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The Life of a Ladies Man

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I've been tagged!

June 3rd 2007 3:10 pm
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I'm sure a lot of you are getting these tagging messages! I've gotten tagged by three of my pup pals so far! We see how my mom does at keeping up with all of this!:)

Here's how it works, you have to list 7 things about yourself, then Tag 7 friends whom you list in your diary. PM those friends to let them know they were tagged and to read your diary if they want to play.

1. I'm a rough, tough, cream puff!
2. I like to bark.........A LOT, and especially at the dog park!
3. I like to suck on vacuum cleaner hoses!
4. I think that kitty poop is a delicacy.
5. I like to walk up to my mom during the night, burp in her face, and then go back to sleep.
6. I don't always know where my legs are going!
7. I have a new house mate, Trinity!!

I tagged: Cruz, Giner, Sherman, Lady Sakura, Shasta, Porter, and Koko.



Bark in the Park!

May 20th 2007 4:20 pm
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I thought I was going to get to go somewhere really cool today, but it wasn't quite as fun as I thought it would be. But I'll get to that.

Today my mom took me to PGE park for Bark in the Park to watch the Portland Beavers. It sounded really cool and I'm always up for checking out new places. Plus it usually means treats and tons of attention for me!:) And of course, my mom had to do my toe nails all special for the occasion. Ug! She really needs some little tiny dog to dote on or something. I'm a big strong boy and I don't need to get my nails painted! But I do get a lot of attention for it.:)

We met up with a couple of my great dane buddies and got to sit right down by the field! My mom even let me have some of her hot dog!! After a little while of not really doing anything, the rain really started to bother me. My mom put down a towel for me to lay on, but it got really soaked real quick. And I was starting to feel cold. So we all moved up into our actual seats. I just couldn't stand still though! I was pretty uncomfortable being wet and cold and not really having anything to lie down on. Finally, after a little while, we left.

We definitely would have had a better time if the weather hadn't been so crappy! I'm looking forward to the next one though! dogs.........



Doggie Dash 2007!!!

May 12th 2007 12:48 pm
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This morning I got really excited when my mom got up early and it was starting to look like we were going some where!! Sure enough, we drove into Portland down by the river front. There were sooooooooooooo many dogs and they're people walking around! I started pacing around in the car and couldn't wait to get out and say hello and check things out!

We joined something called the Doggie Dash. It was a blast! We walked around the river front with so many other dogs! There were a lot of other great danes there and we walked with a bunch from our dane group!

My mom had to embarass me by painting my toe nails metallic blue. At first I couldn't believe that she was doing this to me AGAIN! But you know what? I got so much attention for it! And really, there's nothing wrong with lots of loves and pets! I guess I'll let her get away with it again.

We had a lot of fun and we're looking forward to doing the Run for the Love of Dove in June!



Dove Lewis Blood Bank!

April 29th 2007 6:15 pm
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Today I went with a few of my dane friends to Dove Lewis to get my blood typed! I hope that it's the blood type that they're looking for because then I can be a blood donor dog!! My mom seems pretty excited about that possibility. All I care about is that I get lots of cookies! I didn't even notice when they got my blood sample. I was too busy munching down on the cookies that my mom was holding for me.

I also had a lot of fun playing with Martini while we were there! We were wrestling all over the place any chance that we got!! We also barked out the window a few times at some passing dogs. I'll show them whose king of the mountain!

Afterwards, my mom took me to Hazeldale where we bumped into a bunch more of my dane friends! It was a really great day!!



I totally dig agility!!!

April 26th 2007 1:53 pm
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My mom signed me up for this foundation agility class through the Columbia Agility Team (we're officially members). At first I didn't think I was going to like it because there were these THINGS called llamas outside the agility barn! They're absolutely horrible and I'm convinced that they're demons of some sort. If I see them, I must bark and growl and show them how fierce I am!! I just do NOT like those things!

Anyhow, then some other dogs showed up and we went inside. I got to sniff all sorts of objects and get all sorts of treats! My made a really big deal because I went through the tunnel. Then we went through the weave poles a couple of times. It was really fun! At first I was bummed because all of us dogs had to stay on the leash and that meant no playing, but it turned out alright.

This morning was my second class! It was even better than the first one (and the llamas stayed far away from the barn because they know I'm tough and would beat them up if I didn't have to protect my mom!)! I went through the tunnel again and then we tried out the collapsed chute. I kind of like that one better because it's shorter and it's hard and more secure. We did a bunch of other things as well and my mom was very proud and gave me lots of treats! This agility stuff isn't half bad!!



I went to OSU!!!

April 7th 2007 8:34 pm
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I got to have a ton of fun again this weekend!!! Yesterday my mom, dad, and I went down to Corvallis and stayed the night. My mom had a triathlon the next day and we all wanted to run around and enjoy the really nice weather. And you know what? I didn't get ONE SINGLE "got a saddle" joke the whole time we were there!! My mom was so happy! She gets REALLY tired of all the same old one liners that people have just because I'm a little on the large side.

