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January 12th 2007 10:12 am
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Brr, it's cold! It was nice and warm 2 days ago, but yesterday the weather turned cold. It was -5 last night! Right now it's real sunny, but it's only 20 degrees. On top of that, the wind chill makes it seem even colder! I've got a plan, though. Wanna hear it?
1. When I go outside, I only stay out for as long as I have to. I take care of the barest necessities-you know, going potty, sniffing around the yard, chasing Drover, making sure my toys are ok, barking, looking for cats...
2. I'm going to spend a lot of time sleeping in front of the woodstove. It's nice and warm, and the flames inside it are so pretty to look at when I'm awake. Drover and Cindy like the stove too, and so do the kitties.
3. When a nice, warm load of laundry comes upstairs, I'm going to dive into it and stay in it until my family takes it all away!
4. I'm trying to talk Mom into getting me a coat or a sweater. I want a pink one! Mom says I'd probably just tear it up. (Don't tell her, but I probably would. Heehee!)
5. I was going to put "Not get a haircut" here, but I got a pawmail from my friend Jennifer. She read my last diary entry, about my resolution to not get a haircut, and she said that might not be a good idea. She said that my hair would get long and matted and it'd hurt. Jennifer's 16 years old and she's real smart! So I'm thinking I might change my resolution a little. Maybe instead of not getting a haircut all year, I'll not get another haircut week.
Yeah, that's it! My new New Year's Resolution-I won't get a haircut until next week!
Arrooooo to all my pals!


My new year's resolution!

January 7th 2007 2:07 pm
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It's the new year, and I have made a resolution! It's my very first resolution-last year I was too little to make one. This year, 2007, I have made a resolution! I have resolved to never get another haircut!
I like being fuzzy, and I don't like haircuts, so that's my resolution. I've been doing good for the first week! I haven't had one hair clipped! I did let daddy comb me, I had lots of snaggles. I'll keep you updated on my resolution on no haircuts.

Oh, something else I've been meaning to tell you dogsters about-I love laundry! It's so much fun to run back to the bedroom when one of my family bring up a load, jump up on the bed, and dive in! I like it best when the laundry's warm. I like to burrow into the clothes. Then my family comes in and takes away all the clothes. *sigh* I wish I could have a big load of warm laundry on the bed all the time!

Arroooos to all my dog friends!


Christmas! Woohoo!

December 28th 2006 8:52 am
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Christmas was so much fun! I'll tell you all about it!
Well, on Christmas morning, Mom and Dad slept in, so I didn't get out of my box until later, but that's ok. After they got up, we looked in our stockings. Well, actually Brother and Sister looked in their stockings. I couldn't find mine. Maybe a burgler broke in and took it...yeah, that's it. I should call the police!
Anyway, after that, we got to the good presents. My family opened up all of theirs-I was trying to nice and patient, but it was hard! Finally, they got done and got my presents! There were 5-I counted them. I was ready to open them all, but they gave one to Cindy and helped her open it. It was a real yummy-looking bone, and they gave it to Cindy. She chewed it up in just a few minutes. They also gave Drover one of my presents, but he couldn't figure out how to unwrap it! Heehee! They had to do it for him. I let them unwrap mine for me too. I think they like tearing up the paper. They gave Drover and me each one more present, and helped us open them.
We got a fuzzy squeaky ball and a fuzzy squeaky bone. They're just the same as 2 toys we already have, except different colors. Those are Drover's. My toys are real cool-one's a big long fuzzy green...snake type thing. It has squeakies in both ends, and it's almost as long as me! The other's called Tarzan Ted. It's a fuzzy purple man-shaped toy. Drover keeps trying to play with my toys.
After we got done with presents, I was pooped! I got on the couch with my new green toy, and fell asleep. It was a great Christmas!


♪It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!♫

December 23rd 2006 11:44 am
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The tree is up, the lights are sparkly, snow's all over the ground, and there are a ton of presents under the tree, and they're all mine! Well, maybe not all of them are mine, but I sure hope so!

A few days ago, my family left to go shopping. They put Drover and me in our boxes, like usual, and they left Cindy free to wander the house, like usual. Normally Cindy's fine when she's out of her box.
Well, that day, I was snoozing in my box when I heard some sniffing noises over by the tree. I woke up and looked, and saw Cindy sniffing at all the presents! I told her she better stop, but she didn't listen. Instead, she grabbed a box and started ripping the wrapping paper! I couldn't believe it! She started tearing the paper on another box, then another. I kept telling her to stop.
"Cindy, Cindy! You'll be in trouble, and all your presents will get sent back to the store!" But, of course, she didn't listen to me.
She did get in a little trouble when my family got back home. They gave her "the look" and said "Cindy" in deep voices. I don't think she got in enough trouble, though. None of her presents got sent back!

