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Looking Silly Can Be Okay

July 12th 2008 6:44 pm
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I want to thank Jeff for taking the time to put a new photo of me on my page. I like this photo. Notice the red eyes in the middle of my blue eyes. Doesn't it give me the perfect look for my name, Demon? It seems appropriate although I am actually a very nice dog. I just like having a name like Demon so other dogs won't pick on me. A little fear sometimes keeps dogs in line. HA

Jeff has been busily downloading photos for e-bay, and it is quite funny because today when he was trying to take some photos, Angel climbed into his "studio" because she wanted her photo taken. When she was a puppy, she would run every time she saw a camera, and now she is becoming a "model". I think she must have realized that she is a very pretty dog. I was never afraid of the camera. I always enjoyed having my photo made.

I occasionally discuss sports, but basically I'm not a big fan of sports except of tug of war and fetch. I am the Champion (it is also my theme song). I refuse to play tug of war with Angel Zoom Smokey though because I don't want to risk my Champion title. I know I can win against the humans, but Angel, being a husky also, is as stubborn as I am. Besides, I played with her once and she cheats. I hate it when the other person cheats. She put her paws on the toy to give her extra leverage. It is okay if I do it, but when she does it, it is CHEATING!!!!

Anyway, I want to discuss Nascar today. It is an unusual sport because it is car racing which makes it seem like the car is doing the large part of the work. I don't care how good the driver is, without a car, he wouldn't even be competing. This is a lot like dog sled racing. The dogs do the work and the human tries to take the credit. I saw a Nascar action figure (no car just a guy--like he could win without a car), whose name is Tony Stewart. He had on a Home Depot shirt. It is bad enough that they have to be in a sport where the car is more important than they are, but they end up being a walking billboard also. I have no idea how the sport started, but I think it was thought up by businesses who want to advertise their product. I'm not saying that I wouldn't wear a shirt that says Yummy Chummies or Dingo Bones, but I would never lower myself to wear one that says Home Depot. I'm actually not a big fan of Home Depot. I've heard they dont' even carry dog toys or treats. It is one of those silly stores meant for humans. Wait, they pay people to wear that stuff, and they can turn around and use the money for Yummy Chummies and Dingo Bones. Home Depot Advertising Executives, where are you? Demon Flash Bandit is available for advertising purposes. I'm glad you don't sell hamburgers because Burger King already has my heart or should it be stomach? I haven't been hoarding as much money lately. Mommy puts her purse higher. Just because a dog gets a few twenties out of the wallet to put aside in case of emergency, the humans get all greedy and want to keep money out of a dog's reach. How am I supposed to buy stuff without money? I think we dogs need to form a union and be paid for our work. We do so many helpful things--vacuuming food off the floor, keeping the bed warm, testing the furniture to see how strong it is, licking our humans' tears, and of course, the most important, giving love and being a human's best friend. I think those talents are worth a paycheck.

Demon Flash Bandit (Will Look Silly for Cash)


A Nation of Whiners

July 11th 2008 5:46 am
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As my readers know, I am running for President. To my knowledge, a dog has never gotten this far before. However, I think this election is going to make history from a whole new level. Up until now, the candidates mainly attack and insult each other. I think McCain has added a whole new idea to the mix. Most candidates don't even think of insulting the voters. Don't get me wrong. I think it is a whole new level of stupidity, but I'm enjoying the historic importance of this new event. In case some of you dogs didn't hear about it. McCain's economic advise said that The U. S. is "a nation of whiners" in "a mental recession". These are the words of former Texas senator, Phil Gramm who happens to have a doctorate in economics. I think this probably explains why our country is in such an economic mess. Mommy would ask where he got his degree, but judging from the ages of him (and the Republican Presidential candidate), I"m not sure if any American universities had been founded when he attended. Yes, I know McCain fired him, but he should have never been hired in the first place. Talk about out of touch. Sure, it isn't a recession for Mr. Gramm. He is a banker--the lovely people who can now charge interest rates that would have been unthinkable for loan sharks 30 years ago despite the prime interest rates going down constantly. Perhaps if you "steal" enough money legally, you don't have to worry about a recession because you are well set. I think it would have done some good if he had ever actually had to work for his money instead of sitting around the senate getting paid large amounts of money for being a jerk.

