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Adventures of a lead dog

Don't keep me waiting on my food.

October 24th 2007 6:47 am
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I was so happy to get Burger King yesterday. I couldn't believe Mommy would make me miss a day of drive thru. I know it happens on Christmas. I have no idea why they think they should close the restaurant--like Demon Flash Bandit doesn't get hungry because it is Christmas. Mommy usually gets me some the day before and refrigerates them, but it just isn't the same as getting them fresh at drive thru. I love the whole experience--the ride to the restuarant, the employees talking to me (they love the Deemster), and even the fun of blowing the horn when they are too slow. I have no idea why it embarrasses Mommy when Angel and I do that, but we both know how to blow the horn, and sometimes you have to let the employees know that you are very hungry. Now they know we can do that, and they think it is funny unless there is a new employee who hasn't met us yet and then Mommy explains it to them. I have no idea why--if they were faster, we wouldn't have to blow the horn, would we? Angel isn't as fond of BK as I am, but she has tried to jump out of the car and into the window to help them. She does love the oreo shakes. Mommy and Jeff let us have what is left of theirs (like those pigs leave us much) and we both love them. I would like to know why they have combo meals, kid's meals, and big kid's meal, but no doggie meals. I should call their corporate offices and ask about that.

Mommy went to see the movie, Across the Universe last night. I asked if there were dogs in it, and she said no. I wonder why they bother to make a movie without dogs in it.

I need to close with a serious note--I hope the fires in southern CA will be under control today. Mommy has relatives and friends who live there, and I have pals here on dogster. Phoebe, I hope you are okay. Perhaps if all you dogs could pee on it at the same time, it might help. Its too bad you don't have the help of Angel. We don't call her Puddles without reason. HAHA

Until tomorrow.........

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