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Any suggestions?

November 3rd 2012 9:10 am
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I mentioned the other day that Daddy's Mommy is comin to be with us for awhile. He is gonna go get her from Aunt Evil's place in a couple of days.
Mommy wants me to ask you pups (or your pawrents) for sum suggestions.
She could google out there in the big wide webbie thing. But maybe sum of you have some axfural 'sperience with this stuff.

Lemme 'splain what Mommy is needin help with.

Ok, so Daddy's Mommy is 88 (my favorite number!). She is mobile but she gets around slowly due to Arthur Itis in her hips and stuff. Other than bein forgetful, her mind seems to be workin ok.
She won't be drivin on her own.

Of course, she wants to move back "home". She didn't like it in Missouri with one son. She doesn't like it in Wyoming with her daughter. She doesn't like it here in Idunno. She just can't move back into the shack they were livin in. So she wants to get an apartment in town.
Daddy would get her set up with Meals-On-Wheels, a housekeeper and one of those "help I've fallen and I can't get up" things. There is a senior citizen van that would take her shopping and we think to doctor's appointments.

But. Here's where we could use some suggestions. If you don't wanna post on the comments, you can p-mail me and I will be sure Mommy reads them.

Are there lil things we should watch for that might lead us to think she shouldn't be on her own? Mommy doesn't want to hover over her but she isn't sure how much "guidance" (or maid service) she should give. Since Daddy will be at work, Mommy will be with her all day. Observin.

Anywhos. Any suggestions of things to be on the lookout for?
Thanks in advance Pals.


The Longest Day

November 4th 2012 1:40 pm
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Gah! Why do the peepoles gotta mess with time? This has to be the longest day of the year.
Of course, Tux got up at his normal time. He and Daddy get up at 4am. I know, red-ic-u-louse. But of course, this mornin, Tux's infernal alarm was goin off at the regular time but since the clocks were turded back afore we went to bed they all were tellin us it was like 3.
Daddy is at NG drill. So's Mommy had to get up to let Tux go outside to tinkle. At least I heard her tellin Tux to go back to bed.
I stayed all snuggled under the covers like a smart dog.
Mommy waited it out and got up at when the clock showed 5am. Still red-ic-u-louse huh? The day starts early on the farm. Or sumfin.
Of course, that was Really 6am or breakfast time. Mommy told Tux and Drover (who was also awake by then) that she wasn't gonna get them in the habit of eatin That early.
I was still snuggled under the covers. Still smart.
Until I heard breakfast gettin ready. Then I was there in a flash!

But the day wears on. Bein it's Sunday, the traffic is kinda slow out there for barkin. No bike riders or joggers. Of course I am findin stuff to bark at. Don't worry 'bout that.

Here it is only the afternoon. Hours and hours afore Daddy gets home. Nuthin goin on, on this longest day of the year.


A Diary Pick for Me!

November 7th 2012 7:25 am
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Woo Hoo! Seems like a really long time since I've had me a Diary Pick! But I got one today! I wonder if I get back in the Diary Pick Time Loop Continuum. I hope so! Bol!
I wanna tell ya thanks for the comments and messages and rosettes right now.
Thank you!

So the grandma person is here. We sure barked her up when she came in the yard with Daddy. She's been here a couple hours or days and now we are purdy cool with her. She is quiet, doesn't move around much and smells funny.
Yesterday, Daddy carried in a recliner for her. You know, so's I still have room on My Love-Seat-Look-Out and she has a place to sit and snooze. It's gettin a little bit crowded in our lil livin room.

Oh and it was a good day for barkin yeserday! A lady walkin her lil dog was back there and then over there around our place. Then some walkers and a lil mini Aussie walked past My place. And then with the other usual stuff, it was good.

And since the grandma lady is sleepin in Brother's room, Mommy had to move her junk outta there. Her yarn went downstairs and her laptop moved into Sissor's room. I found a great place to snooze. Sissor has lots of pillows on her bed. I hop right up there and make myself very comfy. I was even up there last night when Mommy and Daddy went to bed. Mommy had to call to me to, well, come to bed. Bol!

Thanks for readin my lil diary.
Have a bark-filled day!


Thank you!

November 7th 2012 6:20 pm
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Wow pups! You sure made Me and Tux's Diary Picks today special!

