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Adventures of a lead dog

I'd prefer candy for dinner.

June 30th 2007 8:59 am
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I was one lucky dog yesterday. Instead of eating the food Mommy offered me, I didn't want it. I ate an entire box of mild duds (the size the theatres sell). It was sheer heaven. The taste of caramel melting in your mouth covered in chocolate. There was one little glitch. Mommy didn't give them to me. I had grabbed them out of a bag from the store. (I inspect all bags that enter the house, and even if Mommy doesn't let me see what is in them, I have an excellent nose for smells.) I hid them under the bed for a couple of weeks until Mommy forgot about them and didn't realize they were missing. Then when no one was around, I ate them. Mommy found me doing it after I had about 10 to go, and the box was in shreds. I think I'm doing Mommy a favor. She knows she needs to lose a few pounds. That is one box of candy that won't keep her fat. Do you think she appreciated my efforts? NO, SHE TOLD ME I WAS A BAD DOG-----A BAD DOG WHO HAD THE BEST DINNER EVER. i did what any smart dog would do. I took a nap. I dreamed about eating mild duds for dinner everyday. It was such a nice dream.
UPDATE ON THE BIRD SITUATION: I still haven't seen Meagan. I don't know what is going on, but I get more worried with each passing day. I wish Mommy would let go of the leash, and I would kill that bird. Of course, I know he wouldn't taste near as good as milk duds.
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