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My Biggest Bestest Birthday Week!!!

Family Reunion!

June 17th 2007 10:39 pm
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On Sunday I had the best playdate with my cousins Bella, Lulu, Hugo and Whiskey (Hugo's little brother). We played and played, chased ball, chased each other, sniffed a lot of bums, got treated to cheesy garlicy cookies, got yelled at a lot to get together for group photo's (did we obey - nope) - it was super fun!

Bella and Lulu are from the same litter but Bella is bright white whilst Lulu has blond highlights. Hugo is built like me but has the hugest head. His little brother Whiskey was renamed Mini-me Lulu as she is the splitting image of Lulu! Missing unfortunately are my brother, Kanye and sister, Britney and my best pal BooBoo. But our moms have promised to get the whole clan down to the beach soon so there will be more cookies and balls yipeee!

When my mom bought me, she had no idea that we would ever meet another Samoyed/Golden Retriever. But thanks to Dogster, Bella's mom found us, then Britney and Kanye's mom found Bella...... So if you have family out there - look for them on dogster, you just never know who might be living around the corner from you.


My Biggest Bestest Birthday Week

November 30th 2006 5:46 am
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Hey Everybody
I just celebrated my very first birthday on 23 Nov and dog, was it the best week ever in my entire life!!! It started with a freak cold front that dumped a whole lot of snow in the mountains eventhough it's summer here in Australia. BooBoo and I got driven all the way up to play in it. It was amazing - all soft, white and cold. I could have run around in it all day.

Then on the big day, I was spoilt with all sorts of yummy treats. Then on sunday, my mum threw a party in the park for me. BooBoo, Lotus and Sumo plus Mom's friends came to celebrate (it would have been even better had my sister and brother Britney and Kanye been there as well but their mom had to go to a wedding).

We had meatballs covered with coconut and sprinkles, peanut butter and Smacko covered cake -yumbo Everybody brought presents - so many that I couldn't decide which to play with. I also got the biggest bone - took me all day to demolish it! Then a couple to days later, we all got bundled into the car for a ride to the lake for swimming and playing with my new floating Kong. Wow if this is what birthdays are all about...I could just about have one every month. Wait a minute, Kanye Britney and I are going to have a belated b'day party after Christmas - Yahoooooo!!!

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