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Adventures of a lead dog

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Dry Weather

June 12th 2008 10:59 am
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I have an ultra important announcement for all dogs. Some areas of the country have been having less rainfall. The governor of CA has even made it official. When the governor of CA make an announcement, it is more important than if it were made in any of the other states because he isn't just the governor, he is the gubernator. Californians, I won't even ask why you picked an actor to be governor and chose a human instead of one of those nice huskies from Eight Below. I guess it is not hard to vote for a man who has been the Terminator, Kindergarten Cop, Danny Devito's twin (Mommy thinks Danny Devito would make a better gov.--people in New York, are you listening), and also the first guy to have a baby. I've seen some of the other governors and, I kind of understand why you people chose him. But I digress, I just brought up CA to make the point that a lot of states are suffering from less rainfall than usual. Even the Great Lakes have been shrinking, and there has been some concern that if it continues, the big ships might not be able to get through. Mommy loves watching them. She has been up to Sault Ste. Marie to watch them come through the lockes. Anyway, I have discovered the reason for the dry spell---BIRDS. Yes, you heard me BIRDS. It isn't enough to steal snow, now they are stealing rain, and freezing it into ice and selling it to the penquins. It was horrible enough when it was snow, but now rain. Those evil birds must be stopped before the world has no water. Sure, the idea of no baths is good, but I like to have water to drink and snow to play in. Those rotten birds have gone too far this time. By the way, all you dogs might volunteer not to have a bath to help in this time of crisis. I know I can count on most of you to be willing to do without a bath. We are so good to the humans.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Likes Rain)


Mountain Climbing

June 11th 2008 4:42 pm
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The climb up Mt. Everest is difficult. Demon Flash Bandit knew it would be hard. He isn't a dog to run from a difficult situation. He knows he can make the climb. He is stuggling with breathing due to the high altitude. Was it worth the effort? What if he doesn't make it back to the people he loves? He has to push thoughts like that out of his mind. There is no going back after coming this far. He makes it to the top. He is a hero. He is like Super Dog. Who would have thought that a dog could make it so high up a mountain. Angel, be quiet, this isn't just a mound of dirt left by the people paving the road. This is Mt. Everest. How did you get up here with a Milkbone for me so fast? This is a grueling climb. There is no way you could make it to the top in one jump. Okay, maybe it isn't Mt. Everest, but if Angel would keep her big mouth shut, my readers would have no idea. Do you have to ruin all my adventures? Give me the Milkbone, and let me have my adventures.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Adventurer)


Hot Dog!

June 10th 2008 10:22 am
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I missed writing yesterday. Something is wrong with the central air, and I have found the coolest spot the house, and I won't budge. Angel, who isn't afraid of stairs like I am is hanging out in the basement. Mommy says she is smart because, when she comes occasionally to kiss Mommy, her fur is nice and cool. Mommy says maybe all of us should be in the basement. I am braving the heat today to write my entry. It has been hot and I'm not happy. I want to kill every bird I see. Those little feathered jerks have stolen my snow and made it warm once again. They must be stopped!!! They seem to do it every year. I am hoping we will win the war against the birds soon so we can stop having this horribly hot weather. Even the humans are complaining. Of course, they complain when it is cold too. I guess there is no pleasing the humans.

Demon Flash Bandit (Hot Dog---Literally)


Humans Should Learn That Dirt is Fun

June 8th 2008 7:55 am
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I think this would be the perfect time for Mommy to take me to the neighborhood lake. I know she won't, but a dog can hope. She went swimming in the lake a couple of times, and she says it isn't like a nice clean water pool. Isn't that the fun part of the lake? The humans never seem to have much fun, and I think it is because they haven't learned that most of the fun in life is getting dirty which seems to scare them. Mommy said she can tell it is hot because generally no one is at that particular beach since it is only for the neighborhood, and there were about 10 people there when she passed yesterday. I would hold out some hope of having the Fster take us, but he says he refuses to take me on walks until I learn to let him take charge. What an idiot!! I'm the lead dog. There isn't supposed to be a lead human. I would try to explain it to the kid, but I don't think he will ever understand. After all, the humans aren't as smart as us dogs. I hope some of you dogs out there get to spend some time at a lake. I'm sure there are humans who aren't as silly as mine.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Wants to Visit the Beach)


Why No Declaration of War On Birds?

June 7th 2008 9:04 am
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I cannot understand what is going on with the humans. After my entry yesterday suggested that all out war be declared on the birds, the news isn't even covering the story. I am beginning to wonder if the networks are owned by birds. I know they are owned by major companies yet the humans listen to the news and think there is no bias. If the "news station" is owned by Wal-Mart, do you think they are going to have a story that tells us that we should shop at Target? The advertisers also pay a lot of money to advertise. I remember the Dana Carvey show had some problems with one of their sponsors. I think it was Taco Belle. Evidently, the companies that spend millions of dollars on advertising don't like to be made fun of or have controversial issues brought up during shows they sponsor. I remember one skit where he had a Mountain Dew, and he and another guy were discussing what it looked like. I think all us dogs know what Mountain Dew looks like. I wonder how Pepsi liked that skit. I think that explains much about why that was a very short lived show. Can the humans not think for themselves? I know they aren't as smart as us dogs, but many of them are totally clueless as to what is going on in the world. Mommy actually had a conversation yesterday in which the other person said if you want to bring down America, take away the air conditioning by making the energy cost too much. Don't get me wrong--I'm a husky and I like air conditioning, but I'm sure the soldiers at Valley Forge would love to know that the country could fall if people get too hot. I know Mommy is so old that she had a pet dinosaur, but she remembers when she was a kid hardly anyone had air conditioning, and when they went to this little Baptist church once a year that her great-great grandfather helped start in a little place called Head River on Lookout Mountain in Georgia that was so small that mostly all it had was the church, the air conditioning consisted of hand powered fans. Mommy happens to have some very good memories of those once a year visits. We dogs always know what is important---the people and other pets we love, food, a good chewy, and a nice nap. I wonder if the humans will ever learn to be as happy as us dogs.