Anyway, this dog thinks all you dogs out there are wonderful and so are your humans. I would appreciate you voting for me to be the first dog into the White House. However, I know you are doing your best; and I won't insult you because I like everyone--even the people who vote for my competitors. I do want to remind you of one important fact. The people are the govt, and you get the govt. you vote in. Too many people seem to forget that little fact.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Won't Insult Voters)


Yummy Chummies

July 10th 2008 12:13 pm
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Today I want to share information about a wonderful dog treat called Yummy Chummies which are made in Alaska from salmon. These treats have been given my Demon Flash Bandit seal of approval so you know they are good. I suggest you tell your humans that they get you some NOW. They also have also earned my 4 paws up and a tail wag for treats.

It is hot here today. I think it is bird killing time. Of course, I think everyday is a good bird killing day. I was sitting in front of the door today, and there was this annoying bird singing on the other side. He was taunting me. I wanted to get that door open and choke his little bird neck for annoying the dog. I know he is singing "I've stolen your snow and it is hot now" song. Birds are evil!!!

It is time for me to get off the computer and take a nap. I have such a stressful life. Don't forget to demand Yummy Chummies--the best in dog treats.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Loves Yummy Chummies)


Vote Demon Flash Bandit

July 9th 2008 10:50 am
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I was just daydreaming about what it would be like to be a dog once I am President. I think it would be great to walk into the supermarket and start putting the food I want to buy in the cart. Yes, there would be candy in the cart. I would also like to browse the dog aisle and pick out some toys. I know I can do that at the pet store, but a dog can never have too many toys. I would like to accompany Mommy to a restaurant and order what I'd like to eat from the menu. (I will suggest that Mommy start eating at Burger King a lot more in the future.) I would like to enjoy a movie at the theatre, particularly one with dogs in it. Those movies are always the best. I know all of you dogs on dogster have these types of daydreams. If you want them to come true, remember to vote for Demon Flash Bandit for President.

Demon Flash Bandit (Freedom for Dogs)


I Am Not a Fish!!!!

July 8th 2008 9:04 am
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I will start with this philosophical observation that you might want to share with your humans particularly if you, like me, aren't a fan of baths. If God had meant for us to get a bath, we would be fish. Since we are dogs, he obviously didn't mean for us to get baths. Fish happen to be stupid so they don't mind being in the water. If they were smart, they would insist on being on dry land. They even try to eat worms. I think that is totally and completely disgustin

Mommy had to go to the post office yesterday so I got BK for dinner which I deserved. I was trying to nap in the foyer, and she kept bringing stuff in there so it would be ready to load in the van. I let it go for awhile, and then I gave me one of my Demon Flash Bandit, I"m getting really annoyed at you looks, and she quit bringing stuff in there. How is a dog supposed to stretch out and relax if Mommy is taking us so much space with stuff?

Speaking of naps, I could use one now.

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog, Not Fish)


Teaching Jeff Tricks

July 7th 2008 8:40 am
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I'm sure most of you have seen that movie, Superman II, where Superman has to fight the Kryptonians who escaped from the Phantom Zone and made it to Earth with super powers like his own. There was one guy on there whose name was Zod. He used to tell the humans to Kneel Before Zod. The reason I bring this up is that I have been trying to teach Jeff a new trick. I know how to say love. I have been saying it to Jeff, and when I say love, I expect him to get down on the floor and give me attention. Sadly, Jeff is trying to be a husky in more ways than just letting fur grow on his face. He seems to have our complete disregard for learning to do tricks. Like me, I know he knows what I want him to do. Again, like me, he only does it if he chooses to. This is fine for me, but not for him. I am getting entirely fed up with his attitude and lack of respect for my authority. I am going to have other dogs laughing at me because my "human" hasn't learned any tricks. Sure, they know it is because he is stubborn and stupid; but they will say that if I was a good human owner, I'd be able to teach him something. Anyway, that is where we get back to the Zod character. Mommy laughs because I continue saying love, and when he doesn't follow instructions, each love becomes a bit more "hateful" to the point where Jeff and Mommy said I could make a great Zod because it is almost like I'm demanding, kneel before Demon. However, I don't see the correlation since Zod is a mean, bad guy who isn't saying love. I'm saying love. I mean love when I say it, but Jeff can be very frustrating for a dog of my obvious intelligence to have to train.

