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Birds: Never a Good Omen!

December 23rd 2012 9:46 am
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My page always looks good thanks to the gifts from so many of my wonderful pals. Today I want to thank Khyra for the Christmas tree on my page which has already got a lot of presents under it. I want to thank Mini Mischief, Rudy, and Izzy for Santa Paws coming down the fireplace. My wonderful pal, Raja, sent me a snowman, and a box from Amazon that Angel and I went nuts over when it arrived. It was wrapped in pretty paper, and Mommy said we have to wait until Christmas to open it....if only Mommy would put it under the tree, there would be no wait.LOL I'd like to thank Dorothy "Dot" Louise and Lucky Isabella for the jingle bells. I've been using them to let the humans know to serve me....they sure are handy so that I don't have to strain my voice barking. I want to thank Zeus for the stocking full of goodies. I know I have some of the most wonderful dog friends on the planet!

I would like to conpawtulate my pal, Biscuit, for being chosen as a diary pick today!

Today's topic is a subject that is very important to this dog and to dogs everywhere, and that topic is birds! Of course, birds should be unimportant, but we dogs have to make them important since we have to spend so much of our lives "watching" the little varmints. The latest from Hollywood (or would New Zealand be more accurate) is the new movie, The Hobbit. Spoiler: at the end of the movie, the group sees a bird and thinks the bird as a good omen. Just how dumb are the dwarves of Middle Earth to see a bird as a good omen? When I see a bird, the first thing I do is duck because, if the bird is flying overhead, I could very well be pelted with a bird bomb. Sure, fly over millions of bathrooms and then dump a bomb on a dog (or human's head). This brings me to mention an incident that happened decades ago at the Detroit Zoo. Daddy, who was feeding the birds that were flying over the zoo (they weren't "zoo" birds, but just regular birds). I think now you aren't supposed to feed any of them, but back then, there were no signs saying not to feed the regular birds--just not the zoo animals. Anyway, Daddy had been giving them some bread, and one of them dumped a giant bird bomb on his head. Perhaps this is why he taught me to hate birds. Some humans do learn from bad experiences. He just stood there saying, "I fed this bird and this is how he thanks me?". Of course, Mommy was too busy laughing to say anything because she said it was hilarious. Thus, how could the characters in The Hobbit think that a bird could even remotely be a good sign? If you ask me, they should have covered their heads and looked for shelter. The bird was probably planning to relieve himself on them. By the way, The Hobbit was an excellent movie except for the part about trusting birds to be good.

Demon Flash Bandit (Birds Are Always Evil)

Barked by: Cairo (Dogster Member)

December 25th 2012 at 11:55 am

The Hobbits are a primitive peoples, they aren't very sophisticated when it comes to ornithology.

Merry xmas Demon!


Demon Flash Bandit


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