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An exciting day in the life of a bulldog...

Welcome to me!

April 20th 2006 7:46 pm
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This is my first time on Dogster. I am so excited to meet new friends and see everyone's page.

I live in Orange County - I love it. Great weather, great friends - horrible traffic. We moved here in August from Phoenix. Hot weather, great friends - better traffic. I loved Phoenix but the weather was too hot for bulldogs. We had a pool but since I can't swim I had to wear a goofy life jacket and stay in the shallow end.

I have a great mom and dad...Andrew and Kelly. They are fun and take me anywhere I want to go. I get to go to the mall, to eat at outdoor cafes and play at the beach. We are still working on sneaking me into movies...but I am not easy to hide.

I also love TV...all TV. My mom and I watch American Idol and anything else we can find time for.

Tonight we are getting ready to watch CSI, Survivor, ER and all the TIVO we can handle until we fall asleep.

Catch ya later.


I love my new pup pals!

April 26th 2006 9:47 pm
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Wow! Everyone on Dogster is so awesome. I have already met 19 new pup pals. And everyone's pics are so cool.

Its been a fun week at my house. I have food allergies and I eat yummy Venison dog food but this week my Dermatologist asked my mom to do a food trial to find out what I am allergic to. So my mom switched me back to my old Purina Pro Plan chicken and rice food. I love that food! But the switch in food upset my tummy and caused some rumbles in my jungle if you know what I mean!!

My mom decided I could eat boiled chicken and rice for a few days to calm my tummy - it worked and I love it! That chicken breast is my favorite meal! Although the rice gets stuck in my nose holes sometimes so when I sneeze it goes flying all over. That makes my mom and dad laugh!!!!

I am back on my old allergy food because my itching was so bad and my mom couldn't stand my gas anymore...I was just reminding everyone that I was around. And since hot air rises I didn't smell a thing.

Have a good week everyone. I am ready to watch American Idol with my mom tonight.


We moved to Portland...and I went to the Ballpark

July 6th 2006 12:41 pm
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Well, alot has happened this past month. We moved to Portland. It was a long drive from Orange County, 15 hours in the car with my mom and my grandpa. It was fun but I got sleepy and napped most of the way. When we got to Portland it was record heat, bad news for bulldogs. My mom and dad kept me cool with wet towels and ice and lots of fans and air conditioning. It was fun because I got alot of attention.

I like Portland because dogs are welcome in lots of places. And my mom and dad like to take me out to meet new friends. We joined the Portland Bulldog Meetup group and I can't wait to meet new Bullie friends on July 15th.

I already went to the Ballpark here in Portland. Last night my parents took me to the PGE Ballpark for dog night! We had so much fun and I even got to go on the field between innings for the coolest dog contest. I lost to a cool dog but the baseball boys liked me so much they gave me a new baseball. I had a great time. I even had a bite of hot dog and when no one was looking I drank a few drinks of soda. But my mom caught me and told me it was no good for me. It sure tasted good for me.

We love Portland and can't wait to meet new friends here. So far I haven 't needed my rain coat but I am getting ready for the wet weather!


A new Kitty... maybe

August 18th 2006 10:35 am
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Well, it finally happened. My animal loving mom and dad took in a stray kitty this week. He is very nice and he actually likes me. My mom says we can't get too attached yet because he might be missing from his real home. So I am sniffing him through the door and trying to talk to him - but he seems to speak a different language. Who knew?

So far so good. My mom is taking him to the vet today for a full check up and then we are calling all over the city to find out if anyone is looking for him. If no one claims him then we get to keep him. I might like that. As long as he doesn't think he is cutting into my snuggle time in bed. I will have to make sure we have a talk before he gets free run of the house.

Portland is getting warm this summer and I am loving it - not because Bulldogs like heat but because then my mom lets me "swim" in the baby pool. I don't really swim, just get cool. I love the pool, minus the sunscreen.

We are meeting lots of great friends (two and four legged) in Portland. We love our Bulldog Meetup group and can't wait for our next playdate this weekend.

Stay cool this summer - and be sure to look extra cute so they will take you swimming!


Happy Howl-O-Ween!

October 17th 2006 9:21 pm
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Good news friends. I was selected as a finalist in the Howl-O-Ween pet photo contest. Can you imagine? A bulldog in a pumpkin costume? Who knew I was so cute? Actually I begged my mom to send a different picture of me because I am sleeping in this picture but she said it made me look cute. I was protesting the pumpkin costume because I thought it made me look fat. But mom said I was just big boned.

So hurry up and vote for me on the contest website at you can vote up until October 24th. I am finalist number 2 - the big bulldog with a pumpkin stem coming out of the top of my head. I hope I win but there are some pretty cute costumes and another awesome bulldog. Either way its fun to see mom and dad so proud of me for taking a nap!