Demon Flash Bandit (Irate Dog Over No Bird War Declaration)


Birds Abducting Dogs!!!!!!

June 6th 2008 10:31 am
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I have a very important bird alert. My pal, Buddy Grau, has informed me in a paw mail that I read earlier today that birds have been known to swoop down and abduct small dogs!!!! I was absolutely out-raged by this piece of news. It is bad enough that they steal snow, cause global warming, and drop their little bombs everywhere, but now they are abducting sweet, innocent little dogs. Is there no end to the horrors created by these feathered flying fiends? I think it is time to declare all out war on them. They have messed with us dogs long enough. There will be no surrender--birds are Mother Nature's scum.

Demon Flash Bandit (Update On Bird Situation)



June 5th 2008 8:17 am
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It is time for me to cover sports. This is baseball season. This is a game which looks like lots of fun because it involves all the things we dogs enjoy---sticks, balls, and a leather glove for Angel Zoom Smokey to chew on. She thinks all leather items are dog chewies--what a silly puppy!! This game was obviously invented by a dog, but then the humans started playing it with the dogs and they made some silly changes. For example, the humans decided it should be played on a "diamond". This makes it very expensive for the stadiums so they have to spend caboodles of money when they have a stadium built so that they can buy a diamond big enough to play on. They run bases, which we dogs tend to enjoy, but there is no napping when you get to the base which is entirely too much effort for most of us dogs. They also want to get the highest score. We dogs never cared about the "score". We didn't even have one. The object of the game for us was to get the ball in our mouth. The dog who captures the most balls is the winner, but even the losers have something to chew on. We aren't nearly as worried about WINNING as the humans are. The humans get kind of silly with their winner/loser catergories. As long as your tummy is full, and you have a place to sleep and a toy to chew on, we dogs are winners.

I hope all you dogs out there will get to go to a game. They also sell food which is enough to get most dogs to go.

Demon Flash Bandit (Baseball--Human and Dog Versions)


Kung Pow--Everything a Movie Should Be

June 4th 2008 8:59 am
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I know this isn't a dog movie, but Jeff and I were watching it the other day, and it is supposed to have a sequel; but so far, no sequel!!! That movie is Kung Pow. It is the story of a man who is supposed to be special, and there is a villian named Betty who causes all sorts of problems for our hero. In fact, if you never watched that movie, you would not know that the song about preferring large butts can be dangerous. That is the song that plays when people are getting beat up so if you hear it on the radio, turn it off as quickly as possible so it doesn't happen to you. No dog wants to get beat up just for listening to a song. You also must be quite a warrior to get past the villian's cow. I hope I don't meet up with a cow like that. It was one mean cow. I guess it had its milk stolen once too often by the humans. Another important thing you learn from that movie---don't kill someone's family. That seems to make people very mad at you. Personally, I have no problems with the humans. Birds are a totally different topic. I'd love to see all of them in little bird caskets buried to rest in bird cemeteries or their ashes in little bird urns.

I told Jeff that the man who did Kung Pow is probably busy doing Thumb movies, but Jeff said no new thumb movies have been released lately. I don't see how he can be too busy to make a Kung Pow sequel or another Thumb movie. His movies are everything you want to see in a movie---romance, killing, martail arts, even space people from France. Listen up, OdenBIRD, make some new movies or you will be on my bird hit list. The Deemster wants a sequel. I also want to be sure you keep the dog in the movie. Perhaps the dog could star in the next one.

Demon Flash Bandit (Movie Commentator)


Times Are Gonna Change

June 3rd 2008 4:09 pm
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The birds are once again causing serious, life threatening global warming. It is getting warmer and warmer here, and I know the birds are responsible. They cannot be trusted. I think it is only a matter of time before the whole planet will be a desert, and I, Demon Flash Bandit, will be one very annoyed Siberian husky. What can we do to stop this serious problem? Kill all the birds you can. Don't listen to the humans. They are easily fooled, and they think the birds are okay. Do it quickly--while there is still time. If we wait too long, it could be too late.

I'm sorry I haven't written for a couple of days. Mommy and Jeff went to a move Sunday night. They saw Prince Caspian. I still think I should be allowed to accompany them on their little outings. We dogs aren't allowed now, but we will be when I become President. There will be many changes, and life will be better for dogs.

Demon Flash Bandit (Killing Birds and Fighting Dog Prejudice)


Jeff is not Demon!!!

May 31st 2008 10:32 am
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I think seeing the movie Indiana Jones was a bad influence on Jeff. For those of you who aren't familiar with the movies, Indiana's real name is Henry, but he goes by Indiana even though it was his dog's name. If some of you have already seen where this is heading, you are right. Now Jeff wants to be called Demon. I keep telling him it is my name, but he says it sounds so much more dangerous than Jeff. I'm sure that all his friends are going to look at him and say, Wow, Demon you are taking so many more DANGEROUS chances when you play Heroclix since you changed your name to Demon. We are very impressed!!! He is going to find out just how dangerous the name can be. I am going to sue that kid. Oh yeah, what is the point? I could get his entire collection of Heroclix figures and movie posters. How exciting!!! What is a dog to do?

Demon Flash Bandit (Perplexed Dog)

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