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Adventures of a lead dog

July 3rd 2007 9:34 am
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I haven't been able to add an entry for a couple of days because I had a few problems. I had this itchy spot that I had to bite and scratch. When Mommy saw blood on my paws and heard me crying, she took me to the emergency vet. (I feel any health problem should occur on Sunday so she has to take me to the 24 hour vet instead of across the street---it adds to the drama.) I am fine. Mommy has to put antibiotic ointment on it so it doesn't get infected. The main problem was I wouldn't let her see it. They sedated me to look at it. Anytime anyone got near, I would growl at them because it hurt. That is why Mommy took me in. She couldn't tell how serious it was because I wouldn't let her see it. Anyway, they sent me home in a silly looking collar to keep me from scratching. I hated that collar, but they said I could go without it if I didn't bother the owie, and I haven't bothered it at all.
Now to get to the serious part of my entry. Angel (yeah, right) Zoom Smokey now has her own page on Dogster. Yesterday she started to write her dairy entry, and I caught her on the computer trying to cut and paste one of my entries and use it as her own. I got mad, and gave her my plagierism speech. Did she understand? No, she said we live under the same roof, why should she have to make up her own dairy when mine is already written. She even planned to make me look like the bad dog. She had this evil laugh when she was at the computer. I knew this would happen if they took a photo of her. I suggested the photo go on E-BAY, but Mommy and the F-ster are attached to her. They are very gullible---remember, they also like birds. Due to my vigilance, she wrote her own entry. I know I'll have to watch her whenever she is on the computer. She will probably try to steal my entries another day when I'm not watching.
UPDATE ON BIRDS: Meagan still isn't home, and the bird is still strutting around the yard. I wonder how proudly he would strut with his head missing--you know like if someone happened to bite it off. Such a nice idea. . . . . .
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