Speaking of holidays, mom and I went shopping at PetSmart today and she bought our reindeer ears for the annual holiday card. When I say we, I mean me and the new kitty. Sorry little guy no one escapes mom's holiday photos. It is a little embarassing to wear the reindeer ears but at least I look better than poor kitty. It pays to be cute! I tried to tell kitty that if he just sits still we can get lots of treats and be told how pretty we are. He didn't seem interested. Cats...what planet are they from?


Woof! Happy New Year!

January 2nd 2007 5:25 pm
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Can you believe its 2007? Woof, me neither. We had a great holiday at our house, plenty of family and presents and plenty of treats. Grandma & Grandpa P. and my Aunt Jenny came to visit. It was fun. Grandma lets me do whatever I want (of course) and I take full advantage. Grandpa, on the other hand, likes me from a distance. He doesn't understand that when I jump on him it means I love him. And I always go crazy for my Aunt Jenny - she brings me lots of presents when she visits.

Now, about presents this year. I thought having a kitty brother was kind of fun. Until I realized that he was going to be cutting into my holiday toy budget. I think I got less toys this year because of Little Man. I know my stocking wasn't as full.

On New Year's Eve we had a fun night at home. Mom & Dad went out to a fancy dinner and of course brought us home the leftovers. But just like good parents, they were back in time to ring in 2007 with us kids. They kissed us on the lips! Although they scolded me when I tried to test out the champagne...what, I'm old enough!

Happy New Year to my many Dogster friends (and Little Man's Catster buddies too).



Ow, I hate SPIDERS!

August 21st 2007 3:45 pm
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This week when I went out to go to the bathroom a spider decided that I looked tasty! He bit me on the head and it scared me. I ran inside and thought it would be best to hide under the bed just in case that spider came looking for me. Now it’s been five days and I am still so ITCHY! Itchy, itchy, itchy and more itchy. My mom and dad took me to the emergency vet and my regular vet. They both gave me lots of medicine and now I feel a little better but very sleepy. It seems that all I do is sleep, itch, scratch, drink water and go potty. Sleep, itch, scratch, drink water and go potty some more. But my mom and dad haven't left me alone since this whole thing started so I guess the itching and scratching has its perks. Hopefully in a few days I will be back to normal...whatever that might be. So be warned fellow bulldogs, spiders SUCK!

Have a safe day! Woof


Oh Turkey!

November 23rd 2007 1:08 pm
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’Happy Thanksgiving’ to all my pup pals. We had a great turkey day at our house. Mom and Dad and my Aunt Jenny went out to eat because Mom hates to cook. But it all worked out for me because I got some turkey leftovers and since Aunt Jenny doesn’t eat turkey I also got steak leftovers. Mmmm…steak and turkey! I also got a few new toys to play with and got all the attention I wanted from my favorite Aunt Jenny. She loves to rub my spotted tummy and scratch me just right behind my ears. Tomorrow is my 7th birthday and I bet Mom and Dad have something fun planned for me. Usually I get to eat a big birthday dinner and have tons of toys and presents. I get spoiled everyday but especially on my birthday.

Hope everyone had enough Thanksgiving food to eat and I can’t wait to tell you all about my birthday soon!



My my its been a long time...

October 2nd 2008 10:48 pm
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It has been a long time since I was able to update my dogster page. We have been so busy at my house. Let's see...where to start. My Aunt Jenny moved in with us for a while. She just moved to Portland from LA (we know, we know she doesn't tell people that either) and we loved having her. She was so good to me. She took me on short car rides, walked me and took me out to go potty anytime I wanted. I sure miss having her around. She gives me all the pets I want, anytime! Now its just me, mom, dad and those kitties again. We had a foster cat live with us for a few months. His name was Sparks - he didn't light up my life! He bites! I didn't even know cats would bite...I learned, quickly. But Sparks is now back at my mom's work waiting to get adopted. I hope he finds a great home - like mine, except not mine.
My grandma also came for a visit. Man, she sure loves me. She lets me do whatever I want. She tells me that is the job of a grandma. Whatever, sure makes me happy.

Mom and Dad took me to Cannon Beach last weekend. As soon as mom gets a minute she can show you all some great pictures of me at the beach. I love the water...I feel 5 again!

Until next time - keep your nose clean and the food bowl too.

Lucky Dog


We miss Lucky every day, can't believe it's been a year- already

February 20th 2013 9:50 pm
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It's hard to believe that we have lived almost one year without Lucky. We think of her often and miss her even more. The cats at the house seem to sometimes remember that she was around - usually when we are eating. I occasionally see one of them hear a noise and jump to higher ground, Lucky was notorious for chasing them off for food.
Daily tasks are different now and we didn't notice how much time an elderly bulldog had added to our daily routine until she was gone. There is more freedom since we don't have an almost 12 year old dog who needs heart pills and eye meds and more every 6-8 hours but I would give up all this new found freedom just to hear her snore again

She was my one in a million and for now fostering other dogs to help them get ready for their one in a million match is all we can do. It doesn't seem any dog could fill her shoes just yet

We love you Mama
We miss you
Life isn't as colorful without you

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