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Adventures of a lead dog

The Phantom Dog Did It

August 1st 2007 10:25 am
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Mommy came home last night after seeing No Reservations, and she stopped and got Firehouse Dog. I was looking forward to seeing it, but then the F-ster went into her room and put Mystery Science Theatre in the dvd to some awful movie called Hobgoblins which seemed to be a low budget rip-off of Gremlins. It could have been a good movie if it had actually had a story, some good actors, and a budget. Angel was watching it so Mommy couldn't tell the F-ster to take it out. Angel said whe was wondering how such a bad movie could have actually been released. She said she has left more entertaining poop. I have seen Angel's poop, and it is more entertaining. I must take this opportunity to say that I do not poop. The poop left behind before Angel came here was from the Phantom Dog. He looks a lot like me, but it isn't me because, as I said, I don't poop. When I was little, I used to look for things to put over poop because I didn't like to look at it. I'd find bags, newspapers, etc. One day Daddy stepped in some poop I had covered with a paper towel I found. He had a sore on his foot, and he was yelling I got poop in my wound. Mommy and the F-ster were cracking up because it sounded like the episode of Family Guy where Peter Griffin was yelling, It's in my raccoon wounds when he got covered in poop. That was one funny episode. No, his wound healed just fine. The poop didn't hurt it at all. I had to have a talk with the Phantom Puppy about not pooping in the bedroom where Daddy would step down. Eventually, the Phantom Puppy got house-trained, and all has been okay since then.

I am such a talented writer. I started out talking about movies, and ended up talking about poop. How many other writers can do that (no, Larry the Cable Guy doesn't count because that is one of his main topics of conversation).
Anyway, I plan to see Firehouse Dog tonight. Mommy says it is a good movie, and it has to be infinitely better than Hobgoblins.

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