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Greta Garbo's Grand Growls

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New News

May 7th 2009 6:50 am
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Hello! Our Dogster friend Moose moved to New Mexico with his mom. Moose's dad had to stay in Pencil Vania with Baxter and Sheldon, who are rabbits, to finish up some school stuff. Then Moose's dad and Baxter and Sheldon drove all the way to New Mexico in an ancient Jeep. Then the muffler fell off of the Jeep once they were there. Moose did not like "going" in the sand in his yard. His emails tell us many interesting things and we like him a lot. He has many handsome spots.

Audrey and I are very happy that spring sprang around here. This means that we can roll on lawns instead of making snow angels and mom does not take 200 years getting ready putting on layers and layers of clothing before we go o-u-t. Yes, Afghan Hounds can spell. When she says, "Would you guys like to go O-U-T?" we hop up and stand at attention for our leashes. The only bad thing is tics. How we hate them! We cannot even tell that they are there until mom has a heart attack, shrieks, gets that little jar and the do-dad from Petco and pries a varmint off of us. We sniff it, then R.I.P. in that little jar. Yuck!


Weather Report

March 16th 2009 5:41 am
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I am very pleased to announce that when we went for a stroll this morning at 6:15 the temperature was above freezing. The bad news is that I had to roll in a heap of filthy snow in front of the Town Hall, and mom was not pleased about this. Also, much of our snow has melted, so Audrey and I can sniff stuff in the grass, which we have not been able to do for a very long time. I enjoy rolling in the grass, but only choose very nice lawns, a difficult challenge at this time of year. Then I must stand up and give a giant SHAKE! I did this on our neighbor’s lawn this morning and the roll and the lawn were both lovely. Now I must take a nap. Good night.


Double Oops and a very loud growl

March 2nd 2009 12:52 pm
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I do not understand this at all.!/Welcome.html

Our very nice site when we put it on here has that funny space between the t and the m at the end when we paste it. You must paste it and then delete that nasty space, or you will not see our glorious website.



March 1st 2009 2:22 pm
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It is very hard to type when you have large, hairy paws. This is our new site:!/ ml

Somehow a space snuck in between the h and the t at the end. We think that the internet is too picky about such matters.


Much Snow Is Falling on Us, Dog Yarn and Our New Site!

March 1st 2009 9:57 am
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It is a fat gray sky outside and those tiny snowflakes fell all over our fur when we dragged mom around town this morning. We are supposed to "spring forward" with our clocks next week. Spring? That is silly. It is definitely winter out there.

We think this whole daylight saving thing is stupid, because it makes everyone all mixed up for about a week. What time IS it? Should I be or not be hungry? Mom is always worried about being an hour early or an hour late for church on Sundays when the time changes. There is much grumbling and bumbling around in the dark. Mom says it is on account of farmers. "What?!" we say. "That is stupid. There are no farmers around here. Food comes from supermarkets, and they get it from South America or some other weird place." We have nice big vegetable gardens in the summertime, but that is not a reason to get all mixed up about what time it is.

Guess what? Our friend Kali, who is a wonderful black Afghan who is living in heaven right now, got her fur spun into yarn, and Kali's mom asked our mom to knit a little necklace/scarf with fancy beads. A nice lady, whose name is Nancy made this yarn. Here is her site.

Nancy has an Afghan Hound named Chili. So anyhow mom got all worried. "What if I screw it up?" she wailed. So she emailed the nice mom of Chili and ordered some practice yarn made from Afghans. We will be watching for the mailman truck, as we are very curious about this Afghan Hound yarn.

Guess what else? We made a site about our glorious selves. We blab and bark about ourselves. We posted some funny and interesting dog images and our favorites of ourselves. There are many of those. We like to howl at animal and dog jokes, so we made a page full of them, too. We are sorry if our choices are too corny for you, but like them very much. Please sniff around and tell us what you think:!/Welcome.h tml


Terrorist Squirrel Update

February 5th 2009 7:19 pm
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I do not understand that invasion of squirrels. We do not have dishes of mixed nuts lying around here or anything, apart from my human brothers and their crazy friends! Luke is OK and no other terrorists have invaded our home. Grrrrrr! How I hate them. I bark at them and chase them and they run up trees and look down at us and laugh. How I want to bite-bite-bite them.


