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Adventures of a lead dog

November 30th 2012 7:51 am
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I would like to conpawtulate my pal, Coco Rose, for being a diary pick again today!!!!

Today I want to discuss a product that I think deserves a lot of credit for being the kind of product that goes the extra mile for its customers. That product is Dr. Pepper. Most soft drinks have a limited education, but Dr. Pepper actually went to the trouble to get a Phd, and I think that shows a lot of ambition on the part of Dr. Pepper. My Mommy is a big fan of Coca Cola, but even she will admit that Coca Cola does not have a Phd in soft drinks. She suspects Pepsi is a high school drop out because she is not fond of Pepsi at all. Therefore, she knows that Pepsi was probably one of those soft drinks who hung out with the wrong crowd, and was a disappointment to his parents. Imagine how Mtn. Dew's parents must feel? I am highly suspicious of the ingredients in that soft drink. I think most of us wouldn't want to know what the "dew" really is. Now you have something to contemplate over the weekend. If you run into a Dr. Pepper, be sure and conpawtulate him (or her) for being almost as smart as a dog, and a genius compared to the humans.

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