Mommy and Jeff went to see a movie yesterday so, once again, Angel and I had to babysit William. They saw Hancock which, again, had no dogs in the movie. I think they need to act on my handy ratings systerm idea so people will know in advance whether a movie has a dog or not, and how large his role happens to be. Mommy said it was a good movie, but I don't see how with no dogs in it.

It was a reasonably good day yesterday. I had BK for dinner. I decided I'd take ALL the burgers so Angel had to eat grilled chicken which she happens to love. Mommy brought home dingo bones, and my personal favorite flavor of milkbone--cheese and bacon chip flavor. I hope all the dogs and their humans had a nice holiday weekend.

Demon Flash Bandit (LOVE---Kneel Before the Dog!!!)


Potential Burger King Spokesdog

July 5th 2008 8:23 am
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Hold the Pickles, Hold the Lettuce, Special Orders do Upset us,
But we Are Happy to Make them For Demon Flash Bandit.
I'll have it my way at Burger King.

Don't you love that jingle? The rest of the humans could learn a valuable lesson from the nice people at Burger King. Humans have so much to learn from us dogs, and they learn so little because their tiny human brains can only pick up so much knowledge. I still think the people at Burger King should use me in a commercial. They should see me catch my food. I love it when Mommy breaks the burgers into bite size pieces (after all, we huskies are very dainty dogs), and then Mommy throws the bite and I catch it. Why do you usually just see the humans order the food? Very often, they don't even eat it. What does that say about the food? You don't see Purina saying, "let's have a commercial for our dog food. The dog will enter stage left and ask for the Purina, and then he will look at the dish and bark at the other dogs in the group. We dogs would see that commercial and immediately say, "wow, that must be very lousy tasting food--the dog isn't even eating it. I bet when the camera quits rolling, the dog is heading over to the next studio to get himself/herself some Burger King." We dogs aren't so easily fooled. Even Morris the Cat (for those of you old enough to remember him) wouldn't eat anything but Nine Lives. He actually ate the Nine Lives on the camera after being offered a lot of other foods. As all us dogs know, even cats are smart enough to realize that you had better see the cat actually eating the food. How do you know that when the camera stops rolling, the cat is eating salmon or lobster? Mommy actually got a Christmas card from Morris one year. He may have been pcky, but he was a nice cat. We have a cat hanging around our house, but the cat won't come and meet Angel and me. He won't even come to Mommy. Mommy says he is wild and is afraid of us. I think he just has bad manners.

I'm giving the executives at Burger King another chance. I will only advertise for Burger King because you have the burgers I perfer. I'd like to see you get that kind of loyalty from a human.

Demon Flash Bandit (Potential Burger King Spokesdog)


Happy Fourth of July

July 4th 2008 12:09 pm
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This is the first anniversary of my announcement of my candidacy as President. My campaign has had a lot of help from many of you dogs out there, and I appreciate your support. It would have helped a lot if Mommy had given me the 10 million dollars for campaigning that I requested from her. It isn't like I want the money for dingo bones and Burger King although it would be nice to spend some of it on those items. I think eradicating the bird population and securing equal rights for dogs is important. Despite the lack of funds, I know I will easily win over the competition because, and I say this even though I dearly love my humans, the competition happens to be human, and all us dogs know how pathetically stupid they are. The average human can't even pass a basic obedience test. Some of them are even stupid enough to think that we should obey them. What a bunch of idiots those humans happen to be!!!! Anyway, I am quite sure I will win. All the polls show that I'm way ahead. I am very anxious to get into office and make life better for dogs everywhere.

I plan to go to Samoa's Barbeque and Sea Serpent Sighting Pier for the festivities tonight. Friday night is always a big night at the Pier, and there will be fireworks tonight. The beavers who are always busy at work around the Pier have been in the process of building some new things so that should be interesting also. They build something new every week. Maybe the sea serpent will show up to watch the fireworks. I wonder if sea serpents like fireworks.