My typist, who spent the day Yakkin with Grandma, is gonna have to bark our thank yous in My diary.

So THANK YOU from Me and Tux!

And I think there is a new furmily member. Tonight when Daddy was gettin the garage cats tucked in and we was all outside messin 'round, there was a lil kitten hangin out in front of the garage. She was friendly but one of her back legs is gimpy.

Peekin 'round the end of the garage, we could tell Mommy and Daddy were settin up food, water, a lil cat potty box and a snuggley bed for the lil cat. In our old, yucky camp trailer. We have two. The old yucky one would work just great for a lil stray cat.

My folks are such softies.


Which way did they go?

November 13th 2012 7:42 am
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We was jus' snoozin. Mommy quietly got up from her bowl o' granola and put on her coat. Then she put on Daddy's boots. They jus' slip on, kinda quick like.
We knew she was headin outside so Me and Tux went with her. I hustled over to the one side of the yard where I can see the road real good. Mommy went over to the other side of the yard. Then she clapped her hands.
That's when I saw it.
A horse. In My front yard. Then I saw 'nother one out in the road.
Mommy's clappin made the horse leave the yard and then both horses went down the lil road-ette by the wheat field over there.
We barked at the horses when they came into view 'round our barn and garage.

We came back in.

Purdy soon, Drover had to go do some "privacy please" stuff. He takes a long time evfurrytime he goes out.
But we heard him barkin. Me and Tux wanted back outside to see what Drover was barkin at.
Ok, so Drover is white. We have some snow out there. The snow is white. We got out there, could hear Drover barkin but couldn't see him in the usual sentry points.
I ran over there. Nuthin to see and no Drover. Tux did some bob and weave moves, maybe even a couple of spins, lookin to see where Drover was.
Then he barked again.
Drover was at the back fence! He was gettin in some more barks at the 2 horses! Then we saw those horses. Ran back there and joined in to help.
Now the horses have moseyed off. We aren't sure where they belong but have an idea they belong to the nother neighbor. The neighbor with the 2 LWDs. When sumone comes to feed them, they will see they are out and put them back where they belong.
They will be fine. And if they come 'round here again, I will bark at them, fur sure.


Daddy's plumber's helper

November 17th 2012 9:34 am
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Ok, so the Grandma lady is here with us now. She was here for a few days and then Daddy took her to the Colorado place. They did sum stuff there and now they are back. She will be with us for awhile. A Long while until she flies to her 'nother son who lives in Merryland or sumplace afore Christmas.
Anywho, I am bein Daddy's plumber's helper right now.
Lemme 'splain.

For Daddy's birthday yeserday, he got a new bathroom faucet for the bathroom the Grandma lady uses. The faucet in there is kinda old and hard for her to get the water to come on.
So Daddy is changin out the old faucet with the new one. I been helpin, mostly supervisin.
Maybe it will be easier for her to use. You know, so's that she will Wash her hands after goin potty!!!
She has a lot of 'scuses why she doesn't wash her hands. She forgets. She is gonna wash at the kitchen sink. She says she does wash when my pawrents know she doesn't. She doesn't use soap. She says she takes soap in with her. Not.
They got some of that liquid hand Santa-Tizer stuff for her too.
The pawrents are gettin grossed out thinkin 'bout her Not washin then rummagin 'round in the fridge for sumthin to eat. If you come here, don't eat the grapes (we shouldn't eat grapes anyways) or outta one package of sliced cheese or the cottage cheese either. Those are fur sure what she likes to eat.
Hmm, I started out tellin you 'bout me helpin Daddy and then it turned into a mini-rant 'bout the Grandma lady.
Pray for both Mommy and Daddy while the Grandma lady is here. It's gonna seem like a super long time afore she flies away.

Oh, and Daddy is gonna take me to the vet in awhile. I have a black bump thing on my side. You can maybe even see it in sum of my pictures. I've had it a long time. The vet thought it had to do with food allergies. That was a long time ago and the bump never went away even though I eat a different food and we are careful 'bout my snacks too.
Anywho, the bump is botherin me. Sumtimes there is *Gross Alert* pus comin out of it. I lick at it and it makes me wiggle and squirm.
So I will let you know what the vet thinks this day. Daddy is gonna take me 'cause he 'splains things better than Mommy.

