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Tucker's far

You Wonderful Boy

March 8th 2011 8:26 pm
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Tucker is now 6 years old, and still such a great dog. He listens so well, and any day now, I honestly think he's going to start talking to me. He lets me know what he wants by his looks and actions, and he understands what I'm saying or talking about to him.

He's just such a good boy....


New Sister!

February 10th 2008 6:57 pm
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Tucker got a big surprise a couple of weeks ago....a little sister. We'd decided to add another lab, and found a local labrador breeder who had some pups available. We picked one that's five months old, brought her home, and named her Tipper. She's a little gem, a great puppy!

Tucker didn't quite know what to make of all this, but he's been just great. They share toys, play well together, and she's learning fast from him...he's such a good boy.


Tucker is 2 years old today!

February 7th 2007 4:17 pm
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HaPpY BiRtHdAy Tooo Youuuu.........

Today, Feb. 7, 2007, is Tucker's birthday...he turned 2. Where has the time gone? He continues to be a wonderful dog, everything we'd hoped for when we decided to look for a breeder, and get a puppy.

He now has a regular buddy to play with --- Sadie, a Golden Retriever that lives next door. Sadie plays the way Tucker, and most labs, do...bitey face. They run, chase each other, and play bitey face...and neck and legs... throughout the day when Sadie comes to visit.

It's been an exciting couple of months around here. I entered Tucker in the Dog Show USA online contest, for fun. He was chosen as a finalist in the sporting group. The public then voted for the winners in different categories of entries. Tucker was running neck and neck with a lovely Cocker Spaniel. The Cocker Spaniel won, which we were happy about....he had a wonderful story, and deserved to win. I wasn't sorry that Tucker didn't win; I'd have had to fly with him to Chicago, and I'd have been a nervous wreck, worrying about him being in a plane. But it was still a thrill to have him chosen as a finalist! He got a nice big juicy bone as his prize from us; the best prize he could've wanted!

Also, the magazine Labrador Retrievers (a specialty magazine) requested pictures of labs to be submitted for the magazine. Again, for the fun of it, I sent some pictures of Tucker. I received an email, saying he's a finalist, and a picture of him will be in the March, 2007 issue of the magazine. We'll receive a complimentary copy. We're really tickled about that!

Today I sang "Happy Birthday" to him twice....while his tail wagged like crazy and he squeezed between my legs for butt scratches. We played ball outside for awhile (in the freezing cold!), and he and his buddy Sadie played for a long time. A great way to spend a special day!


The story continues.....

June 4th 2006 4:43 am
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Tucker is now 15 mos. old. We have a huge 1 acre yard, with a 2-3 acre field next to our property. We only have 5 homes around us, with neighbor dogs, but Tucker never leaves the property...that's one of my biggest delights about him. Our property's pretty private, with pine trees bordering one side, and the field bordering the other. He has a Brittany Spaniel buddy that comes around most days to play. They have a great time of running and playing..but when his buddy Chance goes back home, Tucker stays right in the yard.

There are 2 ponds at neighbor's homes, which Tucker has permission to swim in any time. He loves swimming in the ponds! It's great having them...we just walk about 1000 yards to swim. We take him to the ponds frequently.

Tucker has turned out to be a very gentle guy. When he was 6 mos. old, he came out of the field one day, with something in his mouth. I asked him to drop it, and very gently he laid a baby bunny down in front of me. The bunny was unhurt. I wondered where the nest might be, and how in the world I'd ever find it, but a thought occurred to me. I'd always played 'find it' with him..having him find a toy or bone that was hidden. So I held the bunny in front of his nose, let him sniff, and asked him to find it. He took off running, and led me right to the nest in the tall, overgrown field. I put the bunny back in the nest. Tucker had made the connection with my wish to 'find it'!

Now this spring, he found a baby robin in the yard. He sniffed the baby, but didn't hurt it. I let him sniff it for awhile, to satisfy his curiosity, just reminding him to leave it. He never hurt the baby robin. I was so proud of him. A week later, he had something in his mouth when he came out of the field. When I asked him to drop it, it was a bird egg. He hadn't cracked it at all. I asked him to find it, and he took me right to the nest, so I could put the egg back. One other day, he didn't come when called, and was standing with his nose on the ground, intent. He was sniffing another baby had fallen from the nest. I put the baby back into the nest, and praised him like crazy. Just a few days ago, again he didn't come from the field when called...he was staying in one spot. He was sniffing a tiny baby bunny. It had crawled from its nest, and Tucker found it in the tall grasses. The baby was crawling toward Tucker, and he was sniffing and backing up from the bunny. I put the bunny back in the nest, and I asked Tucker to 'find it', hoping to find others from the nest. He and I searched the field for others, and he'd go back to the nest to check on the bunny, sniffing it, then he'd set out again on his serach.

