Kodos - I tried not to at first, because I was scared and didn't know if I would be staying, or if they were going to hurt me or anything. I was always jumpy and anxious, running around, knocking things over. Now, like Kodos, I'm content just laying on the floor all day long while mom and dad sit in the living room (I even lay by the door with Kodos, where I can't even see mom and dad - and they trust us!). And even if I'm not doing anything but laying there with Kodos, mom and dad still occasionally come in, plop down on the floor between us, and pet our heads and tell us we're good puppies! I can't believe I'm so excited about this new home - mom and dad can't, either, because four weeks ago, I was running scared from everything and everyone! I liked mom before she took me home, but I still didn't know if I could trust her to be nice and keep me forever. But now mom and dad are getting married really really soon, and we even get to go to the wedding and I'll get to meet our uncle Harley (grandma's doggie) - Kodos says he's great, even for a fat stinky old lab that chews on dead fish and waddles and snorts and grunts, hehe. So we're going to be a REAL family, and mom says they aren't going on a "honeymoon" right after the wedding, because there will be lots of friends and family from far-away lands, and that means I'll have lots more human friends, even if I don't get to see them very often - mom and dad say they KNOW they'll all love us.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I can't wait! I'm just SUCH an excited little girl!


What's this??

May 31st 2006 2:04 pm
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Mommy came home with grandma today, and they came into the back yard. I was a little scared at first, because I hadn't met grandma before, but she didn't come near me (mom says she isn't a huge fan of dogs, she just stays away) so that was okay. They went back to the big patch of dirt with a few boxes. Mom called it a "garden" or something, and the boxes had plants in them. She unchained Kodos (she can't unchain me without constantly watching, in case I run off... I'm still not very used to this new home) and started putting the plants on the ground. About an hour later, mom and grandma said it was "all done" and went back into the house with Kodos to clean his nose off (you can read his story in his diary entry, after mom finishes this one for me!) and then chained him back up outside, so they could leave for a while again. Mom says she's sorry that she has to chain us up, but the fence isn't good enough and they can't build a better one yet.

I don't know what this "garden" thing is. I know that there weren't plants in there, and I thought it was for mom to sit and play with bugs (she does all the time, daddy laughs at her) but now there are plants. Kodos says we aren't allowed in there, even though the plants will have food on them soon, but mom and dad promised to share with us, as long as we let the plants live long enough to make food... I guess that's okay. Dad's still at work, so we're waiting impatiently to tackle him down as soon as he comes through the door. It sure is hot outside again, but mom gave me a water bowl that I can't chew up (it's a metal pot) and can't knock over (she sat it inside an old tire) and we're very happy to have the deck to lay under for shade. Mom and dad haven't even covered the hole that I dug! My old owner used to, he would hit me and yell at me, until I dug so many and he covered them all so that all I had to sit or lay on was wood, and no shade! Mom says Kodos and I can have our holes, because we need somewhere to lay down in the cool dirt when it's hot outside.
I'm still so excited about this new home! It gets better and better every day!


A place to call my own!

May 29th 2006 10:55 am
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I have a little story to tell you. It isn't much, because, well... my life hasn't been much, until now!
My name is Meeka, and I'm a year and a half old. People tell me I look like I'm 3/4 pit bull adn 1/4 boxer, and apparently, I have the personality to match! I was sold to my first owners for $600 as a purebred bullmastiff... not like I even know what that means. I just wanted a good home, of course! They kept me for about a year and a half. I was chained in the very back of their yard by the fence, with no food, water or shade. They rarely let me in the house, and when they did, they just ignored me. Inside or out, I was constantly screamed at, beaten and neglected. About a month or two ago, a man named Jason took me away. His girlfriend babysits for the mean people that had me to start out, and they told her that they didn't want me any more and were thinking about killing me, so Jason took me from them. They hadn't trained me at all, the only thing that I knew my entire life was that I couldn't trust these "human" things. Jason liked me a lot, and he fed me, unlike my first family... but I wasn't trained and he didn't have the time or patience. He knew right away, and they told him right when they got me, that if he didn't want me or just couldn't handle me, he had two friends that would take me. I was scared! I didn't know any of these new people - I had never seen them before in my life.
There was a guy and a girl that would always come over to Jason's house. Jason has a dog named Thor, and apparently, their dog Kodos was Thor's littermate/brother. The first time I met them, they were all busy because Jason just moved into a new house and things weren't even set up or unpacked yet. They left Kodos and Thor unchained outside, but I had to stay on the chain because they knew I would run away. They told Kodos and Thor to play nice, and left me there with them. I sure was happy to have two doggies to play with - I never had any friends before! After about half an hour, the girl came out and shoo'ed the other two away from me, and they went off to play by themselves. I thought I was in trouble! But there was nowhere for me to run and hide, I was chained in an open area at that time, and I was sure this girl was mad or something! Then she sat down next to me in the grass, and called me over. I was still scared, but she talked soft and moved slow and told me that everything would be okay. She sat with me for a long time, longer than anyone had ever paid attention to me before. She let me lick her hands without hitting me for it, and I was allowed to lay down with my head in her lap. If I got up and sat beside her, she would put her arms around me and pet me, scratch my head and ears, and tell me I was cute. Nobody ever did that before!