I hope all the dogs on dogster and their humans have a safe and fun July 4, and don't forget to vote for me as President in the up-coming election.

Demon Flash Bandit (Presidential Candidate for a Year)


Doggy Drivers' Licenses

July 3rd 2008 6:59 am
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I'm sorry about not writing an entry yesterday, but the computer was moving very slow yesterday morning, and my assistant, Mommy, got fed up and said she had better things to do with her time. The humans get very arrogant about themselves and what their time is worth, don't they? Then she took a nap. At least she thinks like a dog!!! That is what I like to do when I have some extra time.

I would like to take a moment to let any of the dogs out there who are pals with Kito (Siberian Husky) and Ranger (German Shepherd) know that their Daddy died in the medical helicopter crash in Arizona a few days ago. I'm sure they would appreciate your kind thoughts at this time. There were some others killed in the crash whose families are in our prayers also.

Tomorrow is the fourth of July which can be a difficult time for all the dogs out there who are afraid of fireworks. Stay safe, and cover your ears if you are afraid because eventually the humans will get tired of them--or run out of money to buy them-whichever comes first.

I am very excited today because Mommy discovered in her "In the Company of Dogs' catalog that I can get my own personalized driver's license. I guess they heard what a good driver I am, and they are willing to give me a license. Mommy told me dogs aren't allowed to have licenses, but these look very authentic to me. I need to have Mommy order one for me so I can start driving. It is about time someone recognized what good drivers we dogs are. I am quite sure that you can't get one if you happen to be a cat. Sorry cats, but Toonses on Sat. Night Live ruined it for you. That cat could never drive without going off a cliff.

I'm glad that Preeti Cassandra had a nice birthday. She is 4 years old now. I also hope that all the dogs out there have a wonderful Fourth of July holiday. To all the dogs in Canada, sorry you don't get to celebrate it as a holiday. It is what you get for being loyal to the British. Of course, you also don't have an idiot running your country so don't feel too bad about it not being a holiday there.

Demon Flash Bandit (Doggy Driver)


Movie Ratings That Make a Difference!!!!

July 1st 2008 9:23 am
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The last story about the polar ice caps melting upset me so much that I couldn't write for a couple of days. Okay, I can't lie like the human politicians. Mommy was busy, and I didn't feel like typing this myself. I might hurt my delicate paws. Mommy is my assistant, and she is supposed to do these things for me. I would be mad at her, but I got Burger King the past 2 days, and yesterday, I got toys and bacon and cheddar milkbone--my personal favorite. They even put a sled dog on the bag. I know they meant them for me. Mommy and Jeff went to see a movie Sunday, Wanted. I don't know who wanted it or why since it wasn't a dog movie. My opinion--no one cares. If they can't put a dog as the star, it probably isn't worth watching. It could have had a redeeming quality if the assassins were killing birds; but they didn't even get that right. The humans will watch anything, won't they? I think there should be a new rating system in addition to the one already in place. D* for movies that star dogs, D-1 for movies with dogs in important roles, D if the movie at least has a dog, and ND for movies with no dogs whatsover. That way the humans could see an ND rating and realize the movie isn't worth watching. I'm sure they go to the theatre hoping there will be a dog, and are highly disappointed when it ends with no dogs in the otherwise meaningless movie garbage.

Yesterday, Mommy had to make a trip to the post office to mail some packages and she had some other errands to run. She had to go to the store and get some grilled chicken because we dogs were out of chicken. I personally would prefer BK, but Angel Zoom Smokey thinks she should have chicken. I was here first so I don't think her opinion matters, but she is getting ridiculously picky. I think Mommy caters to Angel way too much. Mommy doesn't have to buy me chicken to get me to eat. I prefer BK. I think Mommy is spoiling Angel way too much, but you know Mommy isn't going to listen to the wisdom of Demon Flash Bandit.

I have more to write, but I will save it until tomorrow's entry. I hope all you dogs out there get BK. I know how sad it is to have to live with a puppy who prefers chicken.

Demon Flash Bandit (New Movie Ratings That Matter)

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