It's nice and snowy outside. I like running around and playing in the snow. I get all wet, though when I come back inside. I want someone to build a snow fort for me, right by the sidewalk, so when Drover comes outside I can bombard him with snowballs! Heehee!

Merry Christmas barkouts to Xena, Charley, Lacey and the gang, Poco, Mojo, Oliver and Bailey, and all you super-special dogster pals!

Merry Christmas-Arrrooooo!


Petco, an amusement park, and Thanksgiving!

November 23rd 2006 10:58 am
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Hi everyone! I have a lot of stuff to say today. First, we never ended up going to Petco for my birthday. *sigh* But, I have been getting stuff from there! The last time my family went to Petco, they brought me (and Drover) a jolly ball! It's bigger than the two that we had before, but I can carry it! They also got us some real yummy treats from the treat bar! My family is still talking about taking us to Petco sometime, and I hope it's soon. I also want Sister to get a job at Petco so that she can get the employee discount.
There's one thing I'm not clear on. I think if I go to Petco, my family would just put me up on the treat bar counter and I could eat all I wanted. But how do they know how much to pay? Petco charges $3.99 per pound for the treat bar. The closest I can figure is that an employee would weigh me before my meal, and after I'm done, they weigh me again. Then however many more pounds I weigh, that's what we pay! Drover says that I can't really eat directly from the treat bar, but I think that's silly.
Next, yesterday, an really weird thing happened. I had heard my family talking about some plumbing problems they were having with the washing machine. Well, we were running the washer yesterday, and all of the sudden, there was a big puddle of water in the basement! My family had set up a bucket to catch water from the pipes, but it overflowed! I thought that Drover had gone downstairs and had a big accident, but everyone kept telling me it was just water. It was pretty big for Drover to have made, but still...
My family had to sop up the water with towels. I decided that it was just water and pitched in by drinking some of it. Mommy and Brother brought this big thing with a tube on it downstairs and put it in the bucket. Then they put the tube out the basement window and the thing started taking the water out of the bucket. They called it a pump.
After we got most of the water dried up, Brother and Sister put some wet buckets out on the sidewalk to dry. At first, I didn't know why they were doing all this stuff. Then I figured it out!
It was an amusement park for Drover and me! The basement had water because they were going to fill it for a swimming pool. They just didn't have enough water. That tube that runs out the basement window connects to a flat blue tube that takes the water farther away from the house. The tube must be a Slip-n'-slide! The buckets on the sidewalk are for an obstactle course! That must be it! Drover says I'm wrong, but I think that's silly.
Finally, it's Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for my family, my toys, my food, Petco, the kitties, Drover (somewhat), Cindy, and my home. For our meal we're having turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed taters, gravy, sweet potatoes, rolls, stuffin' (I don't think it's stuffing, the box specifically says "stuffin'"), green bean casserole, a relish tray, and pie! Whew! That's a lot of food! I can hardly wait 'till it's ready! Just as a side note, I think it's a law to have green bean casserole for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We see commercials for stuff used to make it near Christmas. It sounds like a tradition. I think it's a constitutional ammendment that makes it illegal to not have green bean casserole for the holidays.
Well, I think I'm finally done! I'll bark to you later!


Someone has a birthday coming up!

October 21st 2006 2:15 pm
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And that someone is me! I will be one year old. I have some special plans. First, I am going to open my gifts that I know Mommy got for me. Don't tell her I already know what I'm getting. I will play with them until my family leaves for awhile to go to church. Then we are going to go to Petco! Wow! That is almost about a million miles from my house. Drover and me will go, Cindy says she would rather stay home and watch cats. I will get to look around and bark at all the people and then probably pick out more birthday toys and goodies. Then I will get to walk around on the doggie buffet and eat whatever I want, as much as I want. Hee hee!!!
Then I will come back home and play with my new things and then have popcorn and watch Lady and the Tramp! Oh what a day I will have! I can't wait until tomorrow! Arrooo!


Just a hodgepodge

October 12th 2006 1:17 pm
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Well, I've got a hodgepodge of stuff to write about, so I'll just go ahead and start!

There was a guy with a big flat balloon-type thing flying around the house a couple of nights ago. Mom says he's a parasailer, whatever that is. He flies over and makes a buzzing noise, and I have to bark at him. He's invading my personal bubble! Drover says it's silly that my bubble is so big, but I just ignore him. Heehee!

