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Adventures of a lead dog

I am not a bird lover, and Angel isn't allowed to drive the- car

July 9th 2007 11:16 am
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Yesterday I was very upset over a new development in the situation next door. That bird that took over the neighbor's house had his friends fly over and they were having a "bird party". I know this explains the awful heat we have had here the past few days. It was bad enough with one bird--but a whole group of them is just too much for me to accept. This brings me back to one of my major campaign issues. If I am elected president, those birds won't be partying because they will all be subject to the death penalty. For those of you who have humans who like birds (I have those kind of humans myself), buy a dvd (or a cassette for those of you whose owners haven't entered this century yet) of the old Alfred Hitchcock movie, The Birds. Obviously, Hitchcock was one of the few humans who could see birds for what they really are--feathery, flying, bits of garbage. They actually attack people. The people are terrified. Slip it into the dvd player and push the play button. If you do this everyday for a couple of weeks, it should better prepare your humans to understand the wisdom of my stand on the bird death penalty. For those of you who have humans who think the birds should actually do something wrong to be killed, feed the birds that hang out in your yard a bunch of bird seed. You might say, "but you are rewarding the birds, are you getting soft on the bird issue,". My answer would be "no, I'm not getting soft, but see how much the humans love those birds when they are leaving their bird poop everywhere (incidentally, their poop is the same color as the snow they steal).
I also want to make a comment about Angel Yesterday she sat in the driver's sear and acted like she was going to drive. I am the lead dog. My photo here on dogster is of me in the driver''s seat. CASE CLOSED. I AM THE ONLY DOG IN THIS FAMILY WHO CAN DRIVE. I had to put that in my diary so that when Angel reads it, she will have a public notification that she isn't allowed to drive.
Stay tuned for more of my "presidential promises".
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