How I Hate Squirrelies

January 26th 2009 7:34 am
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I was invited to join the Alpha Dog Anti-Squirrel Brigade group on Dogster. This invitation could not be more timely as an evil squirrel varmint got inside of my house. He was running around in my living room behind a couch. My human brother Luke tried to catch him. Luke grabbed the evil squirrel's tail and got a squirrel bite! Yikes! Then the animal control guy came over and he--a professional--tried really hard, but couldn't catch that varmint. Finally, we got the squirrel in a trap. Now, guess what? The squirrel went to the vet who is going to CHOP OFF the evil squirrel's HEAD, exactly what he deserves, and find out if he is rabid. We do not know yet and have our paws crossed.

Terrorist squirrel update!

Yesterday mom came home from the mall and we were up in the bedroom with the door shut. No one else was at home. She was sorting the mail, heard and then saw a squirrel in our kitchen. She screamed. I barked at the evil terrorist from upstairs. The squirrel ran towards her. She screamed again. I barked again. The squirrel squeezed under the refrigeration thingy. Mom went upstairs and shut doors. Audrey and I were very sympathetic. Grrrrrrr! Mom saw Luke come home from teaching karate. He is a very brave black belt. He got a big broom and swept that terrorist into a cat carrier and took him away from our house to let him go. He is our hero. How we hate, hate, hate those evil squirrels!

Proof that squirrels are very evil: 118 94/Nurses-told-to-walk-in-pairs-to-protect-them-from-squirre ls.html
Our house is 173 years old with a fieldstone foundation. Mom thinks the varmints snuck in through some little hole in our house. Horrible, I say!


Collapse in a Heap

December 26th 2008 7:30 am
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Well, we are thinking about going for a walk. It’s very chilly out there, and (horrors!) our sidewalks still are not plowed. We are mad about this. Excuse us, Department of Public Works, but just because the children are not going to school does not mean that dogs do not go for walks and answer the call of nature.

The day after Christmas is sort of a collapse in a heap day. Audrey and I have eaten many, many nice cookies. Mom even baked human cookies shaped like dog bones and Afghan Hounds! We went for a walk at four o'clock in the morning on account of mom sitting around and talking with people for a ridiculous amount of time. Our home is a giant mess, which we like very much and think is very interesting. There is stuff all over the place. We have leftovers from a 24 pound turkey. We think that selecting a giant bird was a very good plan, although it was difficult to put inside and outside of the oven.

Mom says that we must recuperate from festivities. I say that we must go outside and bite and roll around in the snow. In the meantime, I will have a nice rest on the couch.


Now It Is November

November 16th 2008 3:34 am
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Most people around here have not picked up their leaves. Audrey and I like shuffling through them like wading through water. I like to roll around in them and make leaf angels. Then I must stand up and shake, but many leaves are still attached to me, especially in my pants. When our walk is over and we go inside the house, the leaves fall off of us. We are doing a fine job of making the inside look like the outside. Soon there will be snow. We love snow! It makes us all fired up and crazy.

We had a very sad time this fall. Our favorite Dogster friend Kali D. Great (#651664), an Afghan like us, got a weird condition, but did not survive the surgery even though we said many prayers. We know she is galloping around a big meadow in heaven, but we are sad, cried and cried and miss her. Kali's family adopted Moose (#919690), who is a hunting dog with many nice spots. We are glad he has a loving home now.

Soon it will be Thanksgiving and we will watch the high school football game and eat the giant bird. There will be many vegetables and pies. There will be lots of opportunities to cruise the kitchen counters, the dining room sideboard, and the trash and also do a pre-rinse cycle on those fancy plates.

Here is a Thanksgiving-ish dog treat recipe that is very tasty and easy to make. Heat up your oven to 350 degrees. With a big spoon mix up 4 cups of old fashioned oats with 2 teaspoons of cinnamon. Mix in a 15 ounce can of plain pumpkin (take it out of the can!), 1/2 teaspoon of real vanilla and half a cup of unsweetened applesauce. Drop by spoonfuls onto an ungreased cookie sheet. Smoosh down. Cook about 15 minutes. Do not eat them until they have cooled off on a rack. Save some for later in an air tight container. You can also hide some in your freezer for emergencies. Bone appetite!



August 6th 2008 11:13 am
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It is dark, dreary and soggy outside. Audrey and I prefer three feet of snow to rain on our fur. We look sad, bedraggled and definitely not our glamorous selves when sopping wet. We must wear stupid looking raincoats, which don’t actually help much. Mom looks pathetic, too. We are going out now. Bye.

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