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Adventures of a lead dog

Why does Mommy give out my candy?

October 25th 2007 10:34 am
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I was just laughing at Angel's post on the Husky Heaven group. There is a contest involving dogs being dressed in Halloween costumes. Angel wrote to express her total disapproval of the contest, Halloween costumes in general, and suggested a contest called "photos of husky tails running away from the Halloween costume" which both of us think would be a far more popular contest. Halloween should be a great holdiday since it involves my favorite food item---candy. Mommy is planning to put the trick or treat stuff in little Halloween bags which is a total waste of time since Angel and I don't care if our treats are bagged or not. I had to explain to Angel that Mommy has been giving the candy away to kids in the neighborhood on past Halloweens, and I'm hoping she has more sense this year. Angel was horrified. She couldn't believe that Mommy would give away our candy. She doesn't even ask us if we care--she just gives out the candy. I'm already drooling over the Milky Way and Snickers. Angel said it is okay to give out the play dough the little parachute guys the little "lunch boxes" of candy we don't like", and the Doritos, but not the candy. I was chatting with another dog, and their humans also give out candy. It must be some sort of human mental illness that strikes on October 31. Last year Jeff had to take me inside because I was outside so I could enjoy the children. Normally I love children, but then I saw Mommy giving away MY CANDY, and I got very upset. That is when Jeff took me inside. Wouldn't any self respecting dog want to run after the little theif who took his candy? Now I know why I've heard the expession "taking candy from a baby". It must have been a dog who is getting his candy back from the little theif. I can't believe human society would allow kids to steal candy just because it is "Halloween". When do dogs get to go out and get candy? If we have costumes on (which the humans are trying to push), shouldn't we get candy from everyone in the neighborhood too? When I become President, dogs will get to go trick or treating, and those humans better give us candy. Happy Howl-oween!

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