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Adventures of a lead dog

I like money

April 24th 2007 10:23 am
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I learned a new trick yesterday. It was one I taught myself-those are the best tricks. I was riding in the car with Mommy and one of my human brothers; and I opened Mommy's purse, took out her wallet, and I sat down on it. I like money. I've seen Mommy give it to people at drive-thru windows, and I've observed that the humans then get whatever they want after they hand over the money. Occasionally I'll find money and I put it in my stash. Mommy laughed at what I did, but then she told me it wasn't a good trick, and I shouldn't do it anymore. I thought it was a suberb trick. I haven't heard her tell me that well behaved Pointer she had ever did anything that smart. I know the Pointer was a nice dog, but I still say he was a loser. Mommy does say that I am a lot smarter than he was, and evidently, he was smart. I'm sure I would like him if I knew him, but it is about time dogs realize who is in charge-US. To quote a line from Good Boy, "you don't see us picking up their poop". That is so true. I'll bark at the dairy again later.


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