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Adventures of a lead dog

I was so scared

April 27th 2007 5:43 am
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Mommy scared me so badly yesterday. She was getting ready to go out so, naturally I was crying, because I get very excited when I know we are going somewhere. I cry because I am ready, and it always takes my family forever to get ready. Do you really need a bath before you go out? These silly humans take one everyday. I don't like baths and don't see any point in having one. Mommy thought she would be cute and imitate my crying which made me jump on the bed and try to help Mommy. My brother realized what happened. My Daddy used to have trouble breathing and he made a similar sound, and I thought that is what was happening to Mommy. The last time Daddy had trouble breathing, he died. It took Mommy 15 minutes to reassure me that she was okay, but she thought it was so sweet that I was worried about her. She says she has never seen a dog that worries about family as much as me. She apologized because she was just playing with me and didn't mean to scare me. She hugged me for about half and hour. She always tells me I am a wonderful dog. I know she loves me as much as I love her.
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