Yesterday, Sister was cold so she was all wrapped up in a blanket. The blanket looked really nice and warm, so me and Drover had a quick talk. We both wanted the blanket, so we figured out a little plan to get it away from Sister. Mwahahaha!
First I jumped up on the loveseat, huddled up in a corner and looked real cold. Then Drover got up on the loveseat and curled up on a pillow. Our little conspiracy worked! Pretty soon Sister looked at us and said, "You look so cold!" and she came over and covered us both up with the blanket! It's a real nice, warm blanket. It's plaid and it's made in Scotland! That's where my friend Xena *Warrior Princess* lives!

My birthday is coming up soon! It's the 22nd of October- only 10 days away! I've been thinking about what I want to do on my birthday. I want to open all my presents in the morning, then I want to go to PetCo and pick out a whole bunch of new toys and treats, then I want to go to PetSmart and pick out a whole bunch more new toys and treats, and I want to go see a movie, and I want to have lunch at PetCo at the big buffet table full of treats! Then I want to come back home and have popcorn and watch a Lady and the Tramp, and I don't want Drover to bother me or eat any popcorn and take my nap spots.
I've been working on my birthday wishlist, I'll give it to Mom soon. I want a big soft, comfy bed with my own Scottish blanket, and I want a bunch of toys that are mine-Drover can't use them! And I want cookies and bones and treats. I can't wait for my birthday!


I'm havin' a bad day!

August 21st 2006 10:59 am
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I'm havin' a bad day! A really bad day! First, Daddy's gone! I think he'll be back in a few days, but I wish he was back now. It's making me depressed, my whole routine is mixed up. Normally I surf the Net with Daddy every morning, but Daddy isn't here to surf with! I wish Brother could surf in Daddy's place, but he'll probably forget or stay asleep. Daddy calls on the phone in the evening, maybe I'll talk to him today and tell him that I'm havin' a bad day.
Also, I'm havin' a bad day 'cause of bones. Mommy got us some yummy bones a while ago, and I was chewing one of 'em. Then, Cindy took it!
There was a second bone that Mommy put out, but Drover ate the whole thing! I didn't even think he liked bones!
I'm havin' a bad day! To make it even worse, I look like I'm havin' a bad day. My hair is all messed up and I look ruffled, but if Mommy combs me, I won't like it, and it'll be a even worse day!
Cindy's acting weird too. She's being happy! This is about the forth day in a row that she's been happy.
To make it worse again, Sister just got up from the loveseat, and disturbed my position! I'm havin' a bad day! She also got back from town from her piano lesson, and didn't bring me a milkshake! I wanted her too. I'd also like to have popcorn for lunch and watch a chick flick, but I don't think they'll let me.
I'm the baby of the family, and I can have a bad day if I want too! I want to have a bad day and be pitiful, but I don't want the badness of the day! I think I'll just take a nap. ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... Nope never mind, I don't wanna take a nap. Well, yes I do. But I don't really. Well... *sigh* I'm havin' a bad day! And to top it all off, there's some flies in the window! I hope I can have some popcorn soon. I'll sign off and let today end. I'm havin' a bad day!


A brother!

July 27th 2006 10:42 am
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Yesterday afternoon Mom and Sister left the house, then came back a couple of hours later with a dog! They said his name was Salty, and he's a mini schnauzer. He's white, hence the name Salty!

I'm not quite sure about him, he seems like a pretty nice guy, and I think it'd be cool to have a big brother, but he likes to play with MY toys. He chewed the squeakiness out of my glow-in-the-dark football within an hour of being here! And he's always asking someone to throw MY ball for him. I've been trying to get him to play with me, but he hasn't yet. Mom let him use MY bed last night, while I slept in my little travel carrier. He also went on a walk with me and Cindy and Mom and Dad this morning, and he got a greenie.

Cindy and him are getting along well. He's getting along pretty well with the kitties too. He helped me chase Amber and Rev!

I'm also having trouble remembering his name, so are Mom and Sister. We've called him Salty, Squishy, Smokey, Sleepy, Sparky... I suggested writing his name on his back with permanent marker so we'd remember it.

I'll keep you updated on how it goes! He's a rescue dog and we're giving him a "test run". We might be adding Salty to Dogster soon!



July 24th 2006 6:05 pm
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Yay, I'm so excited! I'm one of the Diary of the Day picks! Woohoo! Thank you Dogster! Arrooooo!

Mom says I need to get a haircut soon, but I think the groomer, Julie, moved Last time I needed a haircut, Julie was gonna move to Australia. I kept telling Mom she was moving, but Mom called and made an appointment anyway. It turns out that Julie didn't move after all, but I'm sure that she's moving to Spain this time! I have a feeling Mom'll make an appointment anyway. *sigh*

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