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My Golden Days of Doghood

My Ruff Morning Routine

November 2nd 2004 8:07 am
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Dear Diary,

Man, do I have it ruff. Every day, I have to get up early and wake up mom and dad with a thorough foot-licking session. Sometimes it seems like they are ignoring me and hoping that I'll go away! I don't know why; every morning I am a perfect dog. I'll bark my head off if anyone comes next to the door, I keep those lizards scared by chasing them off the back porch, and I even slop water all over the kitchen floor when I drink to help with the mopping. What a great dog I am! Anyway, for some reason these things seem to make mom and dad angry with me sometimes. Like I said, I don't understand it myself.

Anyway, just thought I would vent a little. I'm off for a dog-nap.



P.S. If you have any extra Halloween candy, feel free to send it to the following address:
ATTN: Bailey McDaniel

I enjoy Reeses Pieces, Snickers, and Cats, erm... Kit-Kats, I mean.


A Usual Day

October 25th 2004 4:49 pm
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Dear Diary,

Today was pretty normal. I slept most of the day while my parents went to work. When dad got home, he let me out to play some frisbee. I did fairly well, catching about 2 out of 10 throws, and I only got caught in the orange tree once. Mom got home and let me chew on my dog bone for a while, which is a real treat because it smells just like stinky feet. Thank goodness she didn't dress me up in that pumpkin suit again. Well, it's off to sleep for me!

Peace Out,


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