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September 19th 2008 9:43 am
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well as many of you know i injured my back
a little over 14 weeks.
Dr's finally called and test showed i had an injury
called nerve root compression. that is a blow to the spine with alot swelling,so i was put on anti inflammatory drugs and a new pain med which i tolerate well.
i am getting much better despite what the Dr's thought. i m walking fine and at times i even run a Lil and i can play with my stuffie toys again . i want to tell all of you about a few pups who really made an impact on my recovery with items that just helped me so much.
Jackson thank you for my pink stroller.this was an amazing gift which freed me for being a prisoner in my home. i could not walk for a while and your stroller aloud ma & pa to take me out to the park by our house,in time i was so excited about going to the park that when we get there instead of laying down i was sitting up looking at everything.anyone who has ever been ill or injured knows the power of the suns healing rays. and heal they have .
i am now able to go to the park and walk around a little while on my own .ma still brings the stroller because i do get winded and tired soon. what a wonderful gift thank you so much Jackson.
then there were the boxes of amazing goodies from so many i hate to miss anyone. but i was given waterless shampoo and mat buster and treats .lots of goody bars filled with everything imaginable. i even got some sniffy Cologne melon cucumber and sweet pea scents oh i do smell so good,these were especially helpful when i was to injured to be bathed. i have had my first groom this past week and feel amazingly clean(thank you snuggles Sadie pearl Lil sassy) LIL LAADY NEEDS TO SMELL GOOD.
Noah thankyou for you wonderful gift of spa goods.and the mat ears were in a twist and groomer was fearing we have to shave gift saved my signature ears my fluffy lil marshmellow ears. plus i smell good to oh and thankyou for the treats .unfortunately i think i gained all the weight back i lost ,,teehee but i do love them treats.

Then yesterday i received a hand made Ortho ramp yesturday and i'm learning to get up in the window box to look was so excited when she saw me go up it ,however we are in practice so i learn to go down more and not jump off the side have way down.
this ramp has aloud me to look out and bark and growl at the parade of pups going by my apt.this is wonderful
Thnkyou Shiloh and VIP angel Rudy and angel Tiny.
you have aloud me to have freedom and to have a smile in my dark apt.
when mom put that in the window and she opened the curtain I looked at her likewondering is that what i think it is mom.
and a few treats later up i went.followed by barking ..Bol
I also want to thank those who sent cash $$ to help with the very high medical bills .without you Trix's WOULD NOT have made it to this point..
I do not know how to ever thank you. but i will find away one day. the reality is without your gift we might have had to let her go to the bridge ,with our shattered hearts....
unlike humans who don't have money and are ill or injured it is not a pay as you go thing It is cash or carry. if you haev a pet we have learned this over the yrs and despite medical insurance for Trixs the bills were high.
thank you for giving me my Darling TrixieMae a chance at a good life. after we depleted all our funds..
then cards and prayers and rosettes!! to many to count and the late night phone calls to check on our baby. because of your selfless gift of love prayers kind words and support emotionally spiritually physically and financially this would have not had such an amazing out come,WITHOUT YOU ALL.
May God Bless each and everyone of you and may he bless us with the ability to pass it you if you need.
pay it foreword as it is called.
i also want to thank the others who are in the process of making things to help trixiemae get up in the bed and the couch and heck she will be able to get all around the house because of you generosity and love,thankyou so much brings tears to my eyes.

well this is a book so i better ck spelling and post it in my newest diary
We love each of you with all my heart and without you and Dogster.
Iwould have lost my Darling Trixiemae Marshmellow Ears
Ma PA & trixiemae & Tomcat & Angel Puppie the wingmaker.


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