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Tagged by Trixie Mae!!!

November 6th 2008 1:29 pm
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I was "tagged" by my lovely furiend, Trixie Mae...Thanks, Sweetie-Pup!!! (I just love her!) OH, and now also by my buddies Hairy Parker, and Rupert, too!!! Thanks fur thinking of me, my sweet furiends!!!!

The object of this game of tag is to learn some more things about your friends. You are supposed to list 7 things about yourself and post it in your diary. Then pick 7 friends to pass it on to and learn more about them.

Here's My 7 things.....
1. I am going to an event called "It's a Furry Affair" at the Ruskin Dog Park on Nov. 15th......vendors, contests, and all things doggy....I'm excited!!!!
2. I used to go to work with Mommy a lot, but now...they got a CAT at their office! Her name is Summer, and I like her a lot, but she doesn't like Mommy can't take me along with her as often as she used to....sigh.
3. Our neighbors have 3 little kittens, and I LOVE them, but I keep nipping at them playfully....and Mommy worries that I'll actually bite them, so she has to supervise me VERY carefully around them!!
4. I love to be with Mommy, cuddle with her, have her carry me.......but DADDY is the most fun to play with!! If they're both home, I usually bring my toys to HIM first!!
5. I am verrrry picky about food.....heck, I'm the only dog Mom ever met who doesn't like Frosty Paws!! (But I love real ice cream!~just a taste!)
6. Loud music, even loud voices, make me shake~I don't like noise!! Quiet, pawlease!!!
7. I like steak, but Mom would say I like chicken even more!! Gimme the bird~BOL!!!

Well, I am trying to find 7 furiends who have not been tagged recently...hmmm....



July 9th 2008 7:36 am
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I was SNOGGED by my sweet furiend Penny Jo! Here's what she said:

6TH July national kissing day!!!

July 5th 2008 5:40 am [link to this entry]

The Jewsbury tzus are celebrating national kissing day and hoping to spread some snogs your way! As all of them are footloose and fancy free (none of them are courting anyone) they thought they would spread this tradition to EVERYONE!

So if your one of the lucky ones to recieve our snogs (we're only allowed to give out five each) we would love it if you could spread the snogs to other dogsters....LETS HAVE A SNOG FEST!!!!

Happy kissing day everyone and remember to give your mum, dad and siblings a whole load of snogs!!!




Summer Tag!!!

July 3rd 2008 12:34 pm
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I've been tagged by my buddy, Domino!!! Yo, Dom! Peace out, Brother!

1. Office Mommy's office~that's what her boss just called me the other day! Yippeeeee!!!
2. Excuse Officer....if Mom and Dad don't want to do something, they just say they have to get home to me! HAHAHA!
3. Comfort Giver.....anytime they're not feeling well or sad, I can help!
4. Anti-Anxiety Flying Companion...when I fly with Mommy, she doesn't have time to get nervous because she's concerned about me! (And flying doesn't bother me a bit!)

1. San Fransisco, CA
2. Nashville, TN
3. Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, TN
4. Atlanta, GA (and got to see MATO!!!)

1. On the boat
2. On the beach
3. At the neighbor's visiting their dogs, Mollie, Clyde and Sandy
4. In Mom's arms, anywhere!

I am tagging 4 good Buddies:
1. Mato
2. Trixie Mae
3. Morgan
4. Dizzy


Valentine's Day Tag!

February 8th 2008 1:11 pm
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Hello, Pups! Well, my new good friend Penelope, Sweet Diva Angel has tagged me for Valentine's Day!! She's a sweetheart, I just love her!!

In Valentine's Day Tag, you write down your five Valentine Day wishes in a diary entry, and then choose five of your pup pals and have them write down five of their wishes, and then they choose five pup pals, and so on and so forth. You have to let your five pup pals know that they have been tagged by pup mail or by giving them a rosette. Have fun! I hope that whatever you wish for comes true!

1. I wish that I'd get more ROXY time this year, I miss my Valentine girl!!!
2. I wish and hope and pray for safety and health for all my pup pals here on Dogster (and me, too!)
3. I wish Dogster would start giving us more rosettes to give out~BOL!
4. I wish my Mom's company can hold out and stay in business, so she can continue to work close to home and take ME to work with her sometimes!
5. I wish for furever homes for lost, abandoned pets, and may God bring them comfort til they find a home.

I'm gonna tag ....hmmm....let's see....

