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Adventures of a lead dog

Angel is a doggie under the influence

August 7th 2007 10:50 am
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Once again it is time for my diary entry. Today I write with a heavy heart. I have had to endure the embarrassment of living in the same house with Angel who was arrested because she was a doggie under the influence. I'm still not sure what the influence was, but I guess it must have been important for the state police to arrest her. She says she is innocent, and that she is being picked on. She said something about species profiling which bascially means they are out to get us dogs. Coincidentally, I have never been in trouble. I think she is guilty, and is trying to sound good for Mommy. She did have a "bandage" around her paw. Bandage or thether? I think it was a thether. For some odd reason, she hasn't been taking off as much, and once when she did, her fur had kind of an Einstein thing going on.
Back to the important person in this house---ME. I am okay. I've been eating good, chewing rawhides. etc, Okay, I have to admit it. life around here gets very boring sometimes. I guess I don't have a lot to say. I hope all of you doggies out there are staying cool.

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