A little over a month later, Jason put me into the back of a truck. I was excited, because I thought we were going on a family trip! But then I noticed Thor wasn't coming, and I knew Jason wouldn't go anywhere good without taking Thor, so I got scared again. He got me into the truck and chained me so I couldn't jump out, and then he got in and drove away. I was so scared - I thought I was going to be left alone again, and even though Jason didn't have the time for me, I sure was getting attached to the other guy and girl that always visited, I sure hoped I'd see them again! After a short 10-15 minute drive, we stopped. There was a house, with a car in the driveway that looked a lot like Jason's, but it wasn't his car and it wasn't our home. I was still so scared. After a few minutes, the guy and girl came out - it was them! The girl came to the back of the truck and took my collar while Jason unchained me, and then she walked me into the house. Kodos was there! I was so excited to see them all again - I just hoped I wasn't being abandoned or left in a bad home, this time.

Well, I've been here for a week so far. Kodos taught me that the guy and girl are "mom" and "dad". I was so badly ignored by my first owners, I never really learned my own name, but I'm starting to catch on now! Kodos is great, he's younger than me, but they call him my big brother because he's DEFINITELY bigger. But he plays however I want to play (gentle or rough) and doesn't take advantage of his size, and he's great at sharing his food and toys and, most important - mom and dad! They're great, too. Dad isn't home much, because he goes to work all day, and leaves us at home. But I get to hang out with mom and Kodos all day, and that's good! Mom gives me lots of hugs and kisses and pets and cuddles, and I don't even have to do anything but be good while she does housework! So far, I haven't been hit or yelled at, and I've had plenty of food (lots more than I ever got before!) and I'm allowed to run around and play with Kodos in the yard. I sure hope it stays like this! Mom says I'm stubborn, because I demand trust and love and respect before I'll give any, but she says she doesn't blame me, because I've never had anybody that I could trust. My first owner was a man in his mid to late 20's, and dad is 21 (mom's 18) so mom thinks I'm getting a lot more attached to her, because I'm scared of men. Luckily, I can see that dad is a good man, because he's nice to mom and Kodos, and he even sits/lays on the floor to play with us! They both get down on the floor a lot, because I'm easily intimidated and I'm less scared when they're on the same level as me, so they don't just stand over me and scream and hit me. I'm really catching on to "sit" and "lay down" because Kodos is more than happy to show me what it means, and he also taught me that when mom says "Go get dad" it means we go find dad, jump all over him, and give him kisses until he goes "No! no! Where's the mommy? Go get mom!" and then we go find her and do the same thing... and it's fun because we don't get in trouble for doing it! They just send us back and forth through the house, finding them and giving them kisses, and they give us kisses and pet us in return! And then when we both get tired of running back and forth, they both come into the kitchen or outside and play with us... I think it's one of my favourite games so far!

Anyway, I shouldn't make this too long. The entire point is, I'm REALLY happy to be in my new home, and mom and dad say it's my "permanent" home and Kodos told me that means they won't get rid of us, not for financial problems (they say we come first, that means they'll buy us food or give us theirs and go hungry before we ever have to go a day without eating), not for mean landlords, even if they have to move in with someone that likes us before we can find a new home... he even told me that they won't hit me or anything for going potty in the house, because they know I'll learn, and Kodos is teaching me how to ask to go outside! I'm so excited to be learning all this new stuff with a good big brother to teach me, and so SO happy to finally be loved and adored! Mom and dad say "bad dogs are just good dogs that need love" and I'm proving them right!

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