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Adventures of a lead dog

Bird Spies Caught!

September 2nd 2013 1:23 pm
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In a news story out of Cairo, Egypt, this dog is proud to report that the humans in Egypt are listening to this dog's advice. I might add that it is about time. A bird was captured in Egypt that had a "scientific" type device on him. After faithfully reading my blog and diaries which warn the humans of all the many bird dangers that go with the "bird territory", they took this bird into custody. Thank dog that some humans can understand the wise dog when he barks at them, and they listen and do what the dog suggests. According to the article, it turns out that the bird was not a spy, but he was just wearing a scientific "homing" device. Yeah, sure, and I know some smart cats you can adopt who will obey the humans! Here is the link for those who would like to read it: ies-detain-suspected-spy-bird/

I hope everyone has a nice Labor Day, and watch out for those evil, spying birds!

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