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The Thoughts Of A Red Cattle Dog With Whipped Cream on Top

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Rory, my cat bro is in the finals!!

November 17th 2008 12:08 am
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Well whatta ya know! Rory, my cat bro, is a finalist in the World's Coolest Dog and Cat Show! We're all excited! Mom was checking it out and lo and behold, there he was. She had to look twice 'cause she couldn't believe it.

So, I'm asking all my pals and any other pup or kit who's reading this, to please consider voting for Rory, my kitty bro. We really would appreciate your votes. Just click on the picture of him on our pages where he's yawning and stretching on the bed, and it'll take you directly to the voting page or if you just want the link, here it is. He's in the Stretch and Yawn category.

Rory is a Finalist!

Thank you, everyone!


Ok, guys! Enough is enough!

November 9th 2008 6:29 pm
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I'm speechless. I have been tagged yet AGAIN! I don't think I can think anymore. Maybe I'll put 7 little white lies about myself in here instead! Maybe. Naw - I'll tell the truth 'cause the truth shall set me free!

I'm totally honored to have been tagged by that sweet little chihuahua, the infamous Emma.

1. I'm a real friendly guy.

2. I follow my mom real close when we're at the dog park, making sure my nose touches her leg.

3. When we're playing, sometimes I get too excited and jump up and pinch bite my mom on the arm.

4. When someone in the house is arguing kinda loud, I go hide under the bed.

5. The stupid mailwoman pepper sprayed me and Cooper one time just because we barked at her. Mom noticed that I wanted to come in real bad 'cause I was scared. She saw that our eyes were messed up and figured out what happened. She waited for stupid mailwoman to come back on the other side of the street and boy, did my mom get MAD at her. She told her that there was NO WAY we would do anything to her because we have a 4 foot fence and the mailbox opening is on the OTHER side of that fence. Mom told her that she BETTER NOT EVER do it again or else!!!!!!! Stupid mailwoman apologized and hasn't done it again. I think she wants to live.

6. I have a tattoo.

7. When I want to come in or go out, I scratch on the door real hard. I gotta make my point, you know!

Okay. I've run out of pups to tag. I might have to tag pups I don't know. Here goes:

1. Lizzie
2. Remi
3. Stormy B. Goode
4. Doolin Kingsley
5. Afro Ken
6. Takoda Cloud Dancing
7. Pugsly

You know what?! I just thought of someone I know who I coulda tagged. Sheesh, I totally forgot about her! Sorry Cheyenne. I'm gonna make her number 8 'cause she's our new friend and we like her alot.

8. Cheyenne


Not Again!!!

November 9th 2008 4:17 pm
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OMD!! I have been tagged AGAIN! And again, and again, and . . .
This time by the totally cool Adam, a pup I've never met but I've met his bro, Benny!!!!

I think I may have to think extra hard to come up with 7 more things about me. Lemme see . . .

1. My mom loves me to the bone.

2. I love my mom to the bone.

3. I used to be a therapy dog. I'd visit nursing homes.

4. I like to stick my head in between my mom's legs (from behind) when she's walking. I almost make her fall.

5. I've been corralled 24 times. (I'm runnin' outta ideas, here!)

6. My birthday is in April.

7. I love being on dogster 'cause of all my wonderful friends.

I'm runnin' outta pups to tag!!!!

1. Roxy
2. Magnuson
3. Champ
4. Amazing Gracie
5. Tidbit
6. Bingo
7. Zak


GOOD GRIEF! I've been tagged AGAIN!!

November 5th 2008 9:12 pm
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Oh my doG! What's a pup to do? I've been tagged again. This time by my lovely pal, Jolanda. Hmmmm. I'm running out of stuff to write about myself. Well, lemme try this. I'm sure something will come to me.

Four jobs I have:
1. Lovin' my mom.
2. Lookin' good while ridin' in the van.
3. Keepin' the other pups in line.
4. Bein' a mentor to the foster pups.

Four places I've lived:
1. I've lived on a reservation.
2. I've lived with a foster mom after being rescued from the rez.
3. I've lived with my forever family for 7 years.
4. I wish to live nowhere else but with my forever family.

Four places I've been:
1. I've been to a lake.
2. I've been to lots of pet stores.
3. I've been to the mountains.
4. I've been to lots of places in my dreams.

