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I'm glad I wasn't with Mommy most of the day yesterday

July 8th 2007 10:05 am
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I didn't get around to writing a diary entry yesterday. Mommy had to take the van in to get it fixed. Some kind of vacuum tube was clogged. Then, of course, they found other fun things that needed to be done. Thanks to the quick service of the guys at Belle Tire, Mommy only had to wait 7 hours. One unfortunate customer had went to get groceries while waiting. Let's just say, I hope he didn't buy any ice cream. Mommy says she was going to take the pick-up in for new tires, but may very well go to their competitor because it might take 2 or 3 days to actually put tires on. She was going to ask one of the customers who was already waiting when Mommy arrived, but he wasn't very talkative. However, his skeleton was in very nice shape. I think the Belle Tire employee said he was getting an oil change. His 1955 model Packard was in excellent condition. Daddy would have loved it. He liked classics. It looked new. For all of you who want to keep your cars nice, that is a hint. Take one there for its first oil change, and when they finish, instant classic.
Then Mommy and Jeff went to West Branch to visit friends where they had a very nice time===WITHOUT ME. I had to babysit the other brother AGAIN. I know he needs someone to watch him, but I'm getting tired of always having to stay home and watch the 24 year old "baby". Angel didn't get to go either. I think she could babysit. I've done my time. Let her take over. Her diary entry yesterday about casinos and how to act human was so inspiriing NOT.........I know I could play a human with no problem. I have blue eyes---case closed. I haven't lowered myself to going to a casino because I don't know what a casino is---and how does Angel know these things?
UPDATE: Meagan isn't home. I'm really afraid that bird has taken over the house. I'm afraid to go on vacation. What if some bird steals our house while I'm gone. I HATE BIRDS. I don't know if I've covered that topic enough.
I'll go into more campaign stuff tomorrow. Angel wants to get on the computer. Maybe she made it to the casino and wants to brag about how much money she lost. HAHAHAHA I'm going to go check on Mommy. She was still tired when she got up this morning.
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