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Adventures of a lead dog

Introducing Dog Product: Poo Trap

September 9th 2013 3:36 pm
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Despite the humans saying they don't like dog poop, why are they so fascinated with it? How do we know that they are fascinated with our poop? They come up with all sorts of products to pick up our poop-that is how we know. Don't tell me that they aren't obsessed with poop! Most of the items are designed to pick up dog poop after the dog has finished, but here is a product called the "poo trap" that catches the poop as it comes out. All the dog has to do is "wear" a bag over his "Pooping Area" (yes, that is the scientific, medical name for it).

I think that this is the stupidest idea the humans have come up with for us dogs. We dogs do not want to experience the humiliation of having to wear a bag under our tails. I say if the humans want them so bad, let them wear them. I think they are suffering from "tail envy", and that maybe having a bag hanging from their butt will do them some good. Either way, I'd rather see a human wear them than a dog. Talk about a "cone of shame", this product is worse than the cone of shame. It is the bag of shame. Here is the link in case you want to order them for your human to wear. n-the-pootrap/

If you do get your human to wear one, be sure and tell him or her that he or she is a good human! They enjoy hearing such praise from their dog!

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