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Adventures of a lead dog

March 29th 2007 10:28 am
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Hi. I guess it is time to add another entry to my diary. You know what they say-"a dog's work is never done". I don't see any snow outside while I was at the window doing my neighborhood watch. I guess it will be one of those miserable days without snow-oh, well, life isn't an ice rink (keep your rose garden-I prefer an ice rink). I don't hear the birds singing. I've already covered my opinion of birds in my last entries so I won't spend any more time on them. Do you think if I call Oliver Stone and brought him up to date on the bird issue that he might be able to make a new conspiracy movie? Iwonder if that would help the situation? Anyway, I had nice day yesterday. I had my usual Arbys which I picked at. I am perfectly willing to eat all the candy they will give me, but the humans think it isn't good for me. Here is the way I see it. If it tastes good, it must be good for me. What could be more simple than that? Even a human should be able to understand that. Do my humans get it-no they think I should eat nutritious food. I've watched them. Believe me, I see them stuffing down the candy. I think they just don't want to share. My family stayed home yesterday so I didn't have to watch my brother which is quite a job. He requires constant care. It is a relief when he goes home. I'm sure all of you dogs understand. You love them, but they can get on your nerves, can't they? I have been thinking of writing a book. If humans can write them, how hard can it be? I love you humans, but there is no way you can ever be as smart as a dog.


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