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I'm IT!! I'm IT!!!

May 24th 2007 12:43 am
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I was tagged by several of my pals...Bambi, Beatrix, Rosie, Missy and Hershey Kisses... and now I get to choose 7 of my pals to tag. But first, I've gotta tell ya'll seven random facts about myself!

Here are the rules:

Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Dogs who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 dogs to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to bark them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

1. I'm very Mama says it's true!!
2. My Unca Sebo nicknamed me Waggedy Anne cause I'm so wiggley and waggedy!
3. I have an excellent vocabulary...check out my diary entries and you'll see!
4. I have different names for different occasions:
My spy name is Slinky Pink Poodle; my Mob name is Inkybadabinky; my dance name is Inky Ballerinki; my Jedi name is Inky Wan Kadinky.
5. I LOVE doin' tricks...and I'm pretty good at 'em, too!
6. I've got a cute smile *blushin' and battin' eyelashes*
7. From the rear, I'm really bow-legged!! They tell me it's adorable!! *guffaw*

These are the 7 pups I'm taggin':
2. Jax
3. Ratty
4. Corky
6. Charlie
7. Duke

Wow, that was kinda fun!


The next SCREAM!

May 22nd 2007 12:00 pm
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My mom says they should make a new Scream movie, starrin' ME!! Cause I sure can SCREAM!!! I hadda go to the vet yesterday...I itch and scratch alla the time!! And, I'm losin' hair on my legs where I chew on 'em so much! Well, we got there and Mama took me in and I was bein' such a GOOD GIRL!! Then the doctor went to TOUCH me and , before he could, I opened my mouth and gave the most piercin' scream you can imagine! My Unca Sebo heard it outside in his truck...with the windows rolled up!! I screamed for a full minute before takin' a breath and doin' it some more! The doc backed up with his hands in the air and said..."I didn't even touch her!" Well, my mama knows that I'm a 'fraidy dog about some things and the vet is definitely one of them!! Unfortunately, the screamin' didn't help...that mean ol' doctor did the worst thing you can imagine...he expressed my anal glands! *blush* I'm still upset about that...I may never get over the trauma!! Yes, it feels better but there must be a better (ie. less hurty and embarassin') way to do that!! And, that's not even why I was there!! So...then he gave me a SHOT! Oh, the horror!! The PAIN!! The FEAR!! What a disgustin' day...and I'm still scratchin'.

Oh, well. Life is sometimes very hurty and scary, but there are usually treats after so...looks like I'm gonna survive!


Confessions of an Embarrassed Pup--"My Mom is Wacko!"

March 30th 2007 12:26 am
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Do you ever get embarrassed by things your mom does? Well...I DO!! And, now my mom has really done it...she's gone and shown the world just how weird she is!! Check out the new pics on my page!! What was she thinkin'?!?!? "Bunny Girls From Outer Space"??? And, "Inky was always an odd child"!!! I ask you again...WHAT WAS SHE THINKIN'???? Oh, the mortification...anypup got a bag I can put over my head??? I'm never gonna live this down. And, before you ask...that's a body double in "Bunny Girls"!!!


It's been a ruuufffff year...

October 18th 2006 11:12 pm
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The day after my last entry, Buster's mom (my mom's aunt Edna) was found passed out on her floor. It turned out that she had West Nile Disease and spent over 3 weeks in a coma. She was 81 and had some other health problems. She passed away in October and now Buster lives with us. We are all happy to have him livin' with us but we're sorry that Edna is gone. We all miss her. Buster has adjusted very well. He's tough, my Buster! Before that, on September 1st, my mom's niece, Lauren, died. She took her own life. She was only 23. Mom says that's very young. I don't really understand about suicide but Mom says that Lauren was sick with a disease that made her think wrong things. Things that weren't true. And that she was fightin' hard to get well but that it musta been too hard for her. I miss her a lot! And I miss Lulu, her doggy. She's now livin' with Lauren's boyfriend, Ross. I don't really understand humans very well...not even Mom! The whole family has been really sad for awhile now and it hurts a lot to see any of them cry. It makes me and Buster sad, too, but we can get over it because we know that we'll see Lauren and Edna again. I wish we could tell Mom might make her feel better. I think she already knows it but is just havin' a hard time adjustin'. Anyway, that's why I haven't been around so much lately and haven't written in my diary for a while. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot...Mom and Unca Sebo went to a craft show the 1st weekend in October and were gone for a week! I was sooo lonely...even with Buster and Nanie and Pop here...I really am a Mama's girl! When they came home, Mom brought some of those treats that I love so much and, it turns out that Buster loves them as much as I do! Mom brought Buster a new harness cause his was old and ratty and brought us some toys, too! I guess she missed us as much as we missed her!! Well, I'm hopin' for happier days and, on that note, I gotta go give Mom lots and lots of kisses...I think that may be all that's kept her goin' so far! It's no big deal for me, cause I am the kissin' queen, ya know!

