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The Thoughts Of A Red Cattle Dog With Whipped Cream on Top

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April 6th 2011 7:59 pm
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Most every thing is normal in my blood.
I will have to be taking thyroid meds.
The calcium is a little high but it's
because of the thyroid problem.

My mom is breathing sighs of relief. Now
all that's bothering her is the weight.
She's feeling guilty about it.

I know Flicka said that the prescription
diet is YUCK, but I will have to get it
because the doc wants me to loose weight
quick. Later on I can go back to my
normal food - except it'll have to be
the 'weight management' type.

I'm starting Levothyroxin tomorrow. That
will help me loose weight too.
Mom wishes she could make me nice and
svelte RIGHT NOW, but it'll take time.

I'll have to go back in a months time to
get a recheck to see how things are going.

Thanks again, pals, for keeping me in
your thoughts and prayers. We know it
We love you all.


Back From The Vet

April 5th 2011 6:40 pm
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Well, nothing conclusive...yet.
They're doing three types of tests on my blood.
Aaaaand...I'm overweight...a bunch.
Mom knew I was - even though I don't get fed
that much!
No free feed here!!
Might be my thyroid - hypothyroidism. The doc
said Cattle Dogs are known for that.
I have a big fatty tumor.
Doc said I have to loose weight and loose it
fast. Sooooooo, that means NO MORE TREATS.
WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I only get 2 a day!
Mom is gonna have to buy some weight control
food for me. That probably means no more
cooked chicken in my kibble.
That brings us down to the limping. All that
weight is not doing my joints, which might
have a little arthritis, any good at all.

Mom asks you to, please, continue to keep me
in your thoughts and prayers so the blood work
results come back showing nothing seriously

Thank you and thanks for all the POP, gifties,
comments, and pulling for me, dear friends.
My mom cried when she saw all the support I
have in all of you.

Not only do we love you, but we love you love you!



April 4th 2011 5:12 pm
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My mom's planning on taking me to the vet sometime
this week. I've been limping and she's a bit worried.
Worrying about me (or any of us) makes her feel sick.

She wants you all to keep me in your thoughts and
prayers, please. Makes her feel better knowing you're
thinking of me.


Where Are You, Pals??????!

February 18th 2011 5:58 pm
[ Leave A Comment | 17 people already have ] it just us, or is anyone else getting this message
Dang! None of your pals are online right now! No friends are online.
everytime they check to see which friends are online?

We've been getting it for about 4 days already. We know that there
are other pups on here! How can it be that no one is online for four days!?!!
NO WAY! Other stuff has been weird, too. Kinda like a twilight zone.

We were just wondering 'cause my mom is freaking out.


5 Live Crew

December 14th 2010 4:13 pm
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I bet you didn't know me and my crew could

Well, yeah!

Even old Wishbone!!

Check us out:

The Redford Crew

Thanks for watching.


I Am One Of Today's Diary Picks!

December 4th 2010 1:01 pm
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Well whadda ya know!
I'm a Diary Pick today!
How 'bout that?!

I'm very honored and mom's very happy.
She loves to see one of us up there.

Well there you have it...I'm a bit
famous today.

Mom!!! You need to give me some treats
or some of that chicken you have in the

Peace out, dawgs!


The Shoplifting Husky

November 25th 2010 1:33 pm
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Some of you might have seen the video of the slick shoplifting
husky on my page...well, Monday night on Animal Planet on a
program called Bad Dog, there was an update about that pup. I
believe her name is Kira or Akira. The story from the owners
is that they went on an errand around Christmas and didn't get
Akira the rawhide bone they usually gift her with. Apparently,
she was a bit miffed so she took it upon herself to go to Smith's
and get herself one. Okay, you might say, no biggie, BUT if you
know what she did, it is a BIGGIE.
Akira went to a Smith's she's never been to (I'm not sure if
she's been to any others) that was six, yes six, miles away on
streets she's never been on (apparently she's a roamer, so she's
been on other streets). There are freeways and busy streets on
the route she took to go to that particular Smith's. When she
got there, she entered and went directly to the pet isle and
got what she came for and left...taking (I assume) the same
route (six miles) back home, but this time, with a bone in her
When friends saw the news footage, they called Akira's family
and told them they thought the shoplifter was their pup. They
really didn't believe it 'til they saw the footage themselves.
Days later, the whole family, including Akira, went to the scene
of the crime and was let loose, and again, she went straight to
the pet isle and picked up another infamous rawhide bone...but
this time, the family paid for it, and for the one she shoplifted!

Not only is she slick, she's SUPER SMART!!

I think they should try to curb her roaming. She might not
be so lucky on her next trip to Smiths' or to the mall or
to wherever her nose might lead her.



October 12th 2010 9:40 pm
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Just found out about this new book. It's about
a sweet pup named Oogy.

Another sad, sad story with a happy ending.

Check out the video about him and the family
he adopted:

Sweet Oogy

Mom's gonna have to read that book now!



September 19th 2010 9:41 pm
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It be Talk Like A Pirate Day, maties.

Me and some of me crew agreed to have our
pictures taken, but some of me crew were
scurvy scallywags and refused. They be
made to walk the plank fer this!

Hope ye all had a grand great adventuaaarrr



August 3rd 2010 12:23 pm
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Has anyone read the diary entry of the
Diary of the Day pup? The title is "a
bit sad".
After reading this, all of us should be
a bit sad, actually, alot sad.

Please go visit and consider signing the
petition Jack is talking about.

Those pups in Argentina need our help.

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