Later pals. Here's hopin you have tons of things to bark at today. And if not, make up stuff.


I can drive!

November 17th 2012 11:47 am
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Oh, maybe I better not bark too loud 'cause I don't have a license. But Daddy let me drive to the vet's place.
Usually I ride in the passenger seat and then jump down on the floor. Oh, I mean, Drover pushes me down on the floor. I try to dig outta the car.
This time with Daddy, he let me drive! It was fun! He wouldn't go as fast as I wanted him too. He used the gas peddle of course. But I got to steer!
I tried not to turn at the vet corner but Daddy made me. :-/

Ok, so the vet gave me a good goin over. I have some meds to take to see if my oozey bump clears up. I have some Prednisone and Clavamox. They taste yummy when wrapped in a dab of cheese.
If the bump doesn't clear up and go away by a couple of weeks after the meds are done, I have to go under the knife! OH NO!
I would have a big ol' scar on my side!
Let's hope the meds will do the trick.

But maybe Daddy will let me drive and we can go get milk shakes! That's a good idea.


I'm subdubbed

November 21st 2012 7:15 am
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First off gotta bark out good wishes for Sophie Happy Gotcha Day brindle grrl!
And it's the Big Dog's birthday. Demon Flash Bandit turns 8 years old today.
Pawty hardy pups!

Ok, so's I been takin my meds to get my black spot to stop oozing. It has. Stopped oozing. Hopefully it will clear up and disappear. Who wants to go round with a black spot on their cute lil side? I mean, I've watched Muppet's Treasure Island. I know the black spot is a bad deal to have.

But since the Grandma person has been here, I've been more quiet. Don't worry, I still bark. Why, just yeserday, the mailman knocked on the door and we went toadally bark-listic! But for the most part, it's kinda quiet round My place.
Mommy thought at first it was cause of my black spot makin me not feel good. But the days that Daddy took the Grandma to Colorado, I was back to my regular barky self.
Then they got back and back into the blue funk I went. For those of you with old pawrents, you can find out what blue funk is. If your pawrents are spring chickens, you'll have to google.
But I am subdubbed. Quiet like. I don't bark at evfurry single vehicle that goes by My place.
I dunno. Maybe I'm catchin the clam and quiet vibe the Grandma gives off. That and B.O. She doesn't shower very often and she must be 'llergic to soap 'cause she doesn't use it.
She doesn't move fast, if at all. She isn't loud. She does drop food crums. I scored some brownie crums once before Mommy could hold me back, get past the Grandma and get the broom and dust pan.
I hope I get better. Axfurly, Mommy hopes I get better too. She misses me barkin at evfurry lil thing. Well, and she probly misses hollerin at me.
It's the way things work round here.

And I had me a Diary pick sum other day. I didn't even bark bout that.
Thanks for the rosies and messages sum of you sent.

And have a super duper Thanksgiving. That's to all my 'Merican pals. I know you Canandiana pups already celebrated.

Bark on!


Scored sum bread!

November 24th 2012 8:58 am
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Woo Hoo! It was great while it lasted.
Mommy was washin dishes. The Grandma was eating a turdkey sammich at the kitchen table. She was givin Me and Tux sum bites of bread under the table.

Then Mommy asked her what she was feedin us.
Told her not to do that anymore.


Maybe she will "forget" and give us sum other stuff sumtime when Mommy don't see her doin it.
Paws crossed!


It's My time to bark

November 28th 2012 7:33 am
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I bark. When I bark, then Tux and Drover start to bark.
It's sumfin peepoles just learn to deal with 'round here.

The Grandma doesn't move 'round too much. From the bedroom, to the bathroom, to the kitchen and to her recliner in the living room. Our house is small. She doesn't get much exercise stuff.
So when she shuffles out to her chair and kicks back for a snooze, too bad. She oughta learn to go back to bed.
I barked at the jogger man that goes by. Oh! And now he has 2, count 'em, 2 dogs joggin along with him! Double, no triple bark threat!
Mommy was somewhere's else this mornin when the man and his dogs went by. She didn't come to let us out, like she usually does. Well, it took her awhile. You could barely hear the toilet flushin 'cause of our barkin. Bol!

Too bad if our barkin woke you up Grandmalady.

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