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Author: Autumn

Author: Autumn

January 9th 2007 2:43 pm
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It's been almost 4 years (3-18-2003) since I left my Mom and Arnold and headed for the Rainbow Bridge. I am sure loving it here. I can see again, my legs don't hurt from the tumors I had, my teeth are all healthy, so I don't sneeze anymore, and I'm the weight I should be because my thyroid works well. But, you know, when I am not busy playing with all my pup and kitty pals, I still miss Mom and even that little twit, Arnold.

But my Mom has made me SOO proud, because she did something in my name that will make life better for all the little IG's in Florida. She made MANY phone calls and wrote letters all over the country until the national rescue organization for my breed closed the "rescue home" I came from. Adopting me out was a violation of all the organizations rules, mainly because I wasn't healthy.

I have mixed feelings about my adoption, because I loved my Mom and she loved me. She tried so hard to get me well. And that place I came from was the PITS! With Mom, I had a really cool home, and lots of love and food and treats and beds everywhere! (I also had Arnold, but that's another diary entry!) Even WITH Arnold, it was the best place a doggie could live.

So, even though I was only with Mom for 1 year, it was the best year of my life. I didn't have to have babies. (I had been bred many times in a puppy mill, until I couldn't anymore. Then I was dumped.) I could sleep anywhere I wanted, not just a cage. And Mom took care of my health the best she could, only I was just too sick. And best of all, even after I was gone, Mom worked on behalf of me and all the other IG's to close that bad place. She didn't think one woman could get it done, but she did. Thanks, Mom! I love you!


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