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Oh what a wonderful World it is

Taping Nails on Floor.....

August 16th 2010 4:22 am
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Ok here me is in another place not even our home. Don't knows where our home went to. I liked it just fine. Mom and Dad kept complaining about "tourist were getting on their nerves." I liked watching them tourist out the windows and barking. All me knows is me and "da Goof" got put in Mom's car along with "Sweet Baby" da birdie (on the front seat, MY SEAT, she's never gone bye bye before wif us before) and off we went bye bye for what seemed like the whole day. I had to stay in the back with "da Goof" and was in my crate, something about Mom saying I was too bouncy. We said good by to the beach and the ocean and went to something called the mountains and our family. We did stop along da way. Strange smells and me and "da Goof had to stay on a leash. uck. Ok, somebody is makin us a new house dey say?? Me not seen it yet but Mom and Dad says so. Meanwhile me and "da Goof" are in this room wif a gate? Now whose idea was dat? Our food bowls are here, our beds and our water. always had da run of da place. NOT NOW!! and frankly I'm quite disgusted. Mom and Dad come and gives me my don't gets to sleep wif dem no more. What's up wif dat?? And there is widdle people here. They knows me don't likes widdle people and me tries to run away cause me gets scared. Where is me home???


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