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Adventures of a lead dog

Max to the rescue

April 1st 2007 7:48 am
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This is truly a good day. My friend Max has a new site that is for all of us dogs that hate birds. I think this may help the world. Why can't you humans understand that underneath all those feathers is a little traitor? Yesterday I saw a large feather out in the yard. They are taunting me. I don't mind penquins. Even though they are buying our snow, they probably don't realize it is stolen. Any bird that loves snow so much if okay in my book.
I think it is time I mentioned that I live next door to the cutest dog ever-she is a cocker spaniel, and I go nuts everytime I see her. She is so adorable. One day I got away, and I was sitting in front of her door-hoping she would come out. She likes me too. Sometimes it would be nice not having a leash. HOWL HOWL


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