My Girl, Roxy-from-Minnesota
Lily Pad
Daisy Mae
Joshie Bernard


Guimauve tagged me~WooHoo!!!!!

January 7th 2008 12:44 pm
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My Buddy GUIMAUVE has tagged me....thanks for thinking of me, Friend!!!

Here are my 7 furtastic facts:
1) Mom swears I can tell time! When she's home for lunch, I start to get anxious and climb all over her at 12:50, which is right before she has to leave to go back...even if she is just sitting still and hasn't made the slightest move towards the door!
2) I never wee-wee in our house (unless I'm alone during a bad thunderstorm or fireworks), but I do have a tendency to wanna "mark my spot" when we go to someone else's house...especially if they have a dog or cat.....much to the chagrin and embarassment of my pawrents...sorry, Mom and Dad, I can't help it...gotta be a bad boy SOMETIMES!
3) I just remembered this last week....I HATE New Year's Eve!!! (Everyone in our neighborhood does fireworks that night, just like the Fourth of July! UGH~ Make 'em stop, Mom!!!)
4) My oldest friend Cuddy (he's the first dog I met when I was an 8-wk old pup), a Maltese from Ohio, is coming to visit me for 8 days!! On Jan 25th!!! I'm so excited, I can't wait!!! His pawrents are coming, too....they are friends of my pawrents!!!
5) Sneezes scare me! If I'm snoozing on Mom or Dad's lap and they sneeze, I wake up and run away as fast as I can! But I sneeze a lot myself...and for some reason, that's not scarey at all!! BOL!
6) I don't bark much, but when I do, it's more of a "Arooooo..." instead of the short barks that most dogs do.
7) My fur is very soft, just like it was when I was a puppy.....hoomans I meet always comment on it when they pet me....Mom thinks it feels like a bunny's soft fur!
OK, here are the pups I am going to TAG:
1. Lil-E
2. Teddy CGC
3. Buzzy
4. Abigail!
5. Mia
6. Tuesday
7. Cokie
Have a great day, Pup Pals!!
Hugs from Woody


Christmas TAG!!!! WooHoo!!!!

December 12th 2007 7:35 am
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I've been tagged by my good Buddy, ZEKE!!!!
Here are the Rules:

Each player must write a short note to Santa Paws and list 5 things on their Christmas list this year, then choose 5 pups to tag, and let them know by pawmail or rosette that they have been tagged and to read your diary for the instructions on how to play. AND... since it's Christmastime give them each 5 bones or other treats.

I have been such a good boy this year! So here are the things on my CHRISTMAS WISH LIST:

i) Hmmmm, how about more toys.....I dont care how many I have, I can always use MORE MORE MORE!!! Same goes for bandanas!
ii) That Mommy finds more treats/chewies that I like and that are also 100% safe for me!
iii) Zealies, so I can treat my friends and show them how much I care for them!
iv) Good health and happiness for all my sweet Dogster pals!
v) Chicken, chicken, and more chicken!!!!

Hugs and Christmas Smoochies, from Woody!!!
I have tagged:

1) Mato
2) Lenny
3) Toby
4) Bobbie Tzu
5) Maddison


Thanksgiving TAG!!!!!

November 13th 2007 6:00 am
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I've been THANKSGIVING tagged by Toby, Molly, and Suzy Q SST.....thanks for thinking of me, my friends! Here are the rules:
Each player needs to make a diary entry listing da rules & seven Thankful Thoughts! Choose 7 pups to tag & let them know, by pawmail or rosette, that they have been THANKSGIVING tagged and to read your diary for the instructions :)

Seven Things I’m Thankful For this Holiday Season~

1. I'm thankful for my beautiful girlfriend, Roxy, who is sweet as pie!
2. I'm thankful for my 'rents, who love me so much.
3. Im thankful for my Dogster pals, who have made my life even sweeter than it was before.
4. I'm thankful for the yummy chicken treats I love, and my Wellness turkey and sweet potato food.
5. I'm thankful for my nice safe, comfy home.
6. I’m thankful for snuggling!
7. I'm thankful for our boat, because we have such good family times together on it!

I'm THANKSGIVING tagging: my girlfriend Roxy, Maximus Cuddlebug, Lily Pad, Hairy Parker, Domino, Lucy (from Trona, CA), and little Piccadilly!


Tag, I'm it!!!

October 16th 2007 8:04 am
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One of my buddies across the Pond, Zeke, has tagged me!!! Thanks, Buddy, for choosing me!!!

