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The diary of Bonzer the wonder dog

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Vacationing on Whidbey Island

December 23rd 2013 5:52 pm
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After a somewhat grueling "white knuckled" drive as dad says, (from the icy road conditions) we arrived at Whidbey Island, Washington, where we'll be spending most of the winter. We got stuck in Tok Alaska for 2 days while we waited for a tire to replace one that got punctured. The long wait was because only the dealer in Anchorage had one of the special tires that were only made for the new Subaru Forester.

A few days after we arrived, we were adopted by a male mallard duck. It sleeps on our doorstep and follows us around the yard. He even joins us for walks on the beach. He's not afraid of me at all and I leave him alone.

We are right on the beach and I get to go into the water every day :)


My own moose

June 6th 2013 3:03 pm
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The other day a friend called and said there was a dead cow moose just down the road from us. Dad went to look and found it had a newborn baby. At
first mom and dad thought it must have been hit by a car and people from Fish and
Wildlife thought so too. Since dad was there and had told them about the baby moose and no one knew when the mother had died, they said he could have
it, rather than them having to call the next on the list for road killed moose and wait
for them to come. After dad and mom started cutting it a trooper showed up and
got kind of huffy about it, saying that it's not F&G's call to make and the
troopers do that. He was going to have them wait while he made phone
calls but dad said we should keep butchering since it was a warm day
and the moose was already bloating in the sun. After about 45 minutes of talking on the phone, he
finally said he would let us have it. Long story short, the baby went to a zoo and
the moose was shot with an arrow, which mom found the head of while
cutting the meat off the bone of a front quarter a few days later. Hopefully the person that shot a mother moose with a newborn calf will be caught but it's doubtful they will find out who did it.
Because it laid there for so long, the meat wasn't fit for humans, so mom packaged it and froze it all for me! Not many dogs can boast they got their own moose!



July 7th 2012 10:25 pm
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Oh, I live the good life for sure. 10 years ago, mom adopted me from a family that had an unwanted litter of pups. When her and dad arrived at the grocery store to meet the people giving us away, and started looking me and my siblings over, they picked up and held a few of us to see how we felt about people. Some of my siblings were very timid and shy but when mom picked me up, I looked her in the eye and licked her face. Did I know how to get into her heart or what? :))

She showed me to dad and they both agreed that I was the most outgoing, friendly and less shy of the pups. I had a cut on my poor little paw though and had to go see the vet for the first time the very next day.

Since then I have been very loved and well cared for. With no worries or fears, I have known nothing but love in all my 10 years of life. I worry not about where my next meal will come from, or not having a home, like so many poor doggies out there. Mom and dad are so happy to have found me and having me as a member of the family.

I have slowed down a little lately and have had surgery to remove a large fatty lump that comes with age but I still have plenty of get up and go.



May 10th 2012 2:49 pm
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Well, technically they're not rabbits but snowshoe hares. It's easier to call them rabbits though. Anyway, I've been eating rabbit pretty much every day for over a year now. Mom hunts them but occasionally my friend Sandy will catch one herself and her parents give it to me. They carry the tapeworm larvae though, so mom freezes them for a few months first. I especially like when mom makes a delicious stew out of them for me, with carrots or sweet potatoes. I get home cooked fish or rabbit for breakfast mixed with Blue Buffalo kibble and raw rabbit, with bone and kibble for my dinner.


Weasels are fun!

December 7th 2011 1:03 pm
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I had so much fun yesterday playing with a weasel that was under an old tire- see first video on my page

Mom made me come in after awhile though because she was worried I might actually catch the critter and kill it. When she let me back out 30 min later, it was gone.

What a kill joy moms can be sometimes!


I got my stitches out!

October 15th 2011 9:14 am
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They came out yesterday easy as pie! :D
Mom was worried that my incision might not have been healing well but the vet said it looked real good. I have 3 more lumps that are fairly large (1 in my chest, 1 in my flank and 1 in my abdomen)but hopefully they won't cause problems and have to be removed.

Thank you for the comments everyone! |:|


Surgery today

September 29th 2011 4:50 pm
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I had surgery today to remove a sebaceous cyst on my upper rear leg/hip. It had been starting to ooze and was bothering me. Mom was shocked at how big my incision was to remove it. The doc showed mom what they removed and it seemed huge although it was maybe only about 2-1/2" around and about 1-1/4 deep. I'm very sore and uncomfortable right now and soon mom will give me a pain pill when I can eat later.

I also had other lumps aspirated and the vet said they were the same kind.


Fall is coming already

August 10th 2011 5:49 pm
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Leaves are starting to turn and the weather is getting cooler and the mountains have new snow. I don't mind it but mom says she isn't ready for winter yet.


It's been awhile...

July 14th 2011 5:03 pm
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so I thought it was time to add something to my diary. Mom had a scare recently with a lump I had in my abdomen. It turned out to be one of those fatty lumps that seem to come with age and many of us Dogsters have. She was so relieved and very appreciative of the prayers and concern shown by friends while she was waiting for the vet to see me.

Our weather has been pretty rainy lately but today is nice and sunny and I caught a baby rabbit when me and dad were walking and I ate it.

We just had a young bull moose in our pond. It was covered with flies and must have been trying to find some relief from them.


Easing into raw

August 16th 2010 2:07 pm
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Mom has been thinking about it for some time and after getting a few books on the subject decided to ease me into a raw diet. I still have about 80 lbs of Blue Buffalo and other dog food to go through yet but we went to town today and got 25 lbs of chicken backs and necks. She laid a large chicken back on the floor in the kitchen and watched me. I hardly hesitated at all and went right to work! :))

She was a little worried I wouldn't chew it thoroughly but she thinks I did alright. She's not sure about all the fat on them so ended up taking the largest bits of fat off.

While she was packing it away to freeze I was asking for more! :))

*Slurp, drool*

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