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Adventures of a lead dog

I Would Not Attend a Baby Shower.

October 27th 2007 7:09 pm
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Mommy went to a baby shower today, and I am still trying to understand the concept. Evidently, she drove an hour and a half from here to go to a shower when we have 2 of them here in our house. Humans wonder why we dogs think they are nuts. I might add that although there are 2 showers in the house, I have no love for getting a bath in either of them. If you asked a dog to a shower, you would have no guests because no sensible dog would show up willingly for a shower. We would have to be dragged in barking and biting. I wanted to go with Mommy. I love going bye bye, and I could just sit in the car and let the humans get the shower. How long can a shower take?

I had a nice day with Jeff. Men supposedly aren't supposed to go to showers. Men must be smarter than women. I heard Mommy tell Jeff that they played Baby Bingo, and Jeff said men probably banned themselves from showers. He didn't seem impressed with the idea of playing that game. Being a male myself, I can relate to him. I wouldn't want to play puppy bingo. Angel might. Being a girl, she gets a little silly at times.

Mommy put the Halloween stuff for the trick or treaters in bags last night. Angel and I were watching, and our looks of disaproval didn't seem to register. I still see no excuse for children stealing our candy on Halloween. I asked Mommy why they are taking candy from dogs, and Mommy said they aren't stealing. She likes giving it to them. Why is she so stingy giving candy to me? It doesn't make sense to me. I wonder if what the humans do will ever make sense to the Deemster. Oh well, I love them anyway.

I hope you dogs and your families are having a good weekend.

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