Doodlers, keep on doodlin'!


Freaky Wednesday!

September 13th 2006 9:17 pm
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OMD, did I have a crazy adventure today! Mom rode me on the bicycle to Buster's house. Everything was just fine...I was really enjoyin' ridin' in the basket...and just as we turned in the driveway, the basket flew off the handlebars with me still in it! And it was hooked to me!!! I wasn't hurt but it nearly scared the bejeebers outta me...I was runnin' so fast and this THING was right behind me!! I'm amazed I didn't have a heart attack!! And I'm even more amazed that Mom survived it!!! She's extremely protective!! And after all that, Buster wasn't even there!

Your supercanine friend,

P.S. Do you suppose that I really AM a super hero? That would be waaaay cooool!


I must be famous now!

August 26th 2006 12:37 pm
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We got Dogster Plus and my picture is everywhere!! Mom says it doesn't mean I'm famous but I have to disagree with her. This isn't the first disagreement we've had but I really think I could win this time! If you read this and you think I'm famous, sign my guestbook...if enough pups sign, Mom will have to agree that I'm famous! If I win there's no tellin' where this could lead! Maybe Mom'll start askin' my advice before she makes a decision and maybe she'll let me choose what I want for dinner and where we should go for walks'll probly just stay the same but I'll have the satisfaction of knowin' I was right. And even if I'm not famous, Mom says I'm prettier than a speckled pup!! I guess I can live with that.


Gonna get the big head!

August 12th 2006 4:40 pm
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I got 2 more rosettes!!! Chachi and Birdie gave me rosettes cause they liked my last diary entry...that makes me feel so good!! It makes my mom proud, too! Thanks, pups...ya'll are some kinda sweeties!!

sniffs and slurps from your top-heavy pal,


Big words from a little girl pup!

August 11th 2006 8:38 pm
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Hmpf. It seems I'm in a quandary, with the possibility of it becoming a contretemps. I have set myself the seemingly innocuous task of using each of the "words of the day" in one diary entry. I am extremely loquacious, so this shouldn't turn into an imbroglio. Unfortunately these words don't fit together very well and I fear I shall become the object of skuttlebutt around "Say Chis"...I certainly won't recieve any of the ubiquitious (and much desired) rosettes! I hope nopup developes an antipathy towards me because of a percieved desire on my part to ingratiate myself with the Bon Ton. If it wasn't so hot here, I would break out in horripilation at the thought of being ostracized by the group! If that should happen, I will be vociferous in my attempt to exculpate myself! My Unca Sebo sees me working myself into a tizzy and comes to give me an avuncular pat on the head and a few select (and I think, well deserved!) plaudits. He says I am a good, pretty girl and no one could stay mad at me for long! Whew...that's a relief!!
It has been so hot here lately that I have become quite lackadasical. I find myself spending hours and hours just lying around in the altogether like some sultry model, waiting to be limned by a famous artist! I am even becoming a bit complaisant about my (supposed) fame. Well, time to go, my we famous model-types say, ttfn! (That's "ta-ta, for now" for you non-model types!)

Sniffs and slurps from your well-read and wordy pal,


Big dogs and little dogs and cats, oh my!

July 23rd 2006 1:47 pm
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I had the best day yesterday! Mom and Unca Sebo and I walked over to Buster's house and he and his mom, Edna, came outside and we walked around while Unca Sebo took pictures. It was a lot cooler than it has been lately and there was a nice breeze blowing and it really felt good. There are 3 big dogs that live there and 12 outside cats and most of them wanted to play! Also Bruce, another neighbor big dog, came and wanted to play. Buster didn't like him much and growled and showed his teeth, but I liked him a lot! But my favorite big dog is Werther...she played with me just like Lulu used to! I got so excited and had so much fun, I didn't want to leave! The cats didn't actually want to play but they weren't scared and I got to sniff lots of them! Werther kept trying to take my harness off...I think she wanted to wear it!! BOL! It might fit around her head!! That would be so funny!!!! Oh, yeah, one other special thing that happened...Buster let Unca Sebo hold him!!! Buster's pretty cautious around most people and won't even let his mama's children or grandchildren (all grown) pet him. He has always loved my mom and Nanie and Pop but was scared of Unca Sebo until yesterday. I'm so glad he decided to trust Unca Sebo cause he's really nice!!! Anyway, I hope we get to do that again real soon!

Doodlers, keep on doodlin'!



July 20th 2006 8:11 pm
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I've got 2 rosettes!!! Thanks, Cocoa and Logan!!!! Ya'll are so sweet to give me rosettes...they really make me happy!! Ya'll are the best!! Thank You, thank you!!!

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