Four places I'd rather be:
1. I'd rather be a taste tester at the Marrowbone factory.
2. I'd rather be a taste tester at a whipped cream factory. (Real whipped cream, not that cool whip stuff!)
3. I'd rather be under the covers right now 'cause its cold.
4. I can't think of any other place I'd rather be than where I am right now, loved and cared for.

Now 7 fact about myself:
1. I'm well loved.
2. I love everybody.
3. I teach hole digging 1o1.
4. I love Marrowbones!
5. I beg for food like I'm starvin'.
6. I sit, shake, kiss, turn 'round, go down, and roll over!
7. My mom thinks I'm so very handsome. *Blush*

Now on to tagging some buds.
1. Mr. Hiredhand Red Roper.

2. Mr. Floppydonkeydog Eli.

3. The Lovely Miss Abby.

4. Miss Little Bit Maddie.

5. Miss Sweet P Pita.

6. Mr. Boo-Boo Beauregard.

7. Mr. Lucky Guy Sunny.

Done. Phew.


Holy Guacamole is right! I've been tagged by Kirbo the- Turbo!!

November 5th 2008 6:15 pm
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Yep, I've been tagged. That hasn't happened in quite a while! And as Kirbo says: HOLY GUACAMOLE!

So here goes. I'm supposed to tell you all 7 thing about myself. Hmmm, let's see what I'm willing to disclose:

1. I'm the biggest dog in my household. I said "biggest" not "fattest"!!

2. I like to sleep under the bed.

3. I'm a treat hound. I LOVE treats! (Who doesn't?!) Especially the whipped cream my dad makes. Mmmmmmmm!!

4. I'm a mentor to the foster pups. I teach them how to d-i-g.

5. I hate to get tickled! I'm serious. Don't try it!

6. I like to ride shotgun so I can stick my head out the window. Sometimes that means that some human's gonna have to sit in the middle seat. (I have a van.) I rate, dudes!

7. I've been told I'm pretty mellow for a Cattle Dog. Yep, I'm a Mellow Fellow.

Now, I have to tag 7 pups. I shall return a little later with "The List".

Ok. I'm back. These a the 7 pups I'll be taggin'. Hope you can participate. If you can't, that's ok, too.

1. My new, good pal, Wyoming.

2. The sweetest little angel baby, Little Snoopy.

3. The lovely Miss Phoebe Wiggles.

4. Mr. Turtle Boy, Pippin.

5. The tuff little dude, Little Foot.

6. The talented beauty, Camila.

7. Miss Cutie Pie, Hanna Banana.

Have fun, puppers!


The Pawrty

November 4th 2008 1:05 am
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Saturday, we went to Kirby's pa's party. It sure was fun.
All the pups had fun, too. Well, not true. Keighty musta
been in a bad mood, 'cause she kept growlin' at some of
the pups. Especially at Rowdy. He's a cool guy, not rowdy
at all, but for some reason she was being a jerk with him.
Poor guy. He just wanted to make friends. Mom said next
time, Keighty is stayin' at home.

Anyway, mom dressed us up as cows (Cooper, K8T, and I).
That's what she says but I beg to differ. I was dressed
up as a BULL! I am NOT a cow! Sorry. Cows have udders.
I do not have an udder. I come with a different type of
equipment, thank you very much but I will not go into
specifics at the moment. I'm sure you'll figure it out
on your own. I hope. The only COW there
was K8T. Yeah. A big fat, mean, annoying, itchy,
growly cow!