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are Tagged need to post in their Diary the rules and their 7 random facts. Then choose 7 pups to tag and list their names. Then let them know by pmail or a rosette that they have been Tagged and to read your Diary for instructions on how to play.

WooHoo~ Here goes!

My 7 facts;
1. I am a very picky eater and I don't beg for food that the 'rents are eating...when I was a puppy I sometimes did a little, but hardly ever any more. ( I know, I'm very un-doglike in some ways!)
2. I DO, however, choose suppertime when they are sitting down at the table to drag Bogie (my very LARGE stuffed dog) or another toy into the dining room because I like to play right when they're eating....anything to get their attention!
3. I do, however, beg for my scratching on THE WRONG cupboard door.......and only I know why I do such a silly thing...they can't figure it out. They know I'm a smart boy, but I NEVER scratch on the correct cupboard....???? I just like to be mysterious and keep them guessing!
4. I hate it when Dad lets the grass get too long!! I hesitate, then step one paw very gingerly on the grass......then another paw, then it takes furever for me to get my business done! I'm a great motivator for him to keep the grass nicely mowed.
5. I am very good at using my paws to point at what I want.....some water, some more food, some more petting.......whatever!
6. I sometimes want to get in the bathtub....I go to it and make little "grrrr" noises until Mom comes in, then I point to the bathtub! I don't take my baths there.....we have a utility tub that's just for my baths, so Mom thinks I just like to drink from that faucet at times!
7. I like to dig! Not in dirt...but in the sofa cushions, my bed, my pawrents bed, blankets....that kind of stuff!

These are my pawsome pups pals who I am tagging:

1. Tuesday/206759
2. Maximus Cuddlebug/572942
3. Abigail/167213
4. Daisy Mae/373081
5. Teddy/471187
6. Hairy H. Parker, Esq./583302
7. Autumn/608119



July 30th 2007 10:49 am
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My Buddy Coco Bean has tagged me for summer tag! Thanks, CB, I love you, Man!!!

Here are the rules of the game. Make a diary entry, giving 5 pawsome facts about yourself! Choose 5 pals to tag, and list them last! Post the rules of the game. Send your pals a pawmail or rosette telling them they have been tagged to play the game! Write 5 facts and tag 5 friends.

1. I like hoomans a lot, but prefer to meet them one at a time....when more than 2 hoomans come to my house or come up to me at one time, I get shy.
2. I was Pet of the Month in our local newspaper in main pic right now is the one that was in the paper!...Mommy was so proud, she got a bunch of copies and sent them to our family members in Ohio!
3. I never give kisses, so don't take it paw-sonally!
4. I like to chew on Mommy's hair! She has to get it away from me by getting me interested in a toy.
5. I like to stay in bed! If one of the paw-rents gets up before the other, it doesn't matter who gets up and who stays in bed~ I stay in bed snoozing with the 'rent still sleeping.

I have tagged : My "twin" Molly, Lily Pad, Mischief, Veronica, and Buttercup!



July 19th 2007 5:29 am
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WooHoo! Here is the newest Dogster TAG game! I have been Love Tagged by Crumpet....she is such a sweetheart, thank you, Crumpet! And also by my sweet Angel friend, Chloe.......thank you, Chloe, I love you, my Friend!! And Wow, I've also been love tagged by my Friend, Suzy Q SST....thank you, Suzy Q, you sweet girl!!! I love you all!!!

All you have to do after you have been "Love Tagged" is share some love by tagging three friends! That's all! Tell your friends they have been Love Tagged and to read your diary! You will submit an entry telling who you are tagging and why!
I am tagging:

1) Roxy, my beautiful girlfriend, because she has been the best, sweetest girlfriend to me, and I love her so much! She has all the qualities any pup could ask for in a girlfriend, she is loyal, faithful, and true....and a total hottie!!!
2) Mollie, my woofderful friend from California.......she is sweet and kind, and so much fun to be around! She does great things at STAFU to keep things exciting and new, and she's the one who invited me there, so if it wasn't for her, I may not even know about STAFU! AND, she's a pretty!
3) Beach Angel Chelsea.....she's GA Tifanny's little sister, and she is so adorable, and SMART! She's just a year old and she's already been to so many classes....even puppy agility! She's a friend to all creatures.....butterflies love her just like they loved Tif. She's sweet and darling and has so much paw-sonality. I just love reading her diary...she's so interesting!

I could go on and on, because I love so many Dogster pups....but I'm supposed to stop at 3~ Darnit!!

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