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Adventures of a lead dog

Happy Halloweeen and watch out for YOUR CANDY

October 31st 2007 8:25 am
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Halloween Day is here. I don't even have to warn Angel. Since the awful day when Mommy decided to try her costume on her, Angel bolts away whenever she sees Mommy pick up the hot dog cosutme. I told her to be particularly vigilent today because Mommy will be extra sneaky. She might even enlist Jeff to help so you have to watch him too. Why do humans think we look cute when we look so ridiculous? By the way, Mommy and Jeff don't usually dress in costume. It doesn't seem fair to me. What do you dogs out there think? Do you little dogs really like to dress up or are you just too small to fight back? For centuries, doggie philosophers have been pondering questions like this. I, being far more practical, think doing some surveys might help answer this question once and for all.

Mommy and Jeff went shopping last night, but the good thing about it was they went to Petco, and got us our favorite doggie cookies--they even had the ones that look like chocolate chip cookies. We also got rawhide bones and squeaky toys. I always enjoy getting the "loot" when they get home.

Angel and I are trying to devise a plan to keep those pesky trick or treaters out of OUR CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Angel wants to give them puppy slaps of justice, but I told her that our humans won't let us get close enough for puppy slaps of justice. Then she said she could develop super powers like the Fantastic Four's stretchy guy, and stretch out her paw and puppy slap them from a distance. I told her that I didn't think her plan was practical because, even if she could get those powers, Mommy or Jeff would notice a furry paw going past them to slap a kid. I have to give her credit though--she is trying to think of a way to save our candy. I think I will give them my scary wolf stare and see if they are too scared to come to the door. I am trying to think of something better because some of those kids dress so scary that they scare me which means it will take a lot to scare them away. I'll let you know tomorrow if we came up with anything that worked so you can use our ideas next year. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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