Oh yeah-there was some fancy shmancy dogs there,
too. Two Belgian Malinois. Very well mannered.
Made the rest of us look like trailer trash. Ooooo, I
better not say all of us. Let me put it this way - made
me and MY pack look like trailer trash. Waaait! Now
for those of you who actually live in a trailer, it's a
joke. Don't be offended, ok? My mom lived in a
trailer when she was a kid. We, on the other hand,
begged like there was no tomorrow. Like mom
never feeds us. Like we were strays off the street
that hadn't had a meal in days. We embarrassed
mom 'cause we acted like we were gonna take the
food right outta the peeps mouths. Sheesh!! Come
to think of it, that IS pretty bad. She had to put
me and K8T on leashes 'til the last peep finished
eatin'. Cooper was off beggin' in stealth mode
'cause she couldn't find him 'til she saw him on
someone's lap. Sneaky little dude. I wish I could
fit on someone's lap to do some stealth begging.
K8T can't possibly do anything stealth 'cause she's
a big FAT cow!! Aaaaand, some man there
said that I was "well loved" when I came up to
him so he could pet me. Was he implyin' that I
was chunky?! The nerve! I ain't chunky!! I'm buff!
Just ask my beeyouteeful friend, Sydney. She
gave me a "Dogster Stud" gift one time, so that's
saying somethin', right? I'm hunky, not chunky!!
Well . . . I may have a little bit of fat on me
but that's 'cause winter's gettin' near and I have
to have little layer of fat on me to keep
the chill offa me. Soundin' good so far?? Very
funny, mom. She's yellin' in the background
that I'm a dog, not a seal!

To make a long story even longer, everyone had
fun. All us pups looked pretty good in our
costumes. Lemme see . . . there was an angel, a
Rolex, an afro pup, a pumpkin, a surfer duuude,
a herd of bovines (us), uh, um, sheesh, I can't
remember the rest! All the peeps were pretty
cool, too. Lest I forget this, the cake was in
the shape of a bone. The frosting was delish.
How do I know? Mom let us taste a big chunk
(there's that word again) of it. Mmmmm boy!!
Thanks, Kirbo the Turbo, for havin' us at your

So, where's the next pawrty?? 'Cause I'm
totally ready for another one!!!


Sage is at her forever home now.

November 3rd 2008 12:04 am
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Hey, great news! Sage has been adopted!
Saturday at adoption clinic an older couple
was looking at the puppies when mom
arrived (late as usual). When mom was
putting Oliver and Sage in with the other
pups, they took one look at Sage and fell
in love. Usually the rescue group suggests
a trial to see if it will work out but they said,
"No, we want to adopt her right away
because when we take her, it'll be forever.
No bringing back." Mom told them that
she has been having a heck of a time
housebreaking her but they didn't mind.
They said that they would work with her
and commit to helping her with that.
How cool is that! Anyway, mom did a
home visit that same day and man, she's
now living in a beautiful home and her
backyard is awesome. Lucky doggie!

We're happy for you little sweet, timid
Sage. Oops! Her name is now Maya.
Good luck, Maya. It was an honor to
know you and play with with you for
that short time. Enjoy your life because
we know you'll be loved and cared for.


A quote that fits my mom

October 27th 2008 3:03 pm
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My mom was invited to a party
for Kirby's dad Saturday.

Along with the invitation, came
this quote. We don't know who
wrote it, but my mom really liked
it. It describes her to a "t".

"It came to me that
every time I lose
a dog they take
a piece of my
heart with them.

And every new dog
who comes into my
life gifts me with a
piece of their heart.

If I live long enough,
all the components
of my heart will be
dog, and I will
become as generous
and loving as they are."



Our little Conner (now Max) is now at his forever home.

October 24th 2008 6:56 pm
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If you know my mom, you've guessed it. She's been sad and shedding some tears for Conner. He's been out on a trial since Saturday 18th. She couldn't write about it in the diary sooner 'cause she'd start crying. It's working out at this place, so he'll be officially adopted in about a week or so.

Mom says that this little boy, actually not so little anymore, stole a piece of her heart. She says that he's a big love bug. He'd always come to wherever she was and ask her to love on him. He'd put his head on her chest and ask to be hugged and kissed or danced around. Then he'd go about his business and every 10 minutes or so, he'd come back for more. That's what she's been missing since Saturday. She knew he was one of the special ones. A little silly, special boy. She sure misses him.

She knew it would be hard 'cause he's been with us since about June. The longer they're here, the harder it is to let go.

Good luck, little dude. It was nice knowing you, digging holes with you, and hanging out with you.


I'm in the "World's Coolest"

October 14th 2008 6:19 pm
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Yep. I'm in there with the best of 'em. So are some of my crew. So, if you want, please vote for little ol' me. Ok? I'm pretty sure mom will enter some more pics of me so you might have to come back and vote for me again and again. Thanks! I'm Redford and I approve this message!

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