He's such a sweet, gentle guy.....I love it that he doesn't harm other animals, and the fact that when he finds one where it shouldn't be, he'll take me to where it should be.

He loves being outside in the nice weather. He'll lay on the front porch or on the deck, just watching all the birds and rabbits that run in the yard...but he never bothers them. We've even had Canadian geese and ducks with babies stroll along the front of the yard, on their way from the pond to a nearby field; he never gives chase, but just watches them.

When he's swimming in the pond, he sees the geese and ducks swimming, but
doesn't pay much attention....he's focused on his bumper!

He has his weekly chore now....helping to carry in groceries. Every Saturday when I get back from the store, I honk when I drive up, and out he comes. He takes a bag, and waits for me to get mine, and up the steps he goes, onto the front porch, into the house, and into the kitchen. He's such a help....and he loves doing his part.

You're such a good boy Tucker!


Tucker's beginning with us

March 22nd 2006 9:19 am
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Since Tucker can't type (...yet), I'll write his diary for him about this past year. I'm his owner/mom/buddy. We have 2 grown daughters, and 4 grandkids. While our youngest daughter was in college and still living at home, she and her now hub brought home a white boxer, Molly. Ours was Molly's home for 5 years. When the kids bought a house a few miles away, we missed having a dog around, now that Molly had moved. We've had great dogs through the years (black lab, cockapoo) and decided to get another. Since this would probably be the last dog we'll have, we took time researching breeds. We chose a yellow lab because of the look, size, and overall traits. Since we'd had a black lab years ago, we knew what great dogs they are. We decided to look not for a puppy, but a reputable breeder; one who bred for the best lab characteristics, and did hip and eye clearances. We found a few that interested us, and one was nearby.

While waiting to bring Tucker home at 8 weeks, I read, read, read..lab message boards, and books; I learned quickly so many good tips and techniques for training him, with positive reinforcement (it'd been many years since we'd had our lab, and a cockapoo can usually get by with just being cute and going potty outside). He had a crate and lots of toys waiting when he arrived!

It's been a great year....we're so happy we decided to get Tucker! Poor thing, he probably wondered at first what the giant white behemoth was when he ran around following Molly (he's now bigger than she is). The grandkids were 'interesting'...little things to chase and nip on! When he'd give us puppy bites before those baby teeth were gone, we'd look at each other and wonder if we'd made a mistake in wanting another dog....ouch!

He learns things so quickly (and teaches US things so quickly), loves to be in the middle of the mix, and likes having things to do (carrying groceries, taking something to someone). He's a velcro dog; he follows us through the house, usually lying at our feet (and on them). One of the funniest things he does is when we put our hand on his paw, just resting it there, within a few minutes, he'll put the paw over our hand and just rest it there.

He can differentiate among his toys (go get your ball, your rope, etc.), knows people's names, and gets excited when company's coming (Tucker, Molly's coming over!). He loves the grandkids, and is exhausted from playing once they leave. He likes to go exploring with them in a nearby field. He loves going somewhere, especially PetSmart and the vet. What great smells there, boy! And balls? Oh yeah, getting those balls!

When I get home from somewhere, he has to run and get something in his mouth to bring to me, and go between my legs while I give him a butt scratch. Maybe that was a mistake to start....other people are sometimes almost thrown off-balance when he tries to get between their legs when he greets 'em...but it IS funny to watch.

Is he a perfect dog? No way...who'd want that? He opens the clothes hamper lid with his nose and takes off with our undies; he would like to chew every pillow in the house, if he could; he doesn't obey every sit, stay, or come. He's a lazy slug most of the time. But we wouldn't trade him for the world! He's a lot of fun

He has his funny quirks, and has learned ours. We love him dearly; we don't really own him...he owns us. Maybe the only thing we would've done differently would have been not to allow him to sleep with 93 lbs. at 1 year old....ugh!

~~~ ~ You can say any foolish thing to a dog, and the dog will give you this look that says, "My God, you're right! I never would've thought of that! ~~~~
Dave Barry

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