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The Thoughts Of A Little Nina

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Thank You, Dear Pals!!

February 25th 2012 3:53 pm
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Well, as you know, I was DOG OF THE DAY Friday the 24th.
I want to thank all who sent me gifties, pawmails, and messages.

Much thanks to:

*The family of TJ, SOX, Mr. Spud - Precious Angel,
Sweetie Our precious Angel and more: A red ribbon

*Zoe: A forever crown

*Angel Miss Essie: A steak

*Princess Trudy Ann: A snowflake

*Romeo Beau: A pink ribbon

*Hearth: A pink ribbon

*MrJackFreckles: A forever emerald

*Onyx: A pink ribbon

*Buddy, ♥ Maggie ♥ & Peanut: A forever heart

*The family of Wyoming 6/21/99-3/6/11, Angel
Cheyenne 11/15/95-08/06/, Radar, Wolf and
more: Champagne

*Ebony Ursula: Champagne

*The family of Missy, Monty, Tippy, Abby Normal
and more: A pink ribbon

*The family of Charlie, Abbie, Teddy, Maggie
and more: A rose

*Scooter, Misty, Mr. Cutter, & Pepper: A trophy

*The family of Coco Rose,
Logan Benwizzen - 1996 - 2006, Simba Blue,
Bay-Ling: A forever crown

*Austin & Doo: A pink ribbon

*Flicka, Lucas, angel Cleo & Pam: a forever emerald

*DarlaMae: A forever heart

*Halo Kitty: A red ribbon

My mom and I love and appreciate you all!
(If I missed anyone, I'm sorry. Just tell me and I'll add your names.)


I Can't Believe I'm Diary Of The Day!

December 26th 2011 4:48 am
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Did you see I'm DIARY OF THE DAY?!
My first time for anything!
It's pretty exciting to see yourself
on the community homepage.
Mom always squeees when she gets that
letter from HQ informing her that one
of us is an honoree.

Me out of 600K pups!
How cool is that?!


OMD! More Updates!

December 21st 2011 10:31 pm
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I don't know if everyone saw and read the
Updates From Dogster section on the
community homepage titled, 'Site Updates
Tentatively Scheduled for January'.
I don't know about you, but any updates freak
us out a little. We sure hope the updates go
smoothly this time.
We hope...



May 23rd 2011 3:41 pm
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This is some scarey stuff!

My mom would be crying if she were in this...
and praying real hard!!

(Click on link)

Can you imagine how scared these poor people were?!

We can't even imagine how terrible it is for those
people who live where tornadoes are a common thing!


No! Say It Isn't True!

July 20th 2010 7:23 pm
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Mom saw that picture of Ebby getting a bath
and she started thinkin' the unthinkable.
She started thinkin'... of ... giving us ...
a bath!!!
Baths for ALL of us!!

I was the second one to get my precious body
wet and the second one to get bathed in the
kitchen sink.
Yep. The kitchen sink!
With warm water and all.
'Cause I'm little I don't have to get a bath
I rate, pups!
Annyyywayyyy-I didn't like it at first but I
had to put up with it. But when I got out and
mom dried me off I felt - WONDERFUL!!!
I ran all over feeling so refreshed and happy!
And nekkid.
Collars go back on when we're dry.
So, there's a bunch of nekkid dogs in the house!
Oh no! Everyone's gonna think mom's running a
nudist colony for pups!!

Hurry mom! Put my collar back on!!!



July 20th 2010 2:47 pm
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Aww shoot! I've been caught and tagged!
And here I thought I was hiding real good!
That sneaky LBD, Ebby!

1. Do you ever wake your parent up in the night?
Nope. As long as mom is in bed, I'm in bed.
When she gets up, I get up.

2. Do you ever tear up things?

3. What is your favorite treat?
Sheesh...almost anything!

4. Can you fetch something when asked to do so?
I sure can! And I'm good at it, too!

5. Have you ever lived any place other than where you live now?
Yep. Two other places that mom knows of.

I shall tag my very cute pal,


No Workie

June 29th 2010 5:52 pm
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What now?!

Our videos aren't working.
Is anyone else having this problem?

Is it our computer?
Can anyone help mom.
She's computer illiterate.
To the max!

She's using Mozilla Firefox
Does anyone know if she's
supposed to update anything



My Pretty Prezzie

May 21st 2010 7:45 pm
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I'm tired of saying finally but I have to use that word again.
Mom finally posted the pictures of me in the pretty dress
Ebony sent me for my birthday.
It's pretty and pink and it sparkles and the butterflies on
the straps are sooooo pretty. It fit me just right.

Apparently, from the card, I was supposed to get some
tasteeee treats but Ebby took care of that and took real
good care of the treats!
We know that Ebby loves meat beasts so she tasted the
lamb beast treats and kept on tasting them.

From the bottom of my little ol' heart, I want to thank
Ebby, Rinky, and mom, Lulu, for the gift. Mom thanks
you all, too.

We love you all to pieces!



May 16th 2010 8:29 pm
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Yes, finally!
I bit my mom in the buttinski so she could download
my birthday video. That got her going.

So pups - here it is. Another birthday video. Hope it's
not too borrrring.
She thinks it might be 'cause it's the same ol' same ol'.

Aaaaaand she forgot the bacon!!
I can't believe it.
No bacon!
She promised me that she'd give me some bacon
another time.

You know what she made daddy do after the
celebration? You know that dad is the burger getter.
Well, she felt bad that she forgot to give the baybee
a little piece of burger. She made him go get a
burger just so baybee could get some too. Does she
love us or what!? Dad does too, or he wouldn't have
gone. He stuck Cooper and Mick in the truck and
away they went to the Golden Arches, or as they say
in the beautiful Land Down Under - Maccas. So, the
baybee got his taste of burger. And he was happy.
And all was well with our world.
Nuff said.

And, yes, like usual, this was not actually on the 12th.
Like I said before -
Mama! The day after my birthday IS NOT my birthday!
And neither is the day after that!

Oh oh oh!!!
If you'll notice, I'm wearing the Easter dress that mom
made for me a few years ago. She keeps forgetting
to put it on me everytime Easter comes around! The
first time, I was very sick and ended up at the ERvet
for Easter. Last year she forgot and this year she forgot
AGAIN!! So this is the debut of my Easter dress - on my
birthday. Sheesh. How embarrassing!! I had no choice.
She grabbed me and forced it on me.

So there you are.
And as Winston says -

Over and out.


My Birthday

May 9th 2010 12:27 am
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Before mom forgets again - I just want to remind her that
my birthday is coming up.
May 12th.
Did ya HEAR that mom!
You better have heard that!
And, like usual, I'll be getting my burger about 2-4 days
after my birthday.

Mama, the day after my birthday is not my birthday!
And neither are the days after that!!

My mama needs POP for her brain.
Please help her, Lord.

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