We got to walk all over the campus yesterday and I had a lot of fun. I got to run around in front of the MU. My dad tried to get me a matching OSU collar and leash, but there weren't any collars large enough for me. Oh well!

After we were all tired and hot from walking around we went back to the hotel. I got my VERY OWN BED!!! It was so great!! At home I'm not allowed on the bed because my mom and dad say that there isn't enough room for all three of us. I beg to differ! But it was a lot of fun having a whole bed to myself! Dad and I even did some running around in the room jumping from one bed to the other. That was a lot of fun!

Then today we got up early and my mom got all ready for her race. It started raining a whole lot, so I got to sit it out in the car. I don't mind rain too much, but it was getting ridiculous. My mom was a little worried about having to bike and run in the rain.

When the rain finally stopped, dad came to get me out of the car and we met up with mom as she was finishing her run. Boy was she dirty!!! I got to run with her across the finish line and everyone was hooting and hollering for us! We even got our picture taken by the event photographer!! I can't wait to see that!

Well, I've gotta go rest now. I've had a very eventful two days!:)



Beach Day!!

March 31st 2007 4:59 pm
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Today was an awesome day!! I got to go to the beach with a bunch of my great dane buddies and one honorary dane (Budha the english bulldog). We had a BLAST!! I could hardly contain myself when we parked on Gearhart beach. Dad opened up the back of the 4-Runner and I just took off like a bullet! It feels so good to run on the sand! We played for a good two hours and then mom and dad were hungry and we had to leave.

I'm pretty pooped right now from all the running and wrestling, but I can't wait to go again!!



Very sad....

March 12th 2007 7:22 pm
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My mom, myself, and a lot of my dane friends and their humans are very sad. We got the terrible news that my bestest buddy Mojo passed away Sat. night. He was real sick and the doctors thought it was "only" kennel cough. Poor Mojo just couldn't fight it and now he's waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

My mom had to explain to me that Mojo wouldn't be able to play with me any more and it didn't sink in until we were at the great dane romp on Sun. There was no Mojo and it just felt like someone important was missing. You see, Mojo was the dog that got our whole great dane group started. He's the first great dane that I met. I knew we'd be the best of friends from the first time we met!!

We met up a lot at Hazeldale and we used to just run and run and run all over the place! He was great at chasing and being chased! He was great at wrestling! Sometimes when we were both getting a little tired and needing a breather, we'd sort of flop down on the ground together and it looked like we were hugging (there's a pictures of us doing this on my page). He was my best friend and I will forever miss him. My mom and I are sending are thoughts and condolences to his family who is so sad that he has left them. I know that when it's my time, I'll meet up with Mojo at the Rainbow Bridge where we can run and wrestle forever!!

Mojo we miss you!!!!



Polar Bear Clubbing!

January 19th 2007 10:09 pm
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I think I just about qualified for the polar bear club today! I went swimming in a pond that still had a thin layer of ice on it!! Not intentionally, I just sort of wasn't paying attention. Here's how it happened.

We met Dakota and Tucker at Rood Bridge Park today. They are a couple of awesome dogs and I LOVED running around with them. I think Dakota and I really clicked. I like Tucker, but Dakota is one fine chica!;) We got down by the pond and were running around every where!! It was great!

So I was chasing after Dakota and we were running around by the edge of the pond. She stopped and I looked at her as I ran past and didn't notice that I was running out onto the ice on the pond. Then I fell through! And the water was deep enough that I had to swim! And it was COLD!! So I swam into shore, shook myself off, and started chasing after Dakota again!!

I think my mom was a little bit worried, but I was running around so much that I didn't really notice much. We ran through soooooooooooooo much mud! I was solid mud up to my chest!:) My mom tried to towel me off before I got into the 4-Runner, like that was going to do any good! Then we got home and she made me get into the bathtub!! Ack! I like to drink out of it, but I don't like to get bathed. So I left my mark on the entire room!! I don't think that my mom was terribly happy about having to clean up after me.:) Something about the tub being full of mud?

That was my exciting day! I like water and all, but I think I'll wait until summer for my next little dip!



Snow rocks!!

January 6th 2007 8:27 pm
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Wow!!! Today was freaking fantastic! I wasn't really sure how the day was going to turn out (extended car rides make me a little leary now), but it was sooooooo worth it. I found out that I absolutely LOVE snow!! It's so much fun and even better when there's a lot of it lying around!

My mom took me snowshoeing with her and her dad and it was a ton of fun. As soon as I got out of the car I was super excited. Unfortunately my mom made me wear my new pack.:( At first I didn't really like it, but then I was too distracted to care!

I ran the WHOLE time! Well, when I wasn't jumping and rolling around in the snow. I really like the deep stuff because I can throw myself around and it doesn't hurt a bit! It was great!! I really hope that we do this again soon!

Until next time,

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