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Adventures of a lead dog

The entry I put off writing

March 31st 2007 7:27 am
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Today is Saturday. I know that means a lot to some of you dogs because your owners might have the day off, but my owner had already retired when he got me so we always spent a lot of time together which brings me to a very sad entry which I deliberately put off writing. My Dad who was obviously the most wonderful person in my world died in early Feb. He was sick a lot and in a wheelchair so I spent a lot ot time keeping him compnay. He quit breathing, and I was laying next to him at the time. I really miss him. As I mentioned, he was the one who told me about the birds stealing my snow. I might not have realized if he hadn't told me. I made him an honorary husky. Some humans just seem to understand us dogs-they are the best. He was also the wise one who said I shouldn't have to eat dog food. He didn't think it was good enough. Considering the dog food news lately, he had a point. Now back to my diary entry- another day without snow. I wouldn't necessarily start a revolution against the birds, but I would join one is it were started. That is a hint to all you huskys who live outside. I am an inside dog which I don't mind. I like to sleep in bed, and a pillow under my head is a nice touch. I often sleep on my back which my Mom says she hasn't seen a dog do before. Unless it is a warm day, I like to cuddle up next to her (or Dad when he was alive). When I was a puppy, I used to sleep on top of Mom's head on her pillow which was very comfortable and made me look like her hat. I know I was far cuter than any hat she could buy. I hope you dogs out there have a HOWLING good weekend. Woof Woof.


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