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Adventures of a lead dog

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I have "Moves"

January 8th 2014 7:47 am
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I'd like to thank Rain and family for the football on my page. I do love to play football! I also want to thank Finley for the snowman on my page. Just what I needed--more snow! LOL We have gotten a lot of snow in the past couple of days. It is a husky dream come true! The best part is that my humans stayed home for 3 days. I was so pleased to have them stay home all day with me although Mommy is always here most of the day. She didn't leave at all thanks to the weather so that made it even better!

There is an ad on this page that says "show us your moves" for a chance to win $500. If the humans have to compete with us dogs, they will never win because they can't move like us dogs do. We are very talented compared to the humans. I have got to go now and practice my moves. %500 will but a lot of dingo bones!

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I'm an Inside Husky!

January 6th 2014 8:16 pm
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I'd like to thank dogster for choosing my diary as a diary pick of the day. It is always such an honor to receive their recognition. I also want to thank my pals, Hershey and Van Winkle for sending me another blue ribbon.

We have finally gotten the kind of winter that a husky dreams of having. However, I have decided that the cold weather is not really that wonderful. Perhaps I have been hanging around my humans too long. This morning, when I was in the bedroom which has an extra heater, and Mommy opened the door for me to go into the hall, I went back and laid down. That air was just a bit too cold for my taste. I'm an inside husky, not an outside husky! I do hope that all the humans with dogs make sure that they are in a warm place today because it is very cold outside--even for a husky! I hope everyone is staying warm.

Demon Flash Bandit (Inside Husky)


Dogs Poop in Line With Earth's Magnetic Field

January 4th 2014 10:58 pm
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Great news for us dogs!!! Scientists have discovered (after much research) that we dogs poop in line with Earth's magnetic field. Isn't that amazing? Our poop is not only artistic, and sometimes delicious, but now it is also in line with Earth's magnetic field! Of course, this does not apply to me since I don't poop. Sometimes Phantom Flash Snowman, my stunt dog, will poop, but not me. I am above such things. Angel Zoom Smokey on the other paw, is very talented at pooping. She will do so anytime, anyplace, and anywhere. Yes, it is hard for a dog with my class to live with a dog like her. Here is the link to the story: -line-with-earths-magnetic-field-says-study/

I would like to know--what scientist thought of this experiment!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Does Not Poop)


Angel is Death from Above

January 2nd 2014 8:56 am
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I want to thank my pal, Sadie Luv You Forever, for the snowman on my page. I love snow and of course, snowmen!

Last night I was lying beside the bed chewing on my rawhide bone--one of many items I got for Christmas. Angel Zoom Smokey was on the bed, and she decided she wanted MY rawhide bone so she yelled "death from above" (yes, I'm sure she yelled that). The next thing I knew, I had Angel on top of me trying to get my rawhide bone which I did not allow. We got into a little squirmish. The humans don not appreciate our fighting, but I told them that I would be good in the future. I wasn't lying. I have ben good when I'm laying down It has been a busy morning!

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A Vacation Dream: Alaska

January 1st 2014 11:21 am
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This dog was annoyed when I read that the first dogs have to go through the same hoops as any other dog when travelling to Hawaii. Although I appreciate that Hawaii is treating all of us the same, I am still mad because the first dogs should not have to go through all the garbage that the rest of us have to go through. Personally, I would not go to Hawaii anyway. If I'm choosing a vacation spot, I would choose Alaska. I would choose snow and ice over a tropical place every time!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Wants to Visit Alaska)


Squirrels: Not Worth the Nuts they Eat!

December 30th 2013 5:46 am
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I want to conpawtulate my pal, Turner, for being chosen as a diary pick today! I also want to thank my pals for the wonderful gifts on my page. Mathias sent me lovely flowers that looked good enough to eat-so I ate one. Believe me, they didn't taste nearly as good as they looked. Thanks to Coco Rose and Puff for the Merry Christmas tree with the bird that flies over. (I keep hoping someone will shoot the bird.) I bet the bird would taste better than the flower. My pal Khyra, sent me a gingerbread man, and he was delicious! The Papillon pack (Queen Misty, Scooterpie, Cutterbug, and PeppePower sent me mistletoe so I'm them a kiss.

Today I am writing about something that I have been pondering for years. While the humans debate the use of "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays", I have noticed that the squirrels are not decorating the forest trees with holiday decorations! This is because, as any dog can tell you, they don't celebrate the holidays because they are not good creatures. We all know what Dog spelled backwards spells. What does squirrel spell backwards? Lerriuqs which is gibberish! This is why us dogs like to chase squirrels. We know they are godless pieces of fur trash.

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Never Trust a Squirrel

December 28th 2013 10:54 pm
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Today I am sharing a link that will prove that the dogs who hate squirrels are right in their hatred. A man in South Carolina returned home without beer late on Christmas Eve. (I guess the stores were not open by that time.) The woman he returned home to beat him with a ceramic squirrel for not bringing beer. Many of the dogs I have talked with about this story said it was clearly the squirrel's fault. Squirrels are always causing problems, but the humans don't realize it because they are "cute". The woman is currently in jail, but I think they should have arrested the squirrel. Humans are so stupid! Here is the link to the story: 2/27/domestic-violence-stabbing-squirrel/4228747/

Demon Flash Bandit (Never Trust a Squirrel)


December 27th 2013 7:12 pm
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I have been having problems with the Internet service around here so I have been unable to post much lately. I do want to conpawtulate my pals, Biscuit for being a diary pick today, and Anya for being chosen yesterday.

I had a wonderful Christmas. Several of dogster pals sent me gifts which I loved. My pals Coco Rose and Puff sent me a box filled with delightful items. I think they sent something to Mommy too, but Angel and I weren't interested so I can't say much about that. However, the chicken jerky was delicious, and we are enjoying the squeaking "kong" cuddlie toys. Even the special stockings were lovely. The chicken jerky was delicious. Where did you find such a delightful treat?

My pal, Raja sent Angel and me a bag of Paul Newman's treats which made us very happy. Raja also sent something to Mommy. I didn't find it interesting, but Angel said the satin scarf would be nice to have in her bed. She just has to wait until Mommy isn't looking. LOL

We got so many gifts from the pack (that includes My Little Demon) that gave us Angel Zoom Smokey that we were both excited. I'm almost finished with the giant rawhide bone they sent us. Angel said that they sent two of everything to her and none to me, but as you can imagine, I didn't fall for that one. Believe me, I got my share!

As you can see, we had a wonderful howladay, and I look forward to next Christmas. They come every month, don't they? By the way, I did post a letter to Santa Paws on my blog if anyone wants to see what I asked for this year. I think I was very nice. It is important to be nice and win those brownie points with Santa Paws. (

Thanks to all who sent me things and for all the wonderful wishes. I hope all my dogster crowd had a merry Christmas, and the best of everything in the new year!

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Little Drummer Dog!

December 21st 2013 2:10 pm
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Hello dogs!!! Today I have a cool item to share with my pals in honor of the holiday. It is dogs playing The Little Drummer Boy. Check out the doggy drummer. It is not me, but it is one handsome dog! Here is the link:

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The Tree is in the House!

December 19th 2013 2:04 pm
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The humans put a Christmas tree in the house yesterday. I'm glad to see it up because every time a tree goes up, there are always gifts under it for us dogs. I have sniffed it and given it my approval. It is not a "real" tree, but it isn't the one I'm used to. Evidently, Mommy thought it was time to replace the tree with a newer one. I'm sure some dogs have a hard time not messing with a Christmas tree, but I'm a good dog. I have never bothered the tree. This dog is not going to risk my gifts from Santa Paws to do something naughty!

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