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Adventures of a lead dog

Bugs are Evil

August 3rd 2007 7:36 am
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I think it is time I fully covered the subject of bugs-that includes, fleas, mosquitoes, bees, etc. I don't like them so I'm "against" them. They fly around making stupid buzzing noises which are very irritating. Some of them even manage to get into the house. I hate them as much--no maybe more than birds. I'm tired of having to walk around with a can of bug spray in my paw. I know some idiot out there will say they are part of the ecosystem(whatever that is), but I say it is time to completely annihilate them. Maybe the honeybees can live, but they have to live in their own designated area which will be assigned to them. At least they will be out of everyone's way. I cannot stress how utterly useless bugs are. Have you seen the ones that crawl around and can't fly. They look like Mother Nature's mistakes. Either they have 8 or 10 legs or they have half a million eyes. Some of them have both. Those should be killed immediately. They are as evil, if not more so, than birds. I also hate snakes, and I wouldn't mind seeing them dead either. That is another advantage to snow. It is not only great so sledding, but bugs hate it so you don't have to put up with them. I hope all you doggies out thre haev a wonderful day.

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