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Adventures of a lead dog

Firehouse Dog is out today on dvd YIPPEE!!! HOWL HOWL!!!!!

July 31st 2007 10:15 am
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Today I am going to discuss movies. This is because the movie that I've been waiting to see, Firehouse Dog, is out on dvd today. I wanted to see it with Mommy when it came out, but the theatre won't allow dogs. This is an issue I plan to deal with when I become president so all you doggies better remember to vote for me. I haven't heard one other candidate address this particular issue. Angel probably could, but she is too busy rattling on about Kung Fu Grip Angel action figures. I admit the idea is funny, but hardly a presidential issue. By the way, Angel does possess Kung Fu grip. I've seen her put her front paws around the humans when she kisses them, and you'd think she had super glue on her paws. They can't get her off. She is still a puppy. I don't think she realizes that the humans do have to breath because they like her puppy kisses. She just gets a little overly enthusiastic with the puppy kisses at times. Another movie called 300 is also out. I told Mommy that they should have combined the movies, and made it 300 Firehouse Dogs. Wouldn't that be a great movie? Move over 101 Dalmatians. You have been outdone by 300 Firehouse Dogs. By coincidence, aren't Dalmations usually "firehouse" dogs? Have you been replaced by a new breed? I haven't heard anyone speak for the Dalmatians so I guess they are okay with the movie.

Now for the bad news. Mommy saw the Simpsons last night. Yes, according to Mommy and the F-ster, it was a good movie. However, I saw the trailer. Again, I am not allowed in the theatre, and I did not like the part where Homer was whipping the huskies. Of course, on the good side, the huskies ended up attacking Homer and running away. There were no animals actually hurt in the filming the the movie which was clearly pointed out in the credits. I know that might have seemed odd since the scene with the huskies would have clearly been a mis-treatment of dogs, but it was animated. For you doggies who aren't familiar with animation-it means the dogs aren't real. They are drawings. I want to make it clear that you should never treat real huskies or any other dog like that. I have many comments to make about the horrible people who mis-treat dogs